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1 Rachel Berry Rachel Berry Rachel Barbra Berry is a fictional character and de facto female lead from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

I think Rachel Berry is an over privileged, selfish, ignorant, annoying, over dramatic, undeserving, and all around horrible person. Her voice is sub-par at best and she stays in the spotlight way to much, when there are so many with better talent than her in the show. Watching Glee I've seen practically everything handed to Rachel Berry on a silver plater when she has no talent. Frankly I cheered when she failed in the beginning of season six, even if it was short lived. Her character in my opinion is unrealistic, to much was handed to her and she never grew up. To be blunt, I would never have called the show Glee, I would have called the Rachel Berry show or Rachel Berry and the back ups, because it's not really about the club, it's mostly about an attention seeking girl who in my eyes has no talent, gets everything handed to her, and if she doesn't like something or it doesn't go exactly her way, she throws a hissy fit and breaks up friendships. I would have liked to see her grow ...more

Rachel is one of the moat overrated character in all of Glee history. She has done some of the most selfish things to the people she calls her "friends" or "team" when really she would cut their throats if if meant getting a solo or any other chance in the spotlight. The fact is that there are other prettier and more talented glee club members yet the show solely focuses on her annoying, bratty, self-absorbed ambition to rise to the top. She lied about Sandy Ryerson out of jealousy, quit the glee club to join "Cabaret" because Tina was given a solo instead of her, and then covered her mouth with tape because she was not automatically given every solo. Going back on how there are more talented glee club members as Rachel's voice lacks a full and deep quality in her belts. Listening to Tina's part in "More than a Feeling" it's hard not get a chill up your spine after hearing that burst of angelic sound or with Santana's version of "Don't Rain ...more

Rachel's personality is abrasive. She cares very little about anything but herself, She thinks that she is a better PERSON than she is. Yes she has a good voice but her character constantly "rises above" by stepping on others. I just can't get behind that..She claims to look out for the interests of her team but she is constantly swirling drama everywhere, hogging the spotlight and walking away when she doesn't get her way. The only positive thing about her that I can find is that her character went through some character development and by season 6 she was (almost) tolerable. To be clear though, I don't know like anything about Lea Michelle so I have no opinion on her personally.

As everyone else says, I think she’s good, but not as good as the show makes her out to be- I think there are more talented people than her in Glee, but who gets the spotlight? Her. I hate how everyone acts like everyone is so dependent on her, but they still won sectionals one time without her being the star? I hate her, she’s an entitled little brat, who doesn’t care about anybody but herself. I also hate how Mr. Schue encourages this behavior by treating her differently than everyone else.

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2 Will Schuester

Mr. Schuester is a terrible person and a terrible teacher. He's done so many awful things during the show and treats his students terribly. He suspended a student with an eating disorder for not wanting to wear a revealing costume? He lets anyone in the club say any mean or nasty thing they want to each other without saying anything to any of them, and gives all the solos to Rachel even though she's not even that good and has done countless things to ruin anyone else's chance to have a solo. Let's also not forget the time where he wanted to offer the students help who weren't great dancers, but then made fun of Mercedes because she wasn't good enough and forced her to quite. He also threw a diva tantrum at Finn (his only friend by the way) and made him get him his coffee and do his dry cleaning, like who does that. He also expected Emma to just pack her bags and pick up her whole life and move to Washington with him and got mad at her when all she said was she wasn't sure if she ...more

I especially hated him in season 3 when he pushed an overweight girl to almost throwing up, reprimanded her for being late for eating (in front of a group of people she cares the opinion of), told she wasn't trying hard enough, comparing her to others, going along with the bullying from other students, and then kicked her out of the club she loved. And to make it worse he's proud of the way he's treating her, even gloating to Emma about it.

He is so annoying because he only does the songs that he wants to do. The only time where the kids did a song where Will wasn't involved with the decision is the season 1 sectionals, and that was because he wasn't allowed to. They still won, and they did it all by themselves. He only lets them do songs that he likes, which is very selfish, since he is always saying that the glee club is about them, not him. Also, in season 1, he made them do le freak, and sit down you're rocking the boat, which he said the '93 glee club did. Finally, he always says that he treats everyone equally, when it's obvious he likes rachel, finn, and kurt the best. He treats everyone else so badly. He gives all the solos to Rachel, when Mercedes and Santana are just as good, or better, than her. He is my second least favorite character, Kurt being my least favorite.

He is very stupid because he kicked Marley out because she wouldn�'t wear a candy bra that the pervy Sam would want to wear.

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3 Lauren zizes

I find it quite sad that the only arguments on why people hate her are "not attractive physically or mentally" "fat" "i wanna puke" "Puck is hot and she is not"

I mean come on Lauren is so badass and cynical and funny. She is strong and won't let people break her (more like she breaks people. Literally. ) and I find her awesome. She isn't an important character but I think she's a good one because, well, she's funny, and she proves that she can get the hottie. Huh.

Lauren is an amazing character, what's not to like. She's one of the most beautiful, funniest, and most bad ass character. She was the only girl Puck ever had to work for, which shows viewers that if you want a girl to like you, you have to work hard.

How come the only argument you people can come up with is that she's a "fat pig"? It's wrong just to judge her or anyone on their body type. I personally don't like her, but only because of how hard Puck tried, and how horribly she treated him. Plus, she beat up my Santana. MY Santana. That's unforgivable.

Of course it’s good that she’s not afraid to show that she is fine with herself, but she is a real bitch.

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4 Marley Rose

Marley should be at the top of the list- I've never seen a more boring character on T.V.. She's pretty but she doesn't have any endearing qualities and she's definitely not as talented as she's made out to be. The characters that are higher up on this list are much better than Marley. Lauren doesn't let her weight get in the way of her confidence, Rachel works towards her dreams no matter how many times people try to crush her self-esteem, Finn is a normal boy who has average qualities, but that's what makes him relatable, plus he's sweet and a hard worker. Will is always willing to inspire and help the kids, Emma and Beiste (and he's even helped Sue). Tina proves that you can be a star without being constantly shoved into the spotlight (unlike Marley), plus she's a feminist, she dresses like a bad girl when she's actually not and she's helped Artie, Mike and Rachel with realizing their dreams. She was one of the best characters on T.V. before season 4, but I can see why she's angry ...more

Marley gets a lot of hate for no reason. She's not a second Rachel Berry, but do we really need a second Rachel Berry? Marley lacks Rachel's star quality but she's a very sweet girl with big dreams of becoming a singer. Just because she's nice, that doesn't make her boring. I know a lot of people LOVE Santana but she always makes me mad because she's so insensitive and she makes horrible remarks about people for no reason. The majority of the Glee fandom have Santana as their favorite and Marley as their least favorite, which is sad because Glee is a show about the underdogs and people like Santana are not by any means underdogs. Marley, on the other hand is relatable to many teenage girls more than Santana or any other cheerio will ever be.

Marley is the worst Glee character because the only thing she can do is just being sweet and nice. She is really boring and she doesn't have anything interesting to say. Her storyline sucks. I don't believe that characters with strong storyline like Karofsky and Lauren got kicked off the show and Marley is a main character. She tries too hard and she doesn't like herself, and that's totally against what Glee stands for. Glee is about loving yourself and Marley hates herself. Being bulimic is not something that Kitty did to her. Marley did that to herself. Marley is not the only Gleek to be bullied. What about Kurt, Blaine, Quinn? They became even stronger through bullying. Marley is a horrible role model for young girls.

Marley Rose definitely sucks! That's good Jake cheated on her and serves Marley right & I'm glad Will suspended her in Katy or a Gaga!

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5 Brody

You hate him. Why? Because he works as a prostitute to pay for his college? For some people that's the only option, give him a break.

Brody was a horrible addition to the show. His storyline was unrealistic and uninteresting.

Honestly I don't think Brody was ever intended to be a permanent character, he was not a bad one, and he never did anything to deserve being hated as a character. The fact that everyone acts like he was a bad person just because he's a prostitute, is both baseless and awful.


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6 Tina Cohen-Chang

Reasons why Tina was a horrible character:

1. She faked her stutter
2. She assumes the worst in everyone (Bad Reputation, Audition, Duets, etc.)
3. She has no regard for other people (she terrorizes the principal, she calls Mike a jerk for no reason, etc.)
4. She thinks she's better than everyone else (she complains about cutting her hair, but then mocks Quinn for complaining
5. She judges Rachel for her fashion sense, and doesn't believe her after she insists she is telling the truth, instead listening to a girl who has turned her back on her multiple times
6. When Brittany thinks she's pregnant and Tina is asked to keep it a secret, she tells Puck
7. She writes an offensive song about a part of someone's body that they are already bullied for
8. She judges Rachel for wanting to get a nose job
9. She is really rude to her assistant, who was just trying to help her
There are countless other moments where Tina was not a good person, but I'm tired so ...more

In season one, she was fine. But I feel like you have to hate every Glee character once. The thing about Tina, is she started getting so annoying, I just couldn't handle watching her. Especially after the first graduation, she got super annoying. She thinks she is all that, and she even had an assistant. She randomly broke up with Artie, and though I love Mike most of the time, she went with him instead. Only to hate on him after their breakup. Then she started hitting on Blaine (one of my favorites) even though she knew he was gay and still loved Kurt. I was tempted to vote Rachel, because of how selfish she is (even now), but Tina is just ongoing. Every time I try to like her, she does something to get on my nerves.

Tina is a very good role model. The fact that she is a shy person makes me feel related to her because I'm shy too and I'M WORKING ON IT, but it's tough. However, she rocks.

I never really cared for her much, AND THEN SEASON 4. "Oh, Blaine's gay, he's so perfect though, let me be all creepy stalkery and desperate and MAKE HIM LOVE ME! " I don't know why the writers did this. I completely lost all respect for her. I never liked her in the first place, because she wasn't that talented and always acted so butt-hurt whenever all the talented people made them win. When she was dating mike, I felt like that was a good place for her and she wasn't particularly annoying or anything. But again, is she so desperate after breaking up with Mike, that she goes for the clearly gay guy?! come on Tina, have some self-respect.

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7 Sandy Ryerson

I don't even know where to begin with this guy. You could start with the pilot where he was taking advantage of a male student, Acafellas where he was sending Josh Groban locks of his hair, or "Night of Neglect" where he was the only adult who actively took part in heckling teenage kids.

I know that the guy hasn't been in it since Season 2, but he was the worst part of the show (with Cooter Menkin a runner-up)

Why he was in the series? We don't need this character.

Bae, daddy, lover, inspiration. It all comes down to one person described. Sandy Ryerson. Truly disappointed in this fandom for not appreciating this magnificent man.

Who even is this dude

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8 Kitty Wilde

She was so mean to Marley. What did Marley do to her? She's also such a snob who thinks she's so much better than anyone else and she insults everyone. Okay, Quinn and Santana are kind of like that too but they have their personal struggles that make them likeable and relatable, while Kitty is the stereotypical mean girl.

She was going to be the next Quinn Fabray but throughout the show she developed her own personality and proved that there is so much more in her than just being the mean cheerleader, something that Quinn and Santana did too.

Kitty's the worst she goes around preaching Jesus that she doesn't even like follow well because she's basically the devil in the flesh because she goes does what Shen did to Marley who I'm not even a fan of to be honest and she's ugly and unworthy of being the new Quinn Fabray

She is the worst character on glee period. Her “redeeming” moments could never save the character from falling into an over told bitchy cliché.

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9 Finn Hudson Finn Hudson

I loved him and I'm not just saying this because he died

I'm sorry but I didn't like how he was calling Quinn names such as liar when he saw her standing up. Seriously I hated the writers for making it look like Quinn didn't have a great senior prom since Finn didn't get the clue that Quinn wanted to feel special one night esspecially with him.

Side note to my earlier comment: He called Sue's baby not Becky retarded, but that doesn't make it any less worse. Oh, and he also called Brittany stupid when he was the stupid one and she even got into MIT later...

He OUTED santana. everything about him is annoying (the character, not the person)

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10 Kurt Hummel Kurt Hummel

I love Kurt as a character, but hate what the writers have done to him after bringing Blaine into his life. They started to make him revolve around Blaine in high school and that pissed me off, because there's so much more to him than just who he's dating. They also pretty much made him the show's punching bag once he got to New York and didn't let him into NYADA, when Carmen said that the original performer would have been proud of his rendition, yet did for some reason let Rachel in, even though she choked her audition. I thought it was going to get better when he got the job at Vogue and Isabelle Wright took him under her wing, but then he ended up having to lose that too, probably partly because of Blaine. Then having Mercedes and Santana perform together and everyone else get what they wanted [Artie winning film stuff, Rachel's part] and Kurt have to keep working part-time and going to school and getting no gigs. It wasn't fair to a talented and genuinely kind character. If that ...more

Kurts amazing, but I hate Blaine... I like Blaine's actor, but the character was mean and manipulative... Especially whiny! I watched 3x20 and this literally happened!

Kurt: I'm scared to go in there... Last year at prom it was really humiliating, and I don't want to get prom queen again and be a public jo-

Blaine: HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!?! I can't use hair gel! I'll look terrible!

Seriously though! I heard someone mention that in the comments, and I thought they were joking and using that as an example for how whiny Blaine is... But Blaine ACTUALLY SAID THAT! - Flowersocks2137

I liked Kurt at first, but I started liking him less during seasons 3-6. He used to be an amazing character, but now he's nothing more than Rachel Berry's personal slave, I mean sidekick. "I'm not a box, there's more than 4 sides to me". That used to true, until Rachel snatched him away. This is why I like KurtCedes more than HummelBerry. At least Mercedes treated him like a human being, while Rachel treats him like a pocket dog. I'm not voting for him, since the death of his character is Rachel's fault. I always cringe when Kurt and Rachel call each other "best friends", because everyone knows that Mercedes and Kurt were the best bestie pair on the show, besides early Brittana

Kurt causes problems for himself. He’s constantly accusing his dad of not being okay with him being gay, and is always creating drama around that issue that doesn’t even exist.

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11 Santana Lopez Santana Lopez

You can bring her down all you want, but there's a reason she's not at the top five of this list, and that's because she's a relatable character and a fan favorite. Meanwhile, your precious Rachel Berry is in the top four because no matter what Santana does, Rachel will always be a terrible, selfish, unbearable person. Santana dishes it out everyone once in a while, but at least she's actually relatable.

Santana, though she insults almost every character on the show, is the most memorable. Even when all the other characters started blurring together, she remained original and interesting. And everyone judges her because she talks crap about everybody, when everybody does it, everybody in the real world talks crap about each other. People hate on Santana as if they'd never talked crap about somebody behind the other person's back. Face it. She's the most realistic person on the show. If you think every character should be overly nice to each other, maybe you should go back to watching My Little Pony. - RedAndGold

She's cruel to people for no reason. She has insulted Rachel, Finn and Quinn too many times to count. NOBODY has ever said anything bad to her, everyone helped her with the lady music week when she came out and she was making mean comments the whole time. She told Brittany that the reason she's mean is because she's angry and in the closet but even after she came out she remained a horrible person.

I really don't like her character or the way she manipulated Brittany into loving her.

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12 Ken Tanaka

Emma was so mean to him and he didn't deserve it

I hate him, but he was a good character. He shouldn't be on this list.

His face looked like it was scrunched up in the middle

I hate you

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13 April Rhodes

Why did they keep bringing her back? Just to make sure she's still the alcoholic burn out we all knew she was, and will be, till she dies?

Why was she on the show so much!? She sucked and was so annoying! Also she was Will's "student" once but she looks older than he does.

I find her like jacob *guy obsessed with rachel and her panties*. Just plain disgusting

She made me mad and she was always a drunk. then she expected that will would just clean up her act. WHICH WAS NOT THE CASE.

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14 Emma Pillsburgh

First of all these rating are way of! "This vote isn't characters you wouldn't be friends with", it's worst characters meaning they are boring lacking substance. How can you put Rachel and kitty on here?!? People are saying "kitty's so mean" well big deal she's hilarious to watch and she's kind when she has to be. And Rachel's whole character is around her being self centered and messing up social relations that's what MAKES HER CHARACTER INTERESTING! Why is everyone on here so so dumb

She has horribly big eyes and flirts with Will all the time. Plus she does things she never wanted to (eg. Married the football coach) and then is sad and mad about it. She creeps me out with those big eyes.

SHES EXTREMELY ANNOYING. It was honestly so innapropriate in season 1 when she was flirting with Will so much although I disliked how Terri lied & everything I just I don't know she annoys me

I hate her voice so much and then she got engaged to both Carl and that one coach dude with the scrunch face. Also I hate the way they portray her ocd, she acted more like a germaphobe( not saying that those aren’t symptoms). On top of that she flirts with a married man. Furthermore she is extremely boring, is a complete prude, and personally for me the worst character.

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15 Mercedes Jones

I thought Mercedes Jones was AWESOME! Without her the show would be all about Rachel!

Mercedes is both selfish and ignorant. Yes, Rachel could be annoying and self-centered but Mercedes has to prove herself before she can demand the lead spot. Rachel has always had a better range and pitch than Mercedes, so I get tired of her whining. While I think Mercedes is very talented, her vocals are limited.

It is hilarious when people think Mercedes would have been the star if Rachel wasn't there. For one thing Amber is limited in her acting.

But the real problem was for Mercedes was Santana. People want to blame Rachel for her not getting more but Santana is who took more from her. Rachel was the lead from day one and frankly didn't do anyhting wrong to have that taken from her. Santana leap frogged over Mercedes. Tina and even Quinn to take second female

She is THE WORST. She’s too into herself. She can only do “soulful” songs because she doesn’t have great vocal range, and yet she thinks she’s better than everyone else. I hate her personality, I hate how lazy she is. She should have been gone after season 1.

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16 Azimio Adams

Who even is this?

He was so mean and a follower, but he had mich of his own personality.

He's hot, but he's nothing but a bully

He’s the one that bullied all the glee club kids (not the main one) and he’s just boring.

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17 Cooter Menkins

This guy was honestly the worst character on glee. Not only was he extremely annoying, he abused coach Beiste who was such a sweet character.

He talks like Bill Cosby

I hated him, not only did he make me feel uncomfortable (I don't know why) but he abused coach Beiste and was seriously the dumbest character on Glee.

Ugh, this guy

18 Noah Puckerman

Seriously? Noah Puckerman is and always will be awesome!

Puck you are amazing

"Puck... In just one word. PERFECTION"

Sorry I'm just on about the actor. But maybe he had a double that did it.

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19 Blaine Anderson

HOW HIS HE NOT ABOVE FINN! Blaine is the WORST character on the show. First he accuses Kurt of cheating when he was just texting, yet he really DOES cheat and expects forgiveness. His character was overused to the point of exhaustion, ruining every song. His character wouldn't be nearly as bad if the writers didn't make him join the and. He is WAY to emotional for my liking, and Kurt deserved better. How much you want to bet they got divorced within ten years of marriage? I hated that he made a Kurt puppet and was OBSESSED with it, I hated when he got mad at Kurt for being in better shape than him, and instead of working out, he stayed home and watched porn. He and Lauren Zizes should switch places on this list, because Lauren could wipe the floor with that loser. He says he'll never forgive Kurt for breaking up with him, yet Kurt forgave him for cheating. Kurt was just trying to make the relationship healthy, and Blaine was the biggest baby about it. The writers ruined his confident ...more

I hate to say it but Blaine ruined the show for me and not just because of my opinions on his relationship with Kurt. But because he was constantly put in the spot light for other (more talented) people to be pushed in the back. Blaine didn't have any qualities that I liked. He doesn't take any responsibility for himself. Everything that happens to him, due to his own fault mind you, he blames on someone else. And that person is usually Kurt, who is nearly never at fault. He borderline cheats once then gets mad when his boyfriend (who is not doing the same thing) is just messaging another friend. Unlike Blaine who sent messages with a person that was very obviously trying to get into his pants. How about the fact that he is always picked for someone more talented! He got into NYADA on the first try, which many did. BUT HE GOT IN FIRST TRY WITHOUT A GOOD SINGING VOICE. As apposed to Kurt who Madam said that the original performer would have been PROUD. We didn't even get to see ...more

Blaine sexually abused Kurt while drunk in the back seat if a car, and didn't even apologize. When he gains weight in New York and doesn't even try to lose it, he blames Kurt. When he gets all jealous that Kurt's body is sexier than his (it's true), he blames Kurt. When he gets depressed and watches porn, he blames Kurt. When he cheats in Kurt, he blames Kurt. This guy is a total overused annoying character. It's like it's impossible for him to take responsibilty for his actions. Kurt should marry StarChild and have cute diva babies, while Blaine should be the depressed fat homeless man who lives in the dumpster and yodels at children. We all know Kurt wears the pants in the relationship, cause honestly Blaine is a mess. The fact that Blaine got accepted into NYADA made me cringe. Blaine was right when he said maybe he didn't want to go to NYADA, because why would anybody accept him? Madame Tibbido are you high? He and Rachel are like the annoying self centered hobbit twins. Oh, how I ...more

Such a Mary Sue. I feel that the downfall of Blaine's character was based on the fact of his lack of character development and growth. The kid never changed his style once since he appeared on screen!
At first Blaine was just a love interest for Kurt. But as time passed, the writers realized the liking most if the fandom had taken to Blaine and decided to give him more screen time. Because his entire character was for Kurt, and for him to have more screen time they needed to give him plot lines, they made Kurt and Blaines relationship toxic. They gave the two the worst relationship and everyone still seems to love it for some strange reason.
Blaine could have been a great character. He could've had great character development but to do that the writers needed to give him flaws but they wouldn't risk the fan base hating him so they just made him a Mary Sue a ruined his and Kurts relationship.

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20 Mike Chang

Mike Chang is by far my favorite character on Glee, probably because he didn't get so many lines so the writers didn't have a chance to kill his personality and make him totally unlikable like Tina

I don't get why you people hate Mike Chang. You say that he can only dance, but if you watched all the episodes, you can see that he could also sing. I don't see you faulting Mercades for only being able to sing, so why fault Mike Chang for dancing very well, and being an okay singer.

Some people are upset for a little while Mike took Tina from Artie. But they forget that Mike and Artie where good friends. Tina was being ridiculous proposing to Mike. I know why she did it but if she had gotten Married Tina wouldn't have been happy. There are some who are probably upset with Mike for rejecting Tina but Mike knew the truth weather Tina's heart fully did at time of not. - majormanafemale

Come on, he's great.

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21 David Karofsky

At first I hated him, but when I learnt his story I grew to respect him. He has really changed throughout the Seasons and I would like to see him happy with his boyfriend someday.

I really love him, but I hate how he bullied Kurt for a year, and then one week of himself being bullied he attempted suicide... Like, he should've understood how serious bullying was in the first place! But I cried when he almost died and he is a very nice character after season two... - Flowersocks2137

He bullies kurt so much that kurt goes to another school and then he says he likes him... I'm sorry but I just hate how he made himself feel like the victim when kurt actually was.

I can never forgive him for what he did to Kurt Hummel in season 2 of glee - Itsrik

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22 Holly Holliday

Why is she on this list, she should have been in more episodes

Truthfully, I loved her

Um, don't you mean BEST CHARACTER?

I hated her because I hate Gweneth Paltrow. Also, I don't think that she should've made as many appearances as she did.

23 Carl Howell

Ugh he annoyed me so much. But he was hot.

Eh, he was okay I guess

Haha, he was HILARIOUS, the brittany ep woundn't have happened if not for him

He took time away from Wemma (Will and Emma) so... case closed. But ya'll might not be Wemma fans so...

24 Sam Evans

Competent singer but terrible dancer and extremely unattractive.

The worst character on the show. Why they kept him so long is a mystery to me. They should have replaced him with Blake Jenner. He's more talented!

Sam is just a boring character. Every single person in this list (even Marley who is currently in place 1) is unique and has something special. But there is nothing special about Sam at all. He is just a handsome guy and a good dancer.

I think my problem with Sam isn't his brick wall of idoicy moments though those are fustring it's two things 1. His lack of understanding of personal space you are 6ft tall even if person who is 5'7 doesn't feel(sadly actor could when character couldn't) you can't sit on them that doesn't work and is dangerous and when your 6ft or taller you should be more catious about personal space. 2. I got creeped out anytime Sam tried to talk to Artie it felt like Sam was flirting with Artie and it felt weird. He doesn't talk to Finn or Blaine same way he talks to Artie and it's weird. However while I'm not a Sam fan Tina needs to be higher so she got voted up. - majormanafemale

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25 Jake Puckerman

Seriously? His Character is plain retarded, the bad boy act? It would be cool if he wasn't such a loser, I hate his character, it's so cliché, and puck's half back brother that he had no knowledge about, really? And how he gets everything! Ryder is way better for marley, jake is so overrated, he has a good voice but he only hits low notes, and his character is just plain, he's like a crappy copy of puck

I totally agree with everyone who says he is bad with the fact that he let Ryder take control of all the stuff jake supposedly got Marley on valentines day I hate his dancing I honestly wish he and Marley would stop dating Jake and continue on with Ryder

Poor man's Puck without the charisma, funny lines or the looks. So basically he's just a loser with a bad attitude. (Puck wasn't a loser though, ever.)

After what how he treated Marley, he lost my respect.

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26 Principal Figgins

Worst principal ever. Why couldn't he just fire Sue and Will for causing so much drama. But instead he just sat there on his desk eating a bucket of popcorn while Sue and Will went around destroying the school, along with the kid's education.

He is so annoying and ignorant. Are we really supposed to believe he thought the vomiting during Tik Tok was a skit to raise bullying awareness?

He is kind of funny, but his presence just bothered me.

I love him I meen people are so like emotionol when they watch this like WHY DON'T U DO ANYTHING ABOUT BULLYING but hey if he wuld just fix it then blaine would not even be on the show

27 Shelby Corcoran

She will never be as loving as Rachel's dads

She was so annoying, but I love Idina Menzel

She is super annoying and such a bitch, she lets Puck see Beth, but not Quinn, quinn even apologized, but she didn't even acknowledge that Quinn is also Beth's mother. Also Shelby doesn't even act like she's Rachel's mom, she acts like her vocal coach ugh. - karin1e

28 Sugar Motta

I hated her! She was always so full of herself and put herself above others! She couldn't even sing for gods sake! And the whole Asperges thing was just insensitive! When she went out with Rory I literally screamed in horror!

Self diagnosed with Aspergers? Are you kidding me? Each and every character is teaching what is like to accept others and love your friends and she's making fun of a serious disease. Immature.

She was just pointless. I don't get why everyone loved her so much

"I have self-diagnosed Asperger Syndrome. That means I can say whatever I want." That line did it for me. Not just on this character, but this trainwreck of a show. The humour is so beyond desperate that they need to drag in excuses for Aspergers now? Some pompous little madam uses the Aspergers card to justify being nasty to people? No. Just no. As someone who was ACTUALLY DIAGNOSED WITH ASPERGER SYNDROME, this was the cheapest of 'jokes' you could have written, in my opinion. It really outlines their ignorance as well. Thank Christ this show is over.

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29 Jessie St. James

No. Did not like him at all, and he should definitely be higher on the list. Glad he ended up with Rachel, they were awful and deserve each other.

King George is amazing

What? Jesse was the best!

Jesse St James was hot! And he put in a good word for Rachel with Carmen Tibbideax.

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30 Terri Schuester

I think the character was deliciously annoying, but her and her Sister were the epitomes of antifeminist characters.

How on earth is Terri absolutely nowhere to be seen on this list?!?! Never in Glee's six-year run did it ever manage to come up with a more useless character than Will's shrew of a wife. Her only real purpose from the start was to act as a foil in Will and Emma's budding romance and the fact that 99% of her screentime revolved around that god-awful 'fake pregnancy' storyline doomed her from the second episode. Well acted by Jessalyn Gilsig but utterly worthless and unlikeable as a character.

Her along with Rachel and Cooter are the worst characters on the show. Anytime she came onto screen all I wanted to do was punch her

Very very very annoying and irrelevant.Ugly too

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31 Ryder Lynn

I seriously hate this guy! He was a winner on the glee project which meant he was supposed to have a seven episode story arch... But instead he dominated the whole flipping season practically! It's infuriating when the time could have been used to expand on other characters such as Kitty.

I generally hate the entire season 4 episodes. That said, the Ryder character was particularly irritating (as we're most of the new characters). I won't be watching any future episodes as the magic appears to be gone with the original cast.

He's so annoying. Every time he is on screen I wish I could punsh him in the face. This whole relationship drama with Marley and Jake is so old and boring, I mean who cares about that?! Also I can't stand his hair

He got all the weird plots - majormanafemale

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32 Becky Jackson

The very first episode with her was sweet, to show Sue's soft side and her sister's story, but after that-- Becky's character is unnecessary and inappropriate. Everything she says is SO annoying, and isn't funny at all. Every time she says "Oh sthnap" makes me want to barf. I think it's in poor taste to make her act like that.

They make her vulgar, horny, inappropriate, rude and a bully. And the sad part is, as an actress with a disability does she even truly understand specifically what type of character she is portraying? I feel like they cross lines with her constantly.

She is the worst character on Glee since ever. All she ever wants is to be treated like everyone, but she thinks that winning something just because the coach likes her, is not how others are being treated. To me, she needs to treated worst.

Horrible and annoying I hated her she was pointless after her first episode and mean

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33 Wade "Unique" Adams

I like the character but they really underuse her to make more screen time for boring characters like Marley. She had so much potential but she barely gets any solos and is used as a punch line to a joke. And what's up with the cat fishing story. They dropped it after season 4 for no reason probably to make room for stupid characters like jake, Marley, and kitty who stand against everything glee stands for.

Worst character ever. I guess we're supposed to feel sorry for him or something, but every time he was on screen I just wanted him to leave. Definitely the beginning of the down-slide for this show when they introduced him.

I hate his/her singing voice and his/her character is super annoying

He is by far the most annoying character on any T.V. show

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34 Jacob Ben Israel

I voted for him just because he was kinda annoying with his big Rachel Berry crush, but at times he was kinda funny.

I hate how he insults everyone and complains about sex when he's like never gonna get laid

I think he's disgusting

Plain disgusting.

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35 Britney S. Pierce

Who put her on the list, she's better than all of you

Brittany in S2 was so awful to Artie didn't ask for sex or consider it meant lot to him at that point in time. Used him for his voice. She cheats on Artie with Santana and plays dumb a lot. She's smarter then she acts. - majormanafemale

I don't get why everyone loves her, before her stupid "genius" story arc every time she opened her mouth I got annoyed, she isn't funny. And she constantly stated "I'm more talented than all of you" and I would roll my eyes every time


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36 Quinn Fabray Quinn Fabray

Are you kidding me? Of course she had her flaws, but who doesn't? She went through so much in her life, getting pregnant, numerous anxiety dissorders, GETTING HIT BY A TRUCK! She had the best back story, and karma has been torturing her for her whole life. All Rachel did was try to rub in her face that Finn chose her over Quinn. Quinn knew that Rachel was too young to get married, and told her not to marry him because she cared about her, but Rachel just got mad and almost did it anyways. She even helped Mercedes get over her eating disorder. The show never really focused on her enough, but she was a great character! When you think about it, Rachel was way more of a brat than she was.

Probably worst character writing on the show. She became a joke when she came back from the summer break and joined the "skanks". Trying to get back Beth was the biggest brain fart, really? After you give up the legal rights to your child they don't give it back to you if the adoptive mother screws up lol. And after her being a self obsessed brat and just complete imbecile for the rest of her high school career, coach Sue comes and says that she admires how Quinn "changed her life around"? From what? Having teen angst? Yeah, the teen pregnancy was hard, obviously, but it lasted for 9 months. Honestly if she wasn't such a religion freak she could've gotten an abort. After being the leader of celibacy club and having an affair behind her boyfriend's back it really isn't a big deal to go through with it and get an abortion too lol. I hate the General way she always speaks, I only hear martyrdom in her voice.

Quinn is an inspiring character, but since everyone on here is judging by one event I have to say it... Everyone says she's strong because of her teen pregnancy, but are you forgetting that she sort of brought it on herself? She cheated on Finn with Puck (his best friend) which she already shouldn't have done, they used no protection, and she's leader of the celibacy club, not to mention she's Catholic! Why does everyone forget that part of the story? - baconandbacon

How is she so low? Quinn has no redeeming qualities. She's always being a bitch and doing something to hurt somebody else, but then when she has to suffer the consequences, she plays the victim and cries. Yes, she's been through a lot, but her experiences are not her personality. And unlike Rachel, Santana, Kitty and Puck, she did not grow up at all on the show. She remained selfish, insecure and obsessed with her image. That no one cared about her (which they did, more than she deserved) is not an excuse.

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37 Artie Abrams

Artie has been one of my top favorite characters on show's first three seasons. But then he became kind of boring and he didn't have much of a storyline. However, I still love him and I wish him the best. Totally ship him with Kitty!

Artie has racially insensitive comments he makes and always picks white people for his roles when they are less talented. He always makes people feel guilty about his wheel chair as if no one else has disabilities and acts like being in a wheelchair absolves him of blame or being a bad person. Artie also is really rude to everyone who disagrees with him.

His smooth voice is like white chocolate fountain I'd dip my strawberries in anytime

I think Artie has a great voice, but his personality is abysmal. Sure, he is nice sometimes, but he treats girls terribly. I don’t understand why people like him so much. He is awful to his girlfriends and constantly makes others feel bad. I feel like people give him a free pass because he looks nerdy and is in a chair, but his behavior is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter how horrible your situation is, you don’t treat anyone like they are less. There are a lot of horrible people on the show (which I actually think make the story interesting), but people, not just men, need to treat others with respect, especially if they are dating.

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38 Sue Sylvester

Why us Sue even on this list? She is the best character on the show. She is cleverly used and written and her relationships with her sister, Becky and the Cheerios! are adorable!

Her character was overused to the point of exhastion, just like all of the other characters, but you have to admit she is the funniest

She ruined glee for me, I get angry every time I see her.. I HATE her, she is a horrible character

I loved her

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39 Myron Muskovitz

Very unnecessary character


Hate him

40 Joe Hart Joe Hart Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team.

The most pointless character on the show. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes every time he even spoke. It was utterly ridiculous that Quinn Fabray, one of the most beautiful girls ever, would be remotely interested in him romantically.

His character was super annoying, but when he told Jake "God makes no mistakes" I laughed out loud, I'm not even sure if that was supposed to be funny though, also he was the hottest thing to ever appear on Glee So I bared with his truly annoying persona.

Quinn and Joe could have been an Amazing couple

Charles Joseph John "Joe" Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team

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41 Carmen Tibideaux

She literally made Rachel Berry boost her own ego even more by accepting her even when she didn't really audition but didn't accept Kurt who did a performance.

She was so rude to Rachle

42 Bree

She thinks she's so hot, but honestly she's just a stick in a cheerio uniform. She told Sue she was going to end the glee club, but did absolutely NOTHING! She is such a useless character.

Her character was unnecessary. We get it Ryan, you like putting the mean girl stereotype on Cheerleaders, let it go. She will never be the new Santana

I would hate her but santana makes her seem likable on the bright side

Santana wannabee :3 YOU don't STAND ANY CHANCE GIRL!

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43 Shannon Beiste

She was a cartoon, not real

She was crying and bitching over being made fun of for being manly, yet she laughed at Kurt for being feminine. How am I supposed to like this hypocrite?
I lost all respect for her then.

44 Susie Pepper

What? Susie Pepper slays!

Bruh, she had 4 sentences and never spoke again - sydney_domdom10

She's really hot.
Pun intended

45 Rory Flanagan

Who would pretend to be a mythological creature just to get in a hot girl's pants?

I LOVED rory

No special reason but he is so unsympatic. Only liked him with bledding nose after get hitted dramatic from balls.

I respect him because like SO many characters he was able to put up with Santana without killing that bitch

46 Spencer Porter

I liked Spencer, he went against the gay stereotypes and he wanted to be something more than just the gay guy on glee and I respect him for that.

Ew, he was so gross, thinking he was better than everyone because he didn't act like a steryotype gay

47 Cassandra July

At the end of season 4 she was really nice to Rachel and helped her prepare for her funny girl call back but before that... teachers should not have personal vendettas against students because their dream were destroyed. And sleeping with Brody!?!?!? I thought she was an extremely unrealistic character.

48 Sunshine Corazon
49 Matt Rutherford

He didn't have much of a storyline, he was extremely boring and I forgot he was even in the show.

He literally disappeared after like the first 5 episodes I mean if you want to be generous you would say 5

He had like 3 lines in the entire season. He was a pointless character

When Mr. Schue mentioned him I'm like "Wait there's a Matt in the club? "

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