Coming from a musically intelligent individual who immerses myself in good music on a daily basis, I can tell you that there is nothing worse than pop. The "music" part of it is just awful, the "pop star" is almost always a piece of trash and horrible influence, and the WORST part of all... Are you ready? Is that MILLIONS of ignorant fools are supporting this delusional, mind-numbing nonsense of normally false happiness that can be achieved by being a bratty superstar. Parents, please. I am begging you to have zero tolerance for such rubbish. Give your children good music. Music actually backed by musical theory. Give them meaningful lyrics rather than evil, nonsensical, or misleading lyrics. Give them talent. Give them better role models. Give them...METAL! Metal to me is the pinnacle of musical excellence. Aside from the sheer skill of classical, metal is the best. Great music, EXCELLENT lyrics about things that actually matter (normally political, or war, or the consequences of the ...more

Every single song is auto tuned like crazy! It's either about a club or a 13 year old who thinks they are in love! And for some reason everyone listens to it.

I'm glad Pop is number one because it should be. The worst music artists (I hesitate to call them that) are in this genre of music. There's a Top Ten List for the worst music artists and the majority of the people on that list are pop singers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, and whatever other trash people actually listen to. I've always hated pop and all of it sounds the same to me.

And just for the record, why is rap #2 on here? The only thing I listen to is rap/hip hop. Yes, some rappers are complete trash, I agree, yet so are some rock bands or country singers. There are Christian rappers who don't cuss, and if you think Christians only rap about their religion, you're wrong. If you want some REALLY good rap, listen to NF and I promise you won't be disappointed. Not all rappers rap about drugs, money, etc. You can always listen to the clean version of songs if you want, people seem to forget that option is there. I feel like rap is thrown under the bus way ...more

How to make a pop song:
- Sing about either your butt or your lover
- scream high-pitched noises into a mic
- forget all about vocals
- come up with nonsensical, forced lyrics
- make an obnoxious beat
- only pronounce your vowels
- Shake your ass at the camera 500 times
- watch the money roll in! - Puga

Miley Cyrus in a nutshell. But that doesn't describe pop as a whole.

Listening to is could get you cancer.

Pop is not really a genre anyway. Pop is short for popular music of any genre. But I do have to say what's popular today is mainly hollow and devoid of feeling, meaning and depth for my ears. I have to venture far from the top 100 and those artists on that chart to find something truly different and good. Which then is not popular. In the decades before 2000 it was different, popular music consisted of a wider variety, example 70's, when one turned on the radio one could hear anything from Led Zeppelin, Eagles to the Bee Gee's and Earth, Wind & Fire and so on. Same could be said of the 80's. Now that's how it should be. It just seems that the people involved in most popular music today are only thinking of money and not necessarily something good or creative. And younger people fall right into it like drones. I hear a lot of great music away from what's popular and I don't mind staying away.

I voted for this only because it says 'Mainstream Pop' so great artists like Michael Jackson are not in the same genre as Justin Bieber. - HollyRolo

Pop music is a pestilence that needs to be eradicated. An epidemic that infects society as a whole. You cannot escape it. No sense of song writing and lyrics that have no substance beyond "My boyfriend broke up with me so I guess I'll complain about it in my song." Then there's the party types who write about having a good time with their ridiculous auto-tuned vocals. No substance and no attention to true musical foundation. A disaster to the music medium. A talentless genre filled with money grabbers, former actors, and Disney stars. Anyone can write a pop song and get millions of hits on MTV with minimal effort. These "music artists" aren't artists. I could complain for hours about this horrific child that should have been aborted. Too far? I think not.

Pop is FIRST?
Look, there are terrible pop artists out there like One Direction, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. BUT, there ARE good pop artists out there. You just have to look harder. Examples:
Maroon 5 are pop. And I know their newer stuff isn't THAT great, but if you go and look up their older stuff, it's brilliant.
The Script are pop. The same people who did "Breakeven", "For The First Time", and "Hall Of Fame". Their lyrics are genius.
Ellie Goulding is pop. A lot of people don't like her because they judge her by "Love Me Like You Do", but go look up "Lights". Gorgeous song.
OneRepublic are pop. The band that did "Apologize", "Secrets", "Good Life", and a whole lot more. Plus, the lead singer of OneRepublic (Ryan Tedder) helps write songs for other pop artists, and his lyrics are AMAZING.
There are so many more pop artists these days that aren't an absolute disgrace like Miley Cyrus. You just have to look harder.

Yeah, I can agree with a lot of this, but sadly a lot of the good pop musicians are overshadowed in popularity by the bad ones. - Anonymousxcxc

It's only on here because everyone on this site bows down to Rock. - DCfnaf

Pop is easily the worst music genre. Despite the fact that most rap music is completely awful, there are even some good albums in rap music. And like rap, pop has became much worse in the coming years. No one has talent in the pop industry anymore. They don't play instruments, the lyrical content isn't written by the artists, and it's still absolutely awful. I cannot believe this is all over the radio. I despise Country and Rap music, and I still think Pop music is in a different league of terribleness. 90% of the voices are artificial, and the song content is juvenile and ignorant.

I don't like pop, but I can respect it. It honestly isn't a genre. It is simply the genres that are the most popular among society compiled into catchy danceable music that many people like. And I can respect that. What I loathe is how many in this genre don't put their talent to good use or simply lack talent. Some are good, and while every genre has artists that aren't as good, the bad artists in pop are bad. Also, pop music is the main genre on the radio and most songs are played so much that you tire of them pretty damn fast. It has good and bad qualities. Here, that is taken to an extreme, with the bad unfortunately overpowering the good. And Justin Bieber's behaviour as of late makes me feel ashamed to be from Canada. We are not all that bad of people!

Ok seriously this is very rude because just because you guys don't like genre doesn't mean it is worst genre. Like I'm 19 years old girl and I love pops songs and will always love them! They are catchy and upbeat and are my favorite kind of songs! Like my mom listens to soft and gentle songs and I couldn't stand them and kept wanting the song to end! Most of the songs on my Samsung phone are pop songs and I never get tired of them! I even have let it go downloaded on my phone so that I can listen to it all the time. I don't like rock or metal and trust me I gave them a chance and the same that happened with that but just because I don't like those genres doesn't mean it is worst genre because there is no such thing as worst genre because it all depends on people's taste. So this should be removed because it is very mean and can hurt people especially people like me who likes the things that are on the list! - LuLup

Okay pop is the worst, it started out good with Michael Jackson and Prince but then it became the horrible noise you hear today after 2010. Pop is talentless now, it's just noise with some autotined voice that can't sing or ryme! Rap is downhill now it was great with Tupac and N.W. A but now it's horrible the only decent rappers now are Dr. dre, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg (I'll still call him snoop Dogg not snoop lion) Kendrick Lamar, Country music?! Okay I'll give you that one old country was awesome like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Waylon Jennings but the music industry, being the idiots they are, shoved pop and rap into the mix and now it's crap, that's why O listen to Texas Country. And Metal, whoever put that on this list can go and cut themselves and jump to the ocean and swim to Iran with rabid sharks after you. But seriously the retards who voted Metal is just the common pop person saying "Metal is just a bunch if uneducated satanist freaks who can't play an instrument an all they ...more

Who voted for pop prefers justin bieber, shakira and lady gaga to Eminem, 2Pac and Nas. Pop sucks, rap=the best! - diogoreis

Rap sucks! Somebody talking it just fast talking what take no talent... Mistake. They not even fast talking.. They just talking as they ate thousand drugs and it very difficult to talk anything for them...

But even Rap is better than Pop... Pop artists don't doing nothing. They don't need to sing, play on any instruments, scream, growl or fast talking.

They have phonogramme and nothing more they don't need.

I am so sick of hearing pop music on the radio, at the pool, in the store, it's everywhere. It's like the black plague of entertainment today. When people listen to metal they say it sounds horrible but when they hear songs like that Baby song that I hate so much or that Friday Song they say, oh yeah this is the best song ever. The guys at my school say Justin Bieber is better than Slipknot, this proves that people are stupid when it comes to music. Every time I hear Justin Bieber I just want to puke on the floor. Good artists are constantly being kicked to the curb because of lazy songs. I hate pop music it needs to die.

I love all music genres but I just hate pop because it's the most MEANINGLESS, EMOTIONLESS music genre. People that sing pop usually don't have talent. They just make a song without any meaning, they put a bunch of autotune in it and then they become big stars. That's one of the reasons I feel so bad about society. They never let people with real talent shine.

STOP HATING ON POP GUYS! Just because of Robin thicke, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and nicki Minaj does not mean all pop music is bad. They are disgraces to pop, they can't even be called music, they are just disturbances. Good pop includes Selena Gomez for instance (yes she can actually sing watch her perform Same Old Love on Ellen where she uses NO playback or lip sync). She makes meaningful songs like The Heart Wants What It Wants and Kill Em With Kindness. Ariana Grande is also a good pop singer. Sure she sings about sex but she deserves a huge one-up for embracing her sexuality, and she can hit high notes. Fifth Harmony are also good as they make songs about feminism, female empowerment, and embracing sexuality. ZAYN is also a good artist as he can sing high and sings about sex without objectifying women. Shawn Mendes is also good because his lyrics are meaningful and his voice is sweet. Meghan Trainor is also good because she has songs with good messages like All About the Bass, ...more

Pop turned bad when Michael Jackson died.

Modern Pop is the worst genre in the face of music. No real talent, just a group of guys who make music with a computer and use the same beats and sounds over and over. My fellow teenager people likes songs such as "Twerk it like Miley" and "Anaconda" without knowing that they are absolute garbage. How the hell is song about twerking a good song? The only reason its famous is because its being played everywhere, and Anaconda? Hell, the music video is the equivalent of a bad porn video and its one of the most unoriginal songs I've ever heard.

Face it, the only reason pop music exists is to brainwash teenagers into liking bad music and take their money away from them.

Pop, USED to be great.. Since Michael Jackson died, the fake singing, the autotune have raised.. It have taken over, pop is like Illuminati jokes, they're so bad, and everywhere! Pop is insulting to musicians who actually uses ALL Their energy to make good material, while most pop singers don't. I'm looking at you Beaver. ( I know it's immature, but it never gets old)

Pop then was good but now it's ear bleeding. It's been beaten to death with auto tune. Also which brainless retard out Metal on number ten?! I SWARE whoever it was I hope you get your genitals sliced off by the Taliban and get dropped off in a Lego desert chased by giant spiders near a Justin beiber Concert.

Anyone can be a pop artist, its that bad, I don't care what anyone says, I hate pop more than anything, and what is heavy metal doing on the list, listen to Metallica and vote pop

Don't HATE ON POP MUSIC. Just because of trash like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus does not make all mainstream pop music bad. Listen to good ones like Fifth Harmony and Selena Gomez. Pop is amazing because it makes you feel happy and smile. Why can't pop and metal at least switch places? Metal is freaky and objectifies women yet everyone thinks it's the best. At least pop music makes women be the SUBJECT instead of the object and promotes female empowerment and feminism. And I assure you guys that it's okay to feel empowered, sexy, and confident by a female empowerment anthem. As a boy, I feel empowered, sexy, and confident by female empowerment anthems like "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony. Metal is horrible, because it objectifies women. Pop does have talent, you just need to look harder.

Metal doesn't objectify women, where the hell did you hear that? - unvulturedswine

I'm sorry that Rock and Metal don't play that much on the radio nowadays. Anyways, this is a great genre and is undeserving of Number 1. There are plenty of fantastic artists making fantastic music currently in this genre. Michael Jackson and Adele in particular are phenomenal, but we also have The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, CHVURCHES, and much more. Just because Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, two artists who aren't THAT terrible, are part of this genre does not mean the genre sucks. Everyone on here is edgy. - DCfnaf