Worst Megadeth Songs

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1 Losing My Senses

It's painful to listen to this song. It's so cheesy and un-catchy.

Deserves To Be Number 1 It's Worst Than Anything On Risk And Super Collider - christangrant

Keep this at #1 - jack2244

Just awful - christangrant

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2 Crush 'Em

This is a shame from Megadeth. Risk and The World Needs A Hero are Megadeth's only bad albums, but this is the worst Megadeth song in my opinion.

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3 Seven

Awful generic garbage - christangrant

4 Have Cool, Will Travel

I love this song why is it hated so much?!

This song simply sucks! One of Megadeth's worst songs ever!

Crush 'Em is a cool song but this is pathetic...

5 Ecstasy

Look Megadeth made a Pop song - christangrant

6 Enter the Arena

Crush em is in my opinion one of Megadeth's worst songs ever but what's even worse than Crush em is this song.

7 Burning Bridges
8 I'll Be There

It's a Pop song an awful one this is made by the same guys who made Hangar 18 - christangrant

9 Anarchy In the U.K.

Breadline and insomnia are from risk but its amazing this song isn't the worst but not a very good cover

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10 Burn!

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? Holy Wars... the Punishment Due
? À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)

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11 Insomnia

You guys are stupid just because this song was on Risk it sucks? This song was kickass

12 I Know Jack

What the hell is wrong with the dude that created this list?

13 Breadline
14 Prince of Darkness
15 Super Collider

I disagree. It's a really good song in my opinion. Only the video was a bit not fitting

16 These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

That's the whole point! Megadeth Made a tradition of covering random songs on each album

17 I Ain't Superstitious
18 Silent Scorn
19 When

Megadeth is not meant for cheesy lyrics and poppy choruses. A 9 minute shame

What this song is the best off TWNAH and why is isomia breadline and prince of darkness on here

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20 The Doctor is Calling
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