Death Metal


Can people just stick to their own opinions? Saying things like "It's just noise", "It's not music" and trying to make it out as a fact, when it's not. It's all a matter of opinion. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should hate on it or the people who like it. And for the people who this they just "growl" and talk about killing, listen to songs from the last 4 Death albums. Definitely not just about killing. And for you who say you can't even understand the vocalist, some of them you can't, others such as the God known as Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), Johan Hegg, Mikael Akerfeldt and Dave Vincent are understandable when you're a bit used to it. If I haven't explained it well enough, I suggest you watch Coverkillernation's video "5 Reasons People Hate Death Metal".

I can understand why most people hate this genre. They don't think it's good music or anything.

This is just a guess of mine, but I think that death metal is meant to challenge people about what they consider to be good music. Like how most people say that death metal's not real music. I've said many times before that there's no such thing as real music and that all music is subjective. So what you consider to be fake music may be real music to others. I think that's the whole point of death metal. To let people know that there are some folks who do like the artist's growling style and may think that it's real music.

But like I said, this is all just a guess of mine.

I'd like to see any pop, rap, or screamo band try to play Crystal Mountain or Hammer Smashed Face (forget the song names, just listen to the epic ones like Amon Amarth and Death). Or even Painkiller, for that matter, since Death made that even better than the original already was.

I like death metal, I like the brutal sounds of the instrumentals and the growling. The instrumentals clearly take a lot of work and sound so heavy that it is great. The growling takes a lot of talent and vocal strength, imagine having to growl like they do, it is very hard to do. The only thing that I don't like about this genre is the lyrics, they could include meaningful topics other than just blood amd gore, it would be one of the best genres if the lyrics were better. - AnimeDrawer

Death metal is amazing, get it off this list!

All the members of a death metal band are talented but the vocalist. Can even understand half of them. It's just screaming your vocal chords off. I don't believe in that thing about satanism. If vocals are like bruce dickinson and the guitar and all of death metal. It's amazing

Takes talent to scream and play guitar for this genre, especially during solos. I don't like songs that are all screaming, but if there's a little and I like the song, all it makes me think is that the screamiest part of the song is the one truly expressing horror, hatred, angst, anxiety, tears, and the strongest negative emotions that make me 1. feel better by comparison and 2. relate to me and make me feel like I have something to express myself to and with.

Perhaps instead of finding a safe way to exert the rage we all build up on the inside and vent it via listening to Death Metal we act out our violent fantasies of mass murder and wanton destruction? Yes that's sounds like a grand plan good sirs. - Dystopia

Awesome music! I like the brutal sound of it, and the vocals just give me chills. The screaming, the brutal guitar riffs, and the lyrics, make this type of music really interesting. - AnimeDrawer

The Lyrics are ridiculous. No...they are idiotic! I mean, how can anybody listen to that seriously with such idiotic mediocre lyrics?! Senseless I hate rap, but even rap has more sense and substance then this garbage. Nu metal is in compilation pure art. Musically, well, people say that the music is complex, but I just hear dull repeating sounds.

Someone must be enough stupid and brainless to put it in this list.

Hey, Death Metal is pretty great. Brutality matches well with this genre. It may seem too extreme to new comers but give it time. You will find something. - cjWriter1997

As a metalhead and one who mainly enjoys brutal death metal, I have to say this genre shouldn't be on here. NOTHING in the songs should be taken seriously. Death and Cannibal Corpse were the ones that created and pioneered it (in fact I think the genre was named after the band Death), and the lyrics tell stories! They're not actually things that the band members have done!

Low tuned guitars, embarrassing to listen to when other people are around, often overproduced and commercialized crap, death metal bands ofter try to be brutal as possible, most death metal bands are bunch of posers, hour of penance is a good example of crappy death metal, modern death metal is as bad as my grandma

"commercialised" haha can't tell weather or not your being serious

I like it, but can see why some people would hate it. Death Metal isn't for everyone.

I am not such a fan of death metal but I really enjoy listening to Arch Enemy every once in a while

Death metal is extremely pretentious music made by the most snobbish and self-indulgent guitar players who incorporate an excessive amount of masturbatory metal nonsense into each horrific explosive mess of a song. The worst genre in the world.

Not my favourite type of music but I respect that it is very hard and fast and technical

Basically, complete utters that brainless hipsters listen to and be delusional about how they're so much better than everyone else.

Please don't attack me, but I'm not a huge fan of death metal. I only really liked Death, and not a lot of others. - Gruunge

It's hard to play but metal fans need to shut up, it's not that great. I prefer Classic Rock and Alt rock. Also folk. At least there's feeling and emotion behind rock, with metal, you can't even focus on the lyrics because your ears are bleeding. And when you do, it's just, meh.

There is feeling, it just takes getting used to before you start to perceive the nuances and moods of the songs - mool

I don't care for this- the vocals are awful. But the instruments are amazing. I hate cannibal corpse for this reason - SoldierOfFortune

I don't see why anyone would like this terrible excuse for music. HORRIBLY annoying vocals, people shredding on electric guitars, and gross lyrics. (if you can even understand them) Unfortunately, the only reason this list exists is so dadrock fans can hate on newer music. Rap? Really? I'm sick and tired of people who literally know nothing about rap other than Insane Clown Posse and Lil' Wayne! Ever heard of Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West (who people judge just because Obama called him a jackass, despite not listening to a single one of his songs) Notorious B.I. G, and Tupac Shakur? Jeez, this list is full of ignorant buttholes.

When I grow up and I'm a music artist I'm doing death metal lol don't judge me ;-; - AnnieCallie

I like more toned down metal like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, but Death Metal just sound extreme and evil and just noise. I genuinely would rather listen to gangsta rap. It may be swearing for the sake of it but at least it doesn't sound like literal torture.

A lot of the songs at good, it just takes time and getting used to to pick apart the songs. The - mool