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101 Industrial

Why's this on here?

I really enjoy most industrial

Nine Inch nails are really good

Most awful music genre EVER! - Cornflakes

102 Cybercore

Only ever 1 track labeled as this genre, very high pitched screeching basslines with chugging guitars

103 Happy Hardcore

Has anyone noticed every type of music is on this list

Yeah even though this is called thetopten its really not by the way wuts happy hardcore because. Those 2 don't go together well

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104 Trance

Why is this on there?

I think this genre is very great, because it has beautiful melodies, heavenly sounds... I mean it can sound very relaxing and it can make me dance.

NOBODY said it was possible to hate trance. NOBODY. This list is inaccurate.

Dubstep with no drop essentially, its trash.

105 Dubstep Jazz V 1 Comment
106 J-Pop

Some of it is alright. Rest is terrible.

This is actually my favorite music genre. Being an anime fan, I'm exposed to a lot of anime songs sung by famous J-Pop singers. I really like J-Pop music artists like LiSA, Eir Aoi, and GARNiDELiA, but I think what makes most people hate J-Pop is that most J-Pop singers sound all squeaky and autotuned over 9000. But trust me, there are some good J-Pop singers out there. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm more into J-rock, but some of J-pop is good. It's the J-pop idols that ruin it all (you know, the cutesy chimpmunk voiced girls like AKB48, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, etc.) but Jpop such as Nana Mizuki, Kalafina (though Kalafina isn't really pop, but they are pretty popular, so...), FictionJunction (same as Kalafina, not really pop...) is good. But J-rock is life.

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107 Worship
108 Post-hardcore

This baffles me. These bands with the stupid hair and makeup think they are the successors to the Hardcore Punk legends like Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Discharge, Agent Orange, etc.This is just emo garbage. The lyrics aren't at all what punk/hardcore is about. This is just a modern, depressed version of Glam Metal. Simple music for simple people - ryanrimmel

More post hardcore is getting better. Think of Hands Like Houses. They're really good. Quite a bit is bad, but CTE is one of my favorite bands and they're pretty good

Uh... This is the best genre ever no doubt

The post hardcore bands that try to play metalcore like bmth and aa is ruined metalcore

109 Brazilian/Baile Funk

In america, the ghetto people have gangsta rap or hip hop. In Brazil, we get this bull, this is FAR WORSE than rap music, if this is even music at all, and the lyrics are usually nasty as hell. I am Brazilian too.

This genre is the definition of (s-word)

The beats are overused and repetitive, the lyrics are way too obscene... I am from Brazil don't even think this is real music. An example of this kind of crap is one popular hit called ''My dick loves you''. seriously. WHY. - lesanae


110 Scene

hey lets take something that everyone who looks exactly like us did but play it a fret down that is all scene music is

Scene is a subculture, not a musical genre. I personally consider it to somewhat be a ridiculous form of (pre) teen pseudo-rebellion... At least judging from the scene kids I've gotten to know.

111 Drone V 3 Comments
112 Dangdut

Well, I'm neutral to dangdut. It's not so great, but I think it's better than all kinds if pop songs these days combined - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

The beat makes no sense, I don't even like the singer voice, everybody should know this genre - ComelCumil

For those who don't know what that is? I recommend you Google it or something else...

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113 Hardcore
114 Funeral Doom

Never heard of it, but the name alone is awful - theOpinionatedOne

Yeah this sucks. It's funeral organs played over a slow metal riff, with soft death growls. If you have depression or something, do yourself a favor and don't listen to this - ryanrimmel

Really? Just because the songs are slow and last for nearly 10 minutes? Get a life. Listen to Frowning and DOOM:VS.

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115 Celtic punk
116 Post-punk
117 Post-Avant Jazzcore V 2 Comments
118 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

Guys, I'm sorry, but I will never like Metal. I try to appreciate it, but they're just a bunch of whiny, screeching, babies. Metal fans always hate on Emo, (which I honestly dislike as well), when the lyrics are pretty much the same. Sorry, Metal sucks.

I love bm... well hate depressive thing except for life lover

119 House

I Took a Pill in biza's SeeB remix by Mike Prosner and Middle by DJ Snake are GOOD examples though. - Neonco31

120 Moombahton

I absolutely cannot stand this genre. It's not at all tuneful, and recent examples of it are particularly terrible; it's as if this genre is just becoming fodder for drunk chavs to blare from their council houses at 1am. - Entranced98

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