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1 I get paid for every letter like a, B, C, D, e, F, G, H, i, J, K, L, M, N, o, P, Q, R, S, T, u, V, W, X, y, and Z

Nicolas Cage taught the alphabet better.

I wish I could give the Nicholas cage comment more likes

He said this stupid verse in ransom - awesomeforever1234

I bet his kindergarten teacher is so proud haha

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2 Beat that p**** up like Emmett Till

Wow! That's just horrible! By the way if you don't know Emmett Till he's a black guy that got tortured and murdered during the apartheid.

By far his worst bar ever. I get it, you’re describing your sexual prowess, but there’s a LIMIT!

Why is this not number 1? - DaWyteNight

Lil' Wayne is the worse lyricist ever. Proof? THIS LYRIC RIGHT HERE! This should be number 1, and then that alphabet one should be number 2.

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3 Back it up like burp burp

Said this Dumbass verse in lollipop - awesomeforever1234

4 I'm the best rapper alive

Says this in almost every song - awesomeforever1234

Really even Lady Gaga is better than him. And I HATE lady gaga! - funnyuser

The sound I make when I jab a sword up my butt through my mouth sounds better than him - ToptenPizza

No. You're the worst rapper ever.

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5 She even did anal when she don't do anal my b**** I'm thankful

Said this in romance - awesomeforever1234

Fresh Shakespeare influence, haha - Metal_Treasure

what. - AlphaQ

6 Dear Mr. Toilet, I am the s**t
7 I'm right right and you're wrong left
8 She said my d*** could be the next Black President

I swear if this is the next Black President I'm supporting ISIS

And this is how you could tell that Lil Wayne does drugs. - Iamcool

As if Obama wasn't bad enough.

9 Uh, I'm in the ocean getting shark p***y

This is beastiallity, which all in all, not funny. And gross

10 I killed it

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11 I'm okay but my watch sick and my drop sick
12 How the f**k you gon talk s**t to diarrhea?

A prime example of Lil Wayne demonstrating his advantage to the youth of hip-hop: his lyrical mind

13 I'm the s***

You’re right! You are poo!

14 B**** real G's move in silence like lasagna

People say this line is ingenious, but when they realise that the G in lasagna is NOT silent ('gn' makes the same sound as ñ in Spanish - if not then it would be pronounced lasana), it makes this line look even more stupid.

15 I work harder than hardworking
16 Weezy F Baby and the "F" is for phenomenal

Um... did you pass third grade?

This might be the worst lyric I have ever heard

"F" makes the same sound as "ph". I don't see anything stupid with this line. - SwagFlicks


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17 That p***y pop like piro
18 Damn right, I kissed my daddy. I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is, and I'm his kid, I stunt with my daddy....Hello hip hop, I'm home, it's your daddy.
19 Almost drowned in her p****, so i swam to her butt

No. Just no.

If I ever walked up to a girl and said this lyric to her, she would probably bitch slap me across the face so hard that it would hurt for days

20 I'm twisted, door knob

Lavish, stylish, concious and aware yet fun and enthusiastic. Lil Wayne really hit his high point here.

21 Trapped in a maze, therefore I am amazing

How can anyone take this guy seriously?

You aren't amazing if you are too dumb to find your way out of a worthless maze.

22 I go so hard they call me go so hard

This is actually kinda funny lol not

You are so bad that they call you “are so bad.”

23 Trukfit I'm the owner
24 Money talks and mister ed
25 Rap game dependent on me like a bungee cord
26 Make a movie with your bitch, Steven Spiel n****
27 Rats gonna rat, snakes gonna hiss
28 She says my d*** stronger than a six pack of cola

29 Money talks bull s**t walks on a muthaf***in tight rope
30 I make her feel right when it's wrong like lying
31 My tongue is an uzi, my d*** is an AK
32 I'm on drugs, n*****

Wow, who would've thought... - DaWyteNight

Tight, Wayne gets the point across concisely. A reliable rapper that won't waste your time with "deep", hard-to-decipher lyrical virtuosities. Well done, buddy.

I can tell. I’ve seen your previous lyrics.

33 I never f****d Nicki 'cause that's f****d up, if I did f**k her, she'd be f****d up
34 N****, that's that nerve
35 You wanna lick the (w)rapper
36 Pop that p**** like a zit
37 Look at you, now look at us... all my n****s look rich as f***
38 Weezy F baby and the "F" is for front door

F is for front door what u takin bout boi - AlphaQ

39 Its me, LT like when you heat butter
40 Kush on my breath cocaine on my tongue
41 My s*** so cold man it don't even stink

This Lil Wayne guy is a joke.

42 I walked up to her big butt and asked her a** butt what?

What Wayne your jokes are so corny

43 Wayne's world planet rock
44 We jack son then light up that L, Samuel
45 Y'all boys just a bunch of pussy cats, Milo
46 I see her boyfriend hatin' like a city cop
47 I asked her her number I said 911

You know, prank calling the police is not a good idea.

48 Baby just make me c**
49 All rats gotta die, even Master Splinter

Master Splinter never gun die

50 R.I.P. - Rest in p****

That's just stupid and quite offensive.

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1. Beat that p**** up like Emmett Till
2. Dear Mr. Toilet, I am the s**t
3. She said my d*** could be the next Black President
1. I get paid for every letter like a, B, C, D, e, F, G, H, i, J, K, L, M, N, o, P, Q, R, S, T, u, V, W, X, y, and Z
2. Back it up like burp burp
3. She even did anal when she don't do anal my b**** I'm thankful


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