Worst Moments Related to the Hot 100 in 2020 Billboard List

Normally I would add these entries to my "Worst Moments in Music Chart History" list, but 2020 was one helluva unique year for a ton of things, and the Hot 100 was certainly one of them. There were many week-by-week battles to hit #1 or even just the top ten by various fanbases, and 2020 was the first year since 1990 to have 6 different consecutive #1 hits. This year has been a rollercoaster for the charts, so let's remember these chart "monstrosities" and try to learn from our mistakes.

Feel free to add more entries for the worst moments on the Hot 100 if you'd like.
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1 The Stuck With U vs. Gooba War

Even leaving aside the quality of both songs it was still just a horrible war. Ariana and JB were constantly nagging their fans to stream their song since it was apparently for "charity" (spoiler alert: the song really didn't support that claim), while 6ix9ine relied on immediate jail hype for 'Gooba' and later on also asked his fans to stream it and etc. In the end, 'Stuck With U' hit #1 but if I'm being honest, nobody was in the right morally.

I have noticed this list is somewhat different from the worst chart moments in general list in that it also has things that seem to show how the charts don’t work properly in showing the most popular music in the US.

Why did 6ix9ine decide to do all the crap he did.

2 'TROLLZ' by 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj broke the record for the biggest fall from #1 (to #34)

People kinda saw this coming and this song definitely deserved it, but leaving all that aside, 'Heartless' by The Weeknd already broke the record earlier by a drop from #1-#17, and seeing another song DOUBLE that record barely half a year later is pretty sickening.

Well, Trollz is a terrible song and it’s by six nine so I bet they accidentally put it in first and later realized their mistake, so they firmly placed it in 34th to justify their mistake.

Well, Willow broke that record

3 'I Hope' by Gabby Barrett made a slow ascent to #3

Why would anyone like the song. I've already said this on the most overplayed songs of 2020 list, but all it is is recreating "Hate Me" which was already terrible but making what made it so even worse.

Uh a similar situation is already happening now this year "Bang" has hit number 8 and I’m expecting to see it go even higher so it's basically repeating what this song did just get insane radio play when not many people are actually streaming it.

Yeah, the catch is that it's doing pretty terrible on all metrics except for radio. And just as a matter of opinion, I think the song sucks and many of my friends on RYM and Twitter also think the same.

Girls Like You was the same I believe according to pulse music boards.

4 'Dynamite' by BTS stayed at #1 for multiple weeks

No, this item isn't here because of my opinion on the song. I like the song, but no, it didn't feel like the biggest song of the week at all for more than 2 weeks. It was only up there because of the BTS Army and really not much else. It didn't crack #1 on many other singles charts either and it was instantly out of the top ten in just its second week in Australia and Britain.

because Billboard simps for BTS. The only reason he is popular is because two thirds of girls aged 12-15 are in love with every member.

Well that's something new I don't think k-pop has ever hit number one on the hot 100.

5 The BTS remix of 'Savage Love' by Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo hit #1

There have been many, many remixes of songs that existed purely to have the song at #1, but this song in particular was the one with a sickening backstory (in a nutshell, Derulo found the instrumental version of the song on TikTok and decided to steal it and Jawsh 685 had to give in). And if you're getting BTS of all artists on remix it's really obvious you're just looking for clout.

6 'Toosie Slide' by Drake hit #1

This was before the "new #1" fiesta but even then Drake relied on TikTok for this. The song also had some stability in the top ten and I think we can all agree that it didn't deserve the stability at all.

7 'Intentions' by Justin Bieber rose up to the top 5

It was lingering around in the 8-10 range for about 10 weeks before it started rising out of nowhere. My guess is that it's the Beliebers honestly.

8 'Holy' by Justin Bieber rose back into the top 10

Of every song that we could've made stable in the top ten, we're choosing...this worthless junk? There are many, many other second-week flops that deserve to rise back to the top 10 again than this.

Justin Bieber is actually not bad, but this song really stank.

9 The remix of Doja Cat's 'Say So' featuring Nicki Minaj hit #1

This in particular is disappointing especially since Nicki provided some lines like "used to be bi, but now I'm just hetero" which is really offensive to the LGBT community.

This kind of deserves to be higher honestly.

10 Billie Eilish's 'Bad Guy' Hits No. 1

Happened in 2019 so no, although I will say that the Justin Bieber remix that pushed it to #1 was significantly worse than the OG

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11 'POPSTAR' by DJ Khaled & Drake hit the top 10

Sure, this is just a matter of personal opinion but with the effort put into the song it did not deserve to be that successful at all.

Not even close to one of my favourites, but I personally like the song

12 The Nicki Minaj Remix of Say So Stays On The Hot 100 for only Two Weeks

Now that is just awkward given it hit number one.

13 Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez Debut at No. 1

This didn't happen though...

14 Life Goes On By BTS Debuts at Number 1 On the Hot 100

Second most fraudulent #1 ever

15 Circles and Blinding Lights spend Eons In The Top 10

1) Months*, not Eons
2) at least both of them are great songs *shrug*

16 Dance Monkey Peaks at #4
17 Memories Peaks at Number 2
18 Positions vs Forever After All

There was a ton of drama going around with this one because there were some pics of Luke Combs tweets supporting Trump and being racist -- which were also apparently photoshopped -- so Ariana's stans used that as an excuse for saying that "Positions deserves that #1" when in reality Luke Combs was still just as decent as ever, including how he literally gave a "THANK YOU" message to his fans after knowing that his song would only debut at #2 (in other words, Positions debut at #1). If anything, this chart battle further proved how horrible Stan Twitter became in 2020.

19 ‘Wap’ hits number 1

Really hot music vid tho

Knowing TheTopTens, I’m shocked this isn’t in the top 10

20 All I Want For Christmas Is You Goes Number One For Two Years in a Row

Billboard really needs to make a separate chart for Christmas music

Billboard does do a separate chart for Christmas music.

21 Franchise Debuts at Number 1
22 Cardigan and Willow Debut at Number One and Then Freefall

The Willow situation was particularly bad because she kept making several remixes and discounting all of them plus the original.

Willow fell to #38 in its second week. Enough said.

I love Taylor but this reeks of “playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.”

23 The Invasion of Christmas Music at the End of The Year

This year the invasion was so bad that the only non-Christmas song in the Top 10 was Mood.

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