Worst Megadeth Songs

The Top Ten Worst Megadeth Songs

1 Losing My Senses

I secretly like the top two songs. Not very much but they aren't horrible. - Alkadikce

This song is absolutely horrific especially for Megadeth. It's extremely cheesy, uncatchy and awful as heck. - UltraLunalaX

It's painful to listen to this song. It's so cheesy and un-catchy.

Deserves To Be Number 1 It's Worst Than Anything On Risk And Super Collider - christangrant

2 Have Cool, Will Travel

I love this song why is it hated so much?!

Yikes... This song sucks... - awesomedp900

This song simply sucks! One of Megadeth's worst songs ever!

Crush 'Em is a cool song but this is pathetic...

3 Seven

Awful generic garbage - christangrant

4 Crush 'Em

Sounds like something which is played in merry-go-rounds in fun fairs. - Alkadikce

This is a shame from Megadeth. Risk and The World Needs A Hero are Megadeth's only bad albums, but this is the worst Megadeth song in my opinion.

This is Okay in my opinion best song on risk (Excluding Duke Nukem Theme which was a Bonus Track) - christangrant

Why did Dave ever think this was a good enough song to release, let alone play live?

5 Off the Edge

This song is pretty bad - christangrant

6 Enter the Arena

Crush em is in my opinion one of Megadeth's worst songs ever but what's even worse than Crush em is this song.

7 I'll Be There

It's a Pop song an awful one this is made by the same guys who made Hangar 18 - christangrant

This is actually among my favorite Megadeth songs.

I actually think it's the best song from Risk. Riek is still pretty bad though.

8 The Threat is Real

Hmm wrong - christangrant

Nope this is good
Never understood what makes this one of the worst songs of 2016 according to this website - christangrant

9 Burn!
10 Breadline

Worst Megadeth song by far. Not even a rock song

The poppiest Megadeth song ever... lame riffs, boring solo and cringey chorus

The Contenders

11 Insomnia

You guys are stupid just because this song was on Risk it sucks? This song was kickass

12 Anarchy In the U.K.

Breadline and insomnia are from risk but its amazing this song isn't the worst but not a very good cover

This is a Sex Pistols Cover *Facepalm*

13 Ecstasy

Look Megadeth made a Pop song - christangrant

14 I Ain't Superstitious

I thought this song was alright - AdamDestructorJr.

15 Super Collider

Sounds like auto tune. It's just stupid and shows why the album is bad.
Also why did the person who commented even choose this song?
"A good song."
You can choose another then unless you didn't read the title!

I disagree. It's a really good song in my opinion. Only the video was a bit not fitting

16 Sweating Bullets

Good instrumental but as the visitor said, it's more like talking and the lyrics are childish.

I didn't realise this song was so unpopular. - AdamDestructorJr.

I hate this song because its more talking then singing and the lyrics are childish. Trust is pretty bad too. It sounds like a weak version of enter sandman.

The music is very Black Sabbath/Metallica inspired, the lyrics are childish and uninspired, the way Dave sing the verse and his overall vocals on the track is cringe worthy and cheesey at best and don't even get me started on a the video,awful.

17 Burning Bridges
18 Prince of Darkness

Oh come on breadline is a great song

19 I Know Jack

What the hell is wrong with the dude that created this list?

I know him too.

20 When

This is the best song on the album. - awesomedp900

Megadeth is not meant for cheesy lyrics and poppy choruses. A 9 minute shame

What this song is the best off TWNAH and why is isomia breadline and prince of darkness on here

All megadeth songs rule this list sucks

21 These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

That's the whole point! Megadeth Made a tradition of covering random songs on each album

22 Amerikhastan

Not counting Risk ("Insomia", "Prince of Darkness"...), "Amerikhastan" is the worst song in Megadeth history... it's such a mess...

23 Psychotron
24 À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)

I already dislike A Tout Le Monde, but it really shouldn't have gotten another version.


Yeah, I can get behind this. A 2nd version Á Tout Le Monde is just unnecessary. - AdamDestructorJr.

25 The Beginning of Sorrow
26 Black Curtains
27 Built for War

This song sucks so much and I hate the instruments on that song. One instrument is very annoying and makes me wanna cry my eyes out for no apparent reason whatsoever! Also, the lyrics are poorly written and make no sense at all. Built for War is considered the worst Megadeth song ever. Also, Super Collider is the worst Megadeth album since their 1999 album. Built for War deserves to be Number One because it's a poorly written and annoying Megadeth song released on a very bad album that was released in 2013.

It's complete garbage.

28 My Creation

IT'S ALIVE! dave's worst vocals in the verse for sure. This song is a mess and deserves it's spot here (still should be in the top 10)

Lol whut

29 Captive Honour
30 Silent Scorn
31 High Speed Dirt

This is okay.

32 Liar

I can agree with this, the main riff is plain messy and the rest of the song is pretty mediocre. - AdamDestructorJr.

33 Dread and the Fugitive Mind
34 Mechanix

Awful lyrics and cringy vocals. The riffs and other instruments are good though. - Userguy44

35 The Doctor is Calling
36 Dawn Patrol

Sounds like prince charming but at least the bass lines good

37 Forget to Remember

Extremely boring

38 Victory
39 The Scorpion

It's a good song (in my opinion), I mean it's not perfect but annoyingly catchy! - MoeinTPS

Makes me cringe. - AdamDestructorJr.

40 Peace Sells - Megadeth

No this is one of their better songs. - Userguy44

It's there best song

41 Guns, Drugs, & Money
42 Mastermind
43 Kingmaker

This song is a rip off of children of the grave. Megadeth is so overrated. - Sabbath

But aren't Sabbath praised as the gods of this genre? That sounds pretty overrated to me. - AdamDestructorJr.

44 Return to Hangar

Its only on here because it's a sequel to Hangar 18 and nothing more - christangrant

45 The Blackest Crow
46 99 Ways to Die
47 These Boots
48 Symphony of Destruction

With this title, I expected some orchestral epic masterpiece before the first listen. What I got was an overly slow boring radio rock song. - Alkadikce

Who put this on the list?! I'll kill 'em!

During the chorus, Dave sounds like he has a lisp.

Boring song

49 Duke Nukem Theme
50 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due

This is one of their best songs - christangrant

Are you joking?

Someone here is retarded. - AdamDestructorJr.

Too many notes...

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