Will Schuester


Schuester is nothing more than a completely average man projecting himself onto teen kids because he never fulfilled his dreams. He pretends to be all empathetic, understanding, and progressive when in reality he holds them back and pits them against each other and their issues. Ex: harassing Mercedes, suspending Marley (a recovering bulimic with body image issues) for not wearing a bikini, acting like a child and basically blaming Puck for taking Finn's jacket, pretending to know Spanish and deprive kids of correctly learning a culture. Also perpetuating every stereotype ever... The worst part is that he does that and then expects GRATITUDE

Will schuester is the worst and thinks he's the best. Like he became a Spanish teacher because it was the only post open? Bruh you don't even speak Spanish, that's depriving a whole lot of people the chance to learn a language and different cultures properly. I was happy when Santana complained about him. He has some kinda hero complex where he thinks he's the only one who can help these kids. Also his best friend is a literal teenager (Finn). And he stole finns jacket from Santana and basically let puck take the blame like dude you're an adult grow up. He's just a terrible teacher who gets way too involved in his students lives, like I get it to some degree, I had teachers that I was close with in high school, but boundaries man.

Oh My God, I hate him! He always act like he has so much flow and swag when is not and I find him ridiculous. And come on, he does nothing the whole series; he's like "oh yea will do this song and this performance" and everyone is like "dude, no, that idea is awful" and he's like "you know what, you're right, we'll do it your way"; and then New Direction wins and he got all the credits because he's such and amazing teacher. I love Glee but Will finds a way to make me angry EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

He really is the worst. He doesn't only treat his students bad but everyone around him. E.g. when he found out about the fake pregnancy, he got physically abusive. He rarely has an ear for what Emma needs or wants... he is just a jerk. But he thinks he is the most awesome guy in the world. He even "sacrificed" himself and kissed beast out of nothing. And I want to quote an other comment here because it captures my feelings very well: "He is so repulsive and inappropriate with the kids. Any time he gets emotional, dances or sings I want to punch him in the face."
While Rachel is arrogant and annoying, he is a racist macho. The only question is: why does a show produce a character like this?

Will is possibly the worst character in the show, he is selfish, a bully and only cares about his own opinions. The way he treated Mercedes in season 3 was absolutely horrible! He pushed her to the state of where she felt like she had to quit, even though she loves glee club! He also favorises and even though he says he cares about his kids, doesn't care at all if someone gets bullied and hardly does anything. Lets not forget that the only reason he wants glee club to in is because he never won when he was in glee club when he was young. Overall his setlists suck, he never listens to anyone else, he's selfish and rude, I hope more people realise what a horrible person he is!

How come he told Quinn she was being selfish in that one season three episode? Calling a student a train wreck when in reality she lost herself after like Sue said lost a lot and was pretty much didn't have her identity and was sort of having a midlife crisis. When did she try sabotaging the glee club? He doesn't know her well enough to tell her those things.

He was good in the first episodes but, he blames terri for their marital problems when he's the one cheating with emma. Terri did what she had to because he was gonna leave. And all of shues lessons prevent students from singing the songs they really want. And every time someone does something bad, like santana slapping finn or kurt getting pissed at him he always tells the principal. And its not normal for a 45 year old to be friiends with a 20 year old high school student.

He suspended a girl getting over an eating disorder for not wanting to wear a seashell bra for a stupid week assignment

I hate the fact that he continued his unofficial affair with emma while being married to terri. Even though they never kissed or anything the attraction was still there. When he found out terri was faking her pregnancy without a second thought he left her and went straight to emma.

He suspended a student with an EATING DISORDER for not being comfortable wearing a bikini for their stupid Lady Gaga costume

Will is not terrible because I happen to like every character on glee, but he's so droll and annoying and honestly doesn't fit the supportive and wonderful teacher that the kids make him out to be.

Really? To cut anyone off when they're singing a song is rude, rude, RUDE! But a vulnerable young teen? I wouldn't have minded if Jake beat him to death with the music stand after that. And I used to like him before this season. Mean Mr Shu. Mean.

He suspended a girl with an eating disorder for not wearing a seashell bikini in a performance five people were watching

Ugh, he is such a hypocrite. He claims that he wants everyone's talent to be shown, yet we all know who his favorite is -_-

He is so repulsive and inappropriate with the kids. Any time he gets emotional, dances or sings I want to punch him in the face.

He always wants to do a Journey song.. And he never (or barely) listens to what the kids have to say. Why didn't Will just perform in competition since it was all about him? Lol

He constantly preaches that e cares about the kids, but seems completely selfish motive-wise when it comes to his actions in the club. Rachel was obvious about using Glee club as a stepping stool at least. Will Schuester uses it to relive his Glory Days and lies about it when asked. He is completely innapropriate in regards to his relationships with Emma, Holly, April and even Terry. Just awful.

Boring and annoying characters ever I seen

I just hate this guy. I have a ton of reasons, but am in no mood to write them all down.

Seriously? Only good thing about Finn being the new Will is that old Will will be off our screens.

Annoying and that's all I got to say.

And let's not forget about when he teies to suspend Santana for hitting Finn, but Finn, Puck, Quinn, Lauren etc have all gotten into fights before and he's never gone to the principal

He is sort of getting the kids ready to have their dreams crushed.

Will Schuester is a terrible human

He was relate-able in the first half of season one and quickly became a carbboard cutout.