Worst Miley Cyrus Songs

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21 Ice Cream Freeze

It is just too repetitive to be anything but annoying.

I love this song.

22 My Darlin'
23 Do My Thang V 1 Comment
24 Hoedown Throwdown

It is catchy but after like the fourth time you hear it it's like GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

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25 Fly On the Wall

Love this song and the video. This list is so wrong her all the songs r great

And AC/DC Made a good song with that name. Not some crappy Pop song. Same thing goes with Jonas Brothers and Black Sabbath with the song Paranoid,

26 Party In the U.S.A.

Best song ever. Who thinks it is a bad song!

I don't who the hell think this is worst. Seriously the person has no idea of music. Awesome song. Love it

Come on, it's not that awful apart from autotune. - DCfnaf

I hate that song

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27 Two More Lonely People

Awesome and a meaningful song. This list is also annoying like all haters cause her all songs are good. Shut the list

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28 FU

This is her worst song ever. It sounds horrendous and ugly.

29 When I Look at You

Her all the songs are very good
And specially it's the sweetest song I have ever heard. Don't agree with the list

30 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
31 Smells Like Teen Spirit V 1 Comment
32 Pretty Girls (Fun)

Really creepy beat and technology in the background - DCfnaf

33 Start All Over
34 Adore You

Serioulsy? This song is amazing, she is a beautiful woman, she just wanted to go away from the "Hannah Montana" look, so stop hating cause she has a beautiful face, body and voice, and it's a beautiful love song.

Haters need to stop hating. Her all songs are great.

Are you drunk? Who the hell r said this is worst. This is the best song ever.

This is another one of her best songs with Wrecking Ball. The music video is not the song itself so relax guys. - DCfnaf

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35 The Climb

Who said it worst. Are they gone mad or jealous by her for making all amazing music.

Amazing songs! Are you nuts?

Beautiful and meaningful song like all the time. It's not worst whever think they are so jealous or may be deaf.

This is like...her best song...why is it here? - DCfnaf

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