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101 Christian Metal

Actually they belong just fine. Metal has to do with how the music is written and performed, not necessarily the lyrical content. You just have a narrow mind of metal genres

Dude Christian And metal should be married... They fit perfect... Listen to demon hunter, for today, slipknot, or even Impending doom... I could go on the fact is christian metal is awesome and its on a very low hate level so I'm happy with it

The word "Christian" and the word "Metal" don't belong together.

Christian death and black metal are the worst, - Lucretia

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102 Electronic
103 Glitch Hop

All music takes talent to make. Just because you don't like a genre of music doesn't mean it's a bad genre. From computers to guitars, its all music. I know for a fact that glitch hop is hard to make, and it sounds good to me at least.

So apparently mistakes in recording a song counts for music?

My favourite genre = Glitch Hop >:(

Your dumb. I love GLITCH HOP!

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105 Contemporary
106 Manele

Manele is one of the worst music genre in the entire world. I'm Romanian, and I don't listen manele music, gypsies listening. This is not even a music genre, it's crap.
The lyrics usually refer to themes of love, enemies, money, alcoholism, drugs and difficulties of life in general, or some of the songs are specifically dedicated to parties, weddings, funerals etc. Manele style contains objections to music primitiveness and low performance.
Manele are criticized for their lyrical content, which often consists of boasts about the singer's supposed sex appeal, intellect, wealth, social status, and superiority over so-called "enemies". Many singers use bad grammar, repetitive and simplistic rhymes suitable for chanting and are sometimes vulgar and/or misogynistic.

Don't even listen to this music, just vote it up!

No. Just no

107 Christian Rock

This lifeless, flaccid excuse for music has a closer resemblance to eternal torment and agony than any sort of salvation or euphoria. Putting "Pop Music" as the worst genre is a misunderstanding of what genres are. Pop music simply encompasses any form of music popular enough to receive mainstream attention. Yes, in the past Michael Jackson, Prince, and the Beatles were all major pop stars with actual talent but so was Chicago, Michael Bolton, and the Captain and Tennille. And yes, today we have Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and David Guetta but we also have Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, and Kendrick Lamar. You can't take the "King" and a straw man bad artist as your reasoning for why Popular Music has gotten worse. There is good and bad in every generation. Now, you want a musical genre that is consistently terrible generation to generation then look no further than skin crawling Christian Rock. Music is meant to be grand and emotional. Your meant to feel strongly towards ...more

Christian music is not something I really liked, this is as bad as Christian metal almost. - Lucretia

Styx is the only band I know, but it's too generic.

AKA music for pussies.

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108 Anarcho-punk

Dead Kennedys is great.

Idiot genre

109 Grindcore

This is the worst music you can find, it sounds like a pig getting skinned alive or thrown in acid.

For someone who likes extreme Metal, listen to Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, and early Carcass. That is what good grindcore is. Don't listen to Anal C*** or any of that powerviolence garbage - ryanrimmel

Ugh. Just no. Thinking about it gives me headaches and nightmares. - Songsta41

This microgenre is just chaotic. Napalm Death and Insect Warfare are good bands. So what if the songs are too short? I don't mind it at all.

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110 Street Punk

Overrated Garbage - VideoGamefan5

111 Cybercore

Only ever 1 track labeled as this genre, very high pitched screeching basslines with chugging guitars

112 Happy Hardcore

Has anyone noticed every type of music is on this list

Yeah even though this is called thetopten its really not by the way wuts happy hardcore because. Those 2 don't go together well

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113 Oi!

It does exist. It's a subgenre of punk - pretty good.

This doesn't even exist I tried to look it up

This awful "music" genre does exist. It's a form of Ska-Punk (or Skunk) originating in England to amuse small-minded racist English Punks and Skinheads in the late 1970s or early 1980s. - Britgirl

114 Dubstep Jazz

The hell is this?

Hey, I love dubstep jazz. It is way better than ordinary dubstep. - waraypiso

115 Skate Punk

Blink. 182. Sucks.

116 J-Pop

Some of it is alright. Rest is terrible.

Totally a piece of garbage

This is actually my favorite music genre. Being an anime fan, I'm exposed to a lot of anime songs sung by famous J-Pop singers. I really like J-Pop music artists like LiSA, Eir Aoi, and GARNiDELiA, but I think what makes most people hate J-Pop is that most J-Pop singers sound all squeaky and autotuned over 9000. But trust me, there are some good J-Pop singers out there. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm more into J-rock, but some of J-pop is good. It's the J-pop idols that ruin it all (you know, the cutesy chimpmunk voiced girls like AKB48, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, etc.) but Jpop such as Nana Mizuki, Kalafina (though Kalafina isn't really pop, but they are pretty popular, so...), FictionJunction (same as Kalafina, not really pop...) is good. But J-rock is life.

117 Electropop

THIS LOW? , SERIOUSLY? - VideoGamefan5

2000's Electropop is good.
Well, it's a guilty please of mine. - wrests

118 Worship
119 Brazilian/Baile Funk

When I first listened to this",What in the world is this? This is some of the worst music ever". I love Brazilian samba, but baile funk is garbage though. They repeat random annoying noises over and over again and barely even has a beat. And since I heard the lyrics are gross, this is pretty much the Brazilian equivalent of crunkcore, both earbleeding, disgusting, and has awful vocalists. Love Brazilian music, but I hate this genre. - AnimeDrawer

In america, the ghetto people have gangsta rap or hip hop. In Brazil, we get this bull, this is FAR WORSE than rap music, if this is even music at all, and the lyrics are usually nasty as hell. I am Brazilian too.

This genre is the definition of (s-word)

Baile funk is good. Artists like Sángo, DPVKZ, etc. make a cool danceable, trap baile funk music. - waraypiso

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120 Christmas Music

Christmas is my least favorite time of the year, and it's 100% because of Christmas Music

Some of the most detestable music imaginable. - PlanetDeadwing

Terrible. Just terrible. I don't know if anyone would listen.

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