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Richard Karn

Richar Karn is terrible! How dare he try and take credit; "I'm tripling the points! " The game show is set up that way! He does terrible impressions and is about as awkward as any human I have ever seen/met. He is by far the worst host. Louie was not very good either.

He was always on the sideline punster on Home Improvement, and he brought his TOTAL lack of personality to the Family Feud and made me want to change the channel every time... Sad, because I LOVE the Family Feud.

So awkward to watch him stumble through an entire show. Just makes you feel embarrassed for all the contestants who had to endure his witless banter for 22 minutes an episode.

Shouts and points at people. Then to change it, he points and shouts. Holds up three fingers and yells "what's number 3 ", as if you would not know it is #3 unless he holds up. 3 fingers. He doesn't hold up more than 5 fingers because he can't count that high. He acts as if he is giving the money from his pocket.

Louie Anderson

A morbidly obese, boring, annoying moron with no talent. Nothing he says is funny. I would like to meet the people who decided to make him the host of this show and punch them in the face for polluting the airwaves with that P.O.S.!

Some people up there thought Richard Karn was bad. They have not seen Louie Anderson.

Karn was not as bad as Louie Anderson. In fact, it's not even much of a competition.

The most annoying game show host ever.. if I yelled every show "Come back to the FEEUUD! I'm gonna triple the points! " Id be fired too

Patrick Wayne

Two words: YOU WIN!

Granted, he was handed a rather poor show, but all he did was make it even worse.

Jim Caldwell
Arsenio Hall

Arsenio hall used up his 15 minutes a long time ago n how he got even 15 minutes is a puzzle to me but he did set the standard for what was to come as far as ugly no talented game show hosts n so called comedians

Drew Carey

I tried to like him in the beginning but is so repetitive and unfunny. A good comedic actor when the lines are given to him so he needs to hire a joke writes and stop laughing at his own unfunny jokes

Drew Carey is a poor man's replacement for Bob Barker and also getting no love from the Daytime Emmys. Barker is still the best and they should've pick a much better one with the brains like Bob and not as funny than Drew. Todd Newton or Tom Bergeron would've been great candidates to replace Bob and not Drew Carey. Either that or Price is Right should get cancelled in a very bad way.

Drew Carey stinks as Price Is Right host. He never builds up the fun or excitement in any game that is being played. He's just phony and ridiculous. It's time to find a better host that's not Drew Carey nor announcer George Grey. If only Bob Barker stayed on The Price Is Right for about 5 additional years, then everyone would've continued watching.

The Price is Right needs to get cancelled. Drew Carey is always a poor man's replacement for Bob Barker. Mike Richards the executive producer of the show is overrated and doesn't know how to fix things right. People needs to give up watching a game show that really needs to end and contestants are like brain dead zombies.

Cedric the Entertainer

Terry Cruz is worse by far. By far

Vernon Kay

What? He's not bad.

John Davidson

Terry cruz is the absolute worst

Michael Burger

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Pat Sajak

He thinks he's so funny but he makes me want to gag! He is SO controlling! Not only to Vanna but to the contestants as well. He tries to make them look stupid and he thinks he has to tell them what to do & when to do though they don't have any intelligence...when actually they are all much more intelligent than he is. I do a lot of muting when I watch this show & all because of him!

The most boring, stupid and annoy show host. He doesn't know what word to say beside calling some alphabets and worth thing is when people disappointed because they can not solve the puzzle, then he is get up set. When are they replace him?

No personality. Always have silly smirk. He made Vanna look stupid by always cutting her off and also makes sarcastic remarks on every comment/answer she has. I don't know how/she she takes it.

Ever notice how he always wants to hold the wheel slices people win? As soon as they lose he's right there to snatch em up! When I watch the show all I can think is that he must be so OCD in his ho, e life!

Steve Harvey Broderick Stephen Harvey, known professionally as Steve Harvey, is an American comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author.

I feel badly saying negative things about anybody, but although I like Family Feud, I have a hard time when Mr. Harvey makes jokes. I don't think they are funny, and I wish he would stop doing so much of that. He seems to be trying to make the show about himself.

That being said, I am sure he is a fine person and he does a much better job than I would do.

Worst host the show has ever had in my opinion. It's called "Family Feud ", not "Steve Harvey Does Improv". He brings the fun of the time-tested FF format to a screeching halt every time he mugs for the camera or does some ridiculously over-the-top reaction to the mildest "impolite" humor.

I think he is the worst, as he is always rolling his eyes, when somebody gives an answer, like he knows everything. He is really disgusting as a host & sure wish they would find somebody else. I have stopped watching the show, as I can't stand him.

Steve Harvey is the worst n ugliest thing to happen to a fun game show classic family fued by far hands down. I stopped watching the day he took over he's not funny he's ugly as hell n I don't understand how he got as far as he did

Rolf Benirschke

Given his life story and his battle with ulcerative colitis I really sympathized with the guy but good God, as a game show host he was totally out of his element. After six cringe worthy months as Sajak''s daytime replacement he was mercifully replaced by Bob Goen. Not surprisingly, he hasn't done any television since.

Summer Sanders

She was never funny and was always awkwardly grabbing contestants arms and shaking them

Ben Gleib

He has this jerk quality that's difficult to tolerate. His jokes (especially when he gets personal with people) are cringy as hell.

Host of Idiotest. I fast forward through the banter between him and the contestants. Such a condescending sarcastic prick!

I mean if you don't think he's the worst, I'm not sure what's wrong with you too..

The most annoying person I've ever seen

Alex Trebek

Come on, Alex is one of the best hosts of all time. Guy's such a class act and is the perfect host for Jeopardy!

It gets old watching him day after day, year after year. Time for him to move on.

A know it all, with all the answers right in front of him...

No personality. No sense of humor.

Pat Finn

This whole show is terrible and Pat Finn is so uncomfortable it's hard to watch him. GSN please remove this show you have on during the afternoon so many times for a good game show...

Howie Mandel

He is horrible at everything--not funny, makes idiotic comments on America's Got Talent. If he weren't a germaphobe, no one would hear from him.

Doug Davidson
Richard Dawson

He was to controling on the show, was all about him and he fought with the producers of the show. Kissing evey female on the show and marry and having a kid with one on the show. Glad he is gone the show was good but not Richard should have got rid of him after the first year.

What?! He actually says hilarious things that make people crack up! It makes the show entertaining by a long shot.

Shut up! He was great

Richard Dawson was Great

Lynn Swann

Put me to sleep when he was on To Tell the Truth. That's how bad he was.

John O'Hurley

He should be number one he just made it seem like he was bored didn't like being there

I Wish That John Or Richard Karen's Were Host Of The Game Show Family Feud

Andrew O'Keefe

Can't stand his fake laughs

Davina McCall
Wayne Brady

Lifeless and dull. Looks like he just wants to be anywhere but there. Let’s make a deal would be better with anybody else as the host. Just awful. The worst.

2nd worst. 2nd only to drew carrie

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