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41 Sue Sylvester

Her character was overused to the point of exhastion, just like all of the other characters, but you have to admit she is the funniest

Why us Sue even on this list? She is the best character on the show. She is cleverly used and written and her relationships with her sister, Becky and the Cheerios! are adorable!

Her insults are funny and harmless unlike Santana who is rude selfish and a joke overall

I loved her

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42 Shannon Beiste V 1 Comment
43 Rory Flanagan

Who would pretend to be a mythological creature just to get in a hot girl's pants?

No special reason but he is so unsympatic. Only liked him with bledding nose after get hitted dramatic from balls.

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44 Spencer Porter

I liked Spencer, he went against the gay stereotypes and he wanted to be something more than just the gay guy on glee and I respect him for that.

Ew, he was so gross, thinking he was better than everyone because he didn't act like a steryotype gay

45 Susie Pepper

What? Susie Pepper slays!

Bruh, she had 4 sentences and never spoke again - sydney_domdom10

She's really hot.
Pun intended

46 Matt Rutherford

He didn't have much of a storyline, he was extremely boring and I forgot he was even in the show.

He literally disappeared after like the first 5 episodes I mean if you want to be generous you would say 5

He had like 3 lines in the entire season. He was a pointless character

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