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101 Dance Punk
102 Speedcore

No way should Speedcore be on this list! For the simple fact it isn't music. It's indistinguishable, pointless noise that has no heart, no soul and definitely no place among normal, compos mentis human beings. - Britgirl

How in the world is this not on the list? It's worse than any other genre out there. The sole purpose of this genre is to see how high you can but the bpm at in production. THAT'S IT. The fact that people enjoy 980 bpm buzzing sound for 3-5 minutes at a time baffles me. Unlike dubstep, Prog House, and techno, this genre takes the crown of the most uncreative bullcrap ever created. Listen to The Quick Brown Fox and the Einstein song and you will follow what I am saying. - RazorBaby

I beg to differ. I don't know.

103 Dubstep Jazz

The hell is this?

Hey, I love dubstep jazz. It is way better than ordinary dubstep. - waraypiso

104 Skate Punk

Blink. 182. Sucks.

105 Glam Punk

This exists even? - Lucretia

106 Electropop

THIS LOW? , SERIOUSLY? - VideoGamefan5

2000's Electropop is good.
Well, it's a guilty please of mine. - wrests

107 Goregrind

Just by looking at the lyrics of some gore grind songs just really makes me really sick. There's a band called Intense hammer rage (I think it's rage) and their lyrics are highly revolting, disgusting and repulsive.

Goregrind is a genre so abysmal and morally shameful that it makes death metal and rap almost respectable. There's absolutely nothing worse than goregrind. Nothing.

So it has songs about blood, guts, and violence?

I'm ok with the lyrics, but the sound off it is awful

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108 Worship
109 Post-hardcore

This baffles me. These bands with the stupid hair and makeup think they are the successors to the Hardcore Punk legends like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Discharge, Agent Orange, etc.This is just emo garbage. The lyrics aren't at all what punk/hardcore is about. This is just a modern, depressed version of Glam Metal. Simple music for simple people - ryanrimmel

Hey Billy Talent is not that bad

More post hardcore is getting better. Think of Hands Like Houses. They're really good. Quite a bit is bad, but CTE is one of my favorite bands and they're pretty good

The post hardcore bands that try to play metalcore like bmth and aa is ruined metalcore

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110 Brazilian/Baile Funk

In america, the ghetto people have gangsta rap or hip hop. In Brazil, we get this bull, this is FAR WORSE than rap music, if this is even music at all, and the lyrics are usually nasty as hell. I am Brazilian too.

This genre is the definition of (s-word)

The beats are overused and repetitive, the lyrics are way too obscene... I am from Brazil don't even think this is real music. An example of this kind of crap is one popular hit called ''My dick loves you''. seriously. WHY. - lesanae

Baile funk is good. Artists like Sángo, DPVKZ, etc. make a cool danceable, trap baile funk music. - waraypiso

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111 Scene

I only know of this being a stupid personality trait that people call themselves. All these "titles" are really dumb. Why can't someone just be a person instead of a scene kid or a rebel or an emo. It's so lame. - FloydtheCat

hey lets take something that everyone who looks exactly like us did but play it a fret down that is all scene music is

Scene is a subculture, not a musical genre. I personally consider it to somewhat be a ridiculous form of (pre) teen pseudo-rebellion... At least judging from the scene kids I've gotten to know.

112 Moombahton

I absolutely cannot stand this genre. It's not at all tuneful, and recent examples of it are particularly terrible; it's as if this genre is just becoming fodder for drunk chavs to blare from their council houses at 1am. - Entranced98

113 Celtic punk
114 Post-punk
115 Dangdut

Well, I'm neutral to dangdut. It's not so great, but I think it's better than all kinds if pop songs these days combined - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

The beat makes no sense, I don't even like the singer voice, everybody should know this genre - ComelCumil

For those who don't know what that is? I recommend you Google it or something else...

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116 Goth Rock

Not a real genre, your probably thinking of grunge

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117 Mariachi
118 Hardcore
119 Funeral Doom

Never heard of it, but the name alone is awful - theOpinionatedOne

Yeah this sucks. It's funeral organs played over a slow metal riff, with soft death growls. If you have depression or something, do yourself a favor and don't listen to this - ryanrimmel

Really? Just because the songs are slow and last for nearly 10 minutes? Get a life. Listen to Frowning and DOOM:VS.

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120 Soca

You want to hear a genre of music that literally is a slap in the face to music? Then listen to this garbage, most of the lyrics are sooo terrible, to be honest the lyrics are just a couple sentences on loop about grinding and dry humping people. Add that with the nasty vocals horrible sounds, soca is by far the worst genre there is. (8) WINE YA BOTTOM, WINE YA BOTTOM, WINE YA BOTTOM (8) yea those are the lyrics in soca

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