Wow. Just wow. Are you people insane? Metal isn't anything like you people think.

1. "We know it's all satanic because of bands like Black Sabbath, or Judas Priest." There's a metal song called "To Move On Is To Grow." Explain to me how THAT is satanic.

2. "It's all just making noise." Yes. Noise that is in the form of a rhythm. That's literally the most basic definition of music. All music is just noise. And then you people go and listen to someone talking about drugs to a beat, or someone imitating a shot clock buzzer to an acoustic guitar. Right.

3. "It's all about death." See 1.

4. It never has a meaning. There's another song called "Understanding Who You've Grown To Be" by the same artist (emphasis on ARTIST) that made "To Move On Is To Grow." There's also a song called "A Prophecy" by a metal artist. And then there's "Hater" by a metal artist. There's also "The Devil ...more

Funny enough, KoRn has a song that ends with a door being shut (Daddy). - rishal21

Funny enough, KoRn has a song that ends with a door being shut (Daddy). - rishal21

If you look closely at all the top comments on this list's inclusion of metal, you'll notice a lot of overblown attacks about how people who don't like metal deserve to die or whatever. Currently, the top two comments state that metal haters should blow their brains out with a shotgun and jump off a pier, respectively. This ridiculous fetishization of violence is in many ways a symbol for the pretentious crap that is metal, music made by men with small dicks who just can't cope with being unmanly. Metal is so utterly full of macho posing, and at no point is there any true attempt at beauty, no breath of fresh air. One might cite so-called "inspirational" nu-metal bands such as Avenged Sevenfold for their deep lyrics, but to me these are the worst offenders. They may try to make a point, but do they ever seek to make a point beneath the immediate surface of the music, or leave some things up to interpretation by the listener? I find that they do not; instead, they either ...more

We comment attack like what you described because we are sick of people hating metal for the dumbest excuse. Metal is absolutely NOT screaming or satanic like the average retard thinks and you never see these stereotypes in other music genres.

Jesus Christ people, not everyone likes the same genre. Some people don't like metal so they put it on here. They don't need to go and kill themselves for being human.

Whoever put this here is a complete idiot. Metal has the most varied sound of ANY genre, including rock. There are folk metal bands, melodic metal bands, Jazz Metal bands, etc.

That's what metal sounds like. That's classical with guitar. The musicians who did stuff like this are more talented then any musicians in history, minus classical composers... And many, many bands do NOT scream. It's stupid. Most metal is way better than the crap these idiots here are saying it is. Breaking a Guitar? Screaming? Stupid Lyrics? Satanic? What! Half of them are fans of music like Rap or Pop and it shows! - damianichabod

If a pop music listener hear the word "metal" then its mind is automatically on the characteristics of death metal, and this is why it says that it hates metal. Nowadays there are way too many extreme metal bands, and the classic metal bands are under these in popularity. But no, metal is not only about death/black/thrash metal, there are more genres that could makes the people feeling good. For example, for beginning try this: Dio-Rainbow in the Dark. It's a catchy and pleasant song, and not heavy song at all. But still metal. And if you liked it, then maybe you'll realize that metal is more than you thought, and there are lot of metal stuffs that are similar to this, but they are still metal. - somekindofaguy

First off, why is everyone here so violent about this? You're asking metal haters to kill themselves! God! Second, I hate metal myself. Terrible messages, bad voices, bad artists, and basically, it's just random people with cruddy voices screaming whatever the hell they want into a gigantic microphone, all the while, screaming their dry old lungs out in rage! For me, there are only a couple good bands, and they are underrated by these idiots that scream their voice away! I honestly don't care how many dislikes this gets! I don't care if you say it is or is not people screaming bloody murder and satanism into a microphone! I just want to get my point across: Metal, and any form of it, it just garbage. The people who like this crap are just senseless humans, who have no taste in anything worth spending your time on! Metal has, and will always, have a special part on this very accurate list! - NoEntranceHere

Metal has some amazing aspects to it, including some of the best guitar playing I've ever heard.

However, it does have some glaring issues. For one thing, you can very rarely understand the main singer, since usually a lot of them just grumble into the microphone. Also, I'd be lying if I didn't say that a lot of casual metal songs don't sound exactly the same. And finally, metal heads can be so annoying, they get straight up offended and call people retards for not loving metal like it's a dang religion. You can see a ton of these edgy losers in the comments here.

Like I said, metal can be really cool, but people need to accept its flaws and not be idiotic obsessive metal heads. Fanboys of any kind are stupid.

Everyone has their own opinion, but I'm starting to get a little pissed. Firstly, metal is not all screaming and guitar riffs with no melody whatsoever. Only spefic parts of certain subgenres are like this, such as the heavier side of death metal and older metalcore. Listen to pretty much any metal song outside of those subgenres and tell me that they have no melody. Next, the lyrics of metal are not all about depression, Satanism and destruction. Sure, the lyrical themes are generally darker and angrier than most pop songs, but metal has it's share of love songs, inspiratiomal war songs, etc. Pretty much every metal song has a lot more meaning than a pop one about be butts. I'm not going to tell people who don't like metal to blow their heads off, like some of my fellow metalheads are doing, but I wish you guys wouldn't use that damn stereotype of metal and actually try listenung to some. If metal is so senseless and satanic, why does the t have such a massive and devoted fanbase - Lem

Metal is a variation of rock that just intensifies it with mostly better guitar / bass stronger lyrics a more intense drum beat overall more talent except with some singing and more intense emotion. Just an overall better in almost every way version of rock. And it is real music that has had much more effort put into it than any other genre except MAYBE classical. Older metal even has a lot of the style from rock incorporated into it for example Carpe Diem Baby Re-load album Metallica

This is the worst genre, because it's not a genre that's considered bad by many people.

People actually take this seriously and while you can make fun of country or pop without really earning criticism for it.

But you tell someone metal is actually THE music for pussies and just because someone can play a guitar real fast, that doesn't mean the musics good and oh no- "you don't know!"

Really? I mean come on.

If you're over 18 and you still listen to metal, you really don't have a right to complain about punky-emo-bands because your taste in music is just as.

I grew out of metal when I was 11.

Whichever Idiot had the guts to put it here should throw themselves of a cliff. Metal is most amazing type of music ever created. It actually takes talent to play and the theme of almost ever song is not "I love you, you love me". Plus metal fans keep there music and don't change songs after a week. Metal songs can be about so many things and help reflect on life. Whoever put these here, go take a look at The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden or Creeping Death by Metallica.

Metal is only understood by people with feelings, intelligence and musical taste. It is dynamic, melodic, has inspiring lyrics, it's fast and hard so you can party and dance to it and also very creative and open minded. Most importantly it's real instruments. People don't get this, they like dubstep, 2 (not always but mostly) non-talented people who doesn't hear how it sounds, because there's no melody, no rhythm. But "go with the flow right? " pffh. And they say it's all screaming... That's not even metal, screaming is Screamo and Emo kinda stuff. Metal foREVer m/

While guttural vocals, screaming and jarring strains may not be up everyone's alley, those of us who like metal (including myself) love it, it's one of those things you either love or hate

Funny how everyone voting for metal has never heard it before. Actually listen to a few songs by Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or Megadeth and you might find that you actually like it.

What is your problem metal shouldn't even be on this on this list

Ok boys and girls who put metal up here, I'm not gonna tell you to shoot yourself our throw yourself off a cliff like some of my fellow metalheads would and neither will I force metal on anybody. I will just list some facts.

First of all, metal is not growling and screaming all the time like in black metal, death metal, metalcore/deathcore etc. (There are actually plenty of metal fans that hate those genres). If you aren't into the growling, check out some of the earlier metal bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. These are some of the most famous (and in my opinion best) bands from the early metal scene.
If you aren't that much into the heavy distorted guitar riffs and want a more melodic approach, then two good albums from the same period of metal are Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, both by Iron Maiden. If you want to go earlier than that (into the 70s), you have Judas Priest and Black Sabbath and Deep Purple (who were pretty much the ...more - kk2001

I can understand how u can hate Metal but please stop hating on for being "the devils music" or loud noise. Cause in Metallica's One James Hetfield asks for Gods help so that's totally The devils music. Not. And isn't all Music just noise. I understand it's gonna be louder about 75 percent of the time.But not all the time and most of the people who say it's the devils music like rap. Rap cusses way more Emeniem cusses way more than Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden,and Metallica combines.So if your a rap Fan who says Metal is the devils music your just a big hypocrite and are retarded - MrQuaz680

Well metal can cause some anger and can cause a sore throat, but metal has a variety of genres. There's black metal, death metal, nu metal, glam metal, and melodic death metal. It's my favorite genre and I've heard metal songs about love, horror, war, fantasy, the government, even about living life and being happy.

All metal fans do is complain. I have never heard a metal fan say anything constructive on the internet.

I love metal, but I have to agree that metal fans (including me sometimes) need to relax

Bands like Metallica and pantera are actually good, if you looked up best bands of all time Metallica is there but today's crap music like reggae and pop are just corrupting kids and teens all over the world, if people were as talented as Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield then maybe music wouldn't suck so much, how do you stand all these terrible things like today's pop, just go listen to these bands and eventually it'' be your favorite

What is metal doing on here? It's the best music genre of all time, oh and whoever made this should jump off a cliff and get killed by snakes and tigers when they fall

Alright, this is kinda bad. I understand people like or hate metal but people here CAN'T respect opinions of metal haters, they just say they're retards, heartless, should kill themselves or whatever else? Not everyone has to like metal! - Neonco31

You, stupid guy that says that this genre is the worst, cannot be an expert of music: everyone has his musical tastes, but if you think that metal is for depressed persons, you are wrong.

I will find whoever put metal here carve out his skull, stick a knife in its eye and throw a rock at its face, never the less metal is is not the worst, firstly it doesn't use autotune, secondly it uses actual instruments not a game console and lastly do you honestly think Justin dump face Bieber is better then Iron Maiden, AC DC and Pantera at the same time if you do mate go see the doctor or something.

Metal is not the worst genre. If you don't like very heavy music then you don't have to listen extreme metal genres. You can simply listen to heavy metal. Bands like Iron Maiden,Judas Priest and Deep Purple are good. And if you are concerned about satanic things, then don't worry about these bands. These bands aren't satanic. But not all metal bands are satanic. - zxm