Worst Online Games

This is a simple list of the Top 10 WORST Online games, and I have quite a few.

The Top Ten

1 Fortnite: Battle Royale

TERRIBLE - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

I'm really glad that this is number one, it's a terrible game and I just hate it.

I saw lots of people play this - trains45

Playing this game is like selling your soul to the Devil.

2 Apex Legends
3 Club Penguin Island



This game is boring. I kinda hate it, Should be #1. - LapisBob

And you bitches thought CLUB PENGUIN was bad? CPI is even worse!

4 Animal Jam

Nowadays community only talks about trading and making others visit their "dens". It is like near impossible to start a conversation on anythign else in this game.

This game is awful! There are so many scammers and bullies on this game. Non members are treated terribly. At every chance the company gets they push you to buy a membership. EVERYTHING IS FOR MEMBERS! Even when you are on the loading screen it says "Join the club! Become a member! ". Only 5 animals are available for non members. You can barely get anything. The memberships are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! This game is also a waste of time. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

I got hacked once and then made a new account! I got spikes and some rares. But, I really wanted to go back to my old main to get all my races back so I could ware them. But Animal Jam LOCKED MY OLD MAIN ACCOUNT AND DID NOT TELL ME! So, I email them and say, “Hello! I have a new account called Kawaiioaws98, but I believe that you locked me out of my old main account Kittenpaws01. I was wondering if you could give me everything back to my new main! Ty! ” So then I got a copied then pasted reply that they say when anything serious happens. They have the worst customer service and community! - Videogamesgal

OH HECK YES! ANIMAL JAM SUCKS! Here are my reasons, and please read them thoroughly before judging me. 1. You have to be "member" to get the good stuff. Now, before you say, "Well they need money! AJ is expensive to run! " just read this. Animal Jam makes thousands of dollars off their merchandise. Do they really need membership now? Play Wild is so much better. 2. They EXCLUDE nonmembers from everything! (A follow-up of Reason 1.) Animal Jam denies nonmembers everything good, such as diamond items, den items, clothing, pets, and more. Oh, and they removed the ONLY nonmember pieces of armor from the Diamond Shop. Seriously? Curse AJHQ! 3. People only care about rares. There, I said it. I am a nonmember with a rim hd, but I don't bother people about it and try to be greedy for more. I have all I need, well, I did until I quit. ANYWAYS! This game was created to make friends! Why then are we all greedy for rares? AJ lovers, don't deny it; you love rares too. They should just take away ...more

The inappropriate content is the fault of the community, not the game. - Vancedapurpleguy

5 Roblox

Personally, I do find a few games tolerable. Of course younger children usually play the role-playing games which of course is why there's online dating. I believe the Roblox head quarters should start taking action. Although they might lose money children's safety should be their TOP priority since they do in fact allow younger players. On the site there are many games available for you to play, many of them were made for the younger audience since creators take note that mainly younger children play on the site now. Although there are few, there are some games that are enjoyable for older audiences. Overall I don't think Roblox is a terrible game. It obviously takes a lot of work to start a game and maintain it. If you think about it there's not really much to do about the online dating program unless Roblox bans chat privileges which would cause problems with how some games work. As I read these reports I see most complaints are in fact because of online dating, I do agree it's a ...more

Come on people it's FREE, how is it bad?

The games are boring and there's no good variety

What? why is this here? Roblox is AMAZING! I play it all the time!

6 Club Penguin

I used to play this game, it not bad, but if you swear you get banned for 24 hours - trains45

This game is not a bad game, I used to play this

I used to play this. Waste of my time. All they care about is being "famous".

They ban you when you say a bad world.

7 World of Warcraft

An effective way to waste your life. - PositronWildhawk

8 Kahoot!

Kahoot was fun, I enjoyed playing it and the lobby music - trains45

Boring, it is certainly the most boring learning game ever

Kahoot is the best at school - Luckys

Kahoot is so hard - Xomanxy

9 Second Life

Nothing better than meeting some diseased pedophile online and meeting them in real life 3 weeks later.

This game still exists? Oh wow! I'm suprised it's still around!

10 Runescape

I played runescape it not bad, I played it a lot - trains45

Literally you do nothing but waste hours and hours its not even fun. my friend plays it while watching anime, that's how boring it is. - jaackmacy

People always have mixed opinions on this game. You either love it, or you hate it. But it's a very popular MMORPG and I don't think it deserves to be on this list. I personally have been a player for 8 years and I love it, especially old school runescape.

The Contenders

11 Ragnarok

not good

You are an idiot for going to this site. Ragnarok is the best game ever! The graphics are amazing, and it has really easy to understand controls. This game has changed my life. I was 30 years old and living in my mom's basement when I found this game. I took all of my mom's savings and spent it on a house. I got myself a good job, and ever since, my life has been amazing. This game turned my life around, and I completely recommend it to anyone who likes online games. I get emotional every time I tell people about my story. I've had people stop everything and start playing Ragnarok, just after I tell them my story. If the developer of this game is reading this, call (941) 328-2849. I would very much like to thank you in person if you are available. Thank you so much, Ragnarok. I owe you everything.

Anime is just awful in general. Keep it with Japan, stop spreading it in western culture.

12 Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2, is a good game, and why put it on this list it's not even an online game!

HELLO?! This isn't an online game!

Blackops is a good game!

13 BoneTown

I haven’t even played this game!

14 Fortnite

Its awesome

15 League of Legends

One game out of three is fun and you can't leave the other two.

Worst game ever
unbalanced at all aspects
platinum player here,I finally deleted it and felt really happy
don't give money to those animals at riot

Horrible game people are too obsessed

16 Guild Wars 2

I used to like this game, now I hate it.

This game is okay, but it's hard, and it's EXPENSIVE.

17 Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters I play but, when you did all the fun things already...there is nothing else to do...Moshi Monster I rate a 6/10 - spodermanfan1000

18 Tomodachi Life

This isn't really an online game. - Vancedapurpleguy

I think this game is okay. - InfinateSuperstorm

Three words. Worst. Game. Ever. I tried and in the first 5 minutes I deleted the island. TRASH!

Worst. Game. Ever

19 Habbo

If you want to know...
Habbo used to be cool. But it was for 2000s teens.
When I was younger it was my dream to be a Hobba lol.
You could play chess, battleships, poker, tic tac toe in the cunning fox game hall.
Your motto? more like Your mission.
Coins more like Credits in a purse.
Big Hand, Camera.
Say MSN and it will come up as Bobba.

Search urban dictionary, then go Habbo Hotel. It saves me hours of having to type up what a crappy website it is

20 Aion

Anime = Sucks. This game = SUCKS. It's the perfect example of something that sucks so hard, it's the god of suckage.

21 Minecraft

since 2009 - Pokemonfan10

Dude have u ever heard abput Minecraft servers dumbass above me

Mincraft is for noobs

Since when is Minecraft online?

22 Wizard101
23 Final Fantasy XI

Anime = Awful. This game = Okay, but Anime = Awful.

24 Entropia Universe

Awful graphics, awful character designs, awful spell animations... What isn't awful about this? Oh, the name "Entropia Universe".

25 Disney's Toontown Online

Who puts this on the list

it's dumb

26 Fantage

Terrible clothes, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ODs, and you have to be a premium member to do everything, even collect coins. The clothes are pretty good, but the animals/pets are the worst, and the parties are really lame. They're still trying to stay relevant even though it died out in 2008-2009. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

No... Why is this on the list listen " children " this is my childhood and it was amazing!

This game sucks. It's basically just a version of Club Penguin-a game where you need to pay real money to do anything.

27 Baby Hazel

How do she and Barbie get abused?! That doesn't make any sense!

The second character ever to be abused too many times
the first being barbie

28 Pirate101
29 Nostale
30 Happy Wheels

Sad wheels - Officialpen

31 Dizzywood

Lmao. I don't suggest playing this. I signed up for it to troll and then noticed it hasn't been updated since 2013 in April. It WAS used for educational use at the time and now there are only like 3 active users on it. It's like if Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin, Animal Jam, and Wannabe-Roblox mixed. If that doen't scare you away from it then nothing will. RIP to those who have played and lost their worst game created virginity. At least it'll be easier for you down the road when you try for roblox.

It's so stupid

32 Poptropica

I remember playing this once - trains45

I actually really like this game - oneshot

kill me

33 Realtoothfairies

This is the worst game!

34 Moviestarplanet

2 of my friends play this, they're 12. - Luckys

The community is terrible. - InfinateSuperstorm

Everyone dresses SO inappropriate. ALL the people are jerks. It is the WORST.

i love it

35 Grand Theft Auto Online

It's annoying when people kill me for no reason - trains45

This game is bad

They ban random people for no reason, or just because they picked up involuntarily money from a modder!

36 Pony Town

Ugh. Not another MLP game. TRASH! - InfinateSuperstorm

37 Defiance
38 Webkinz
39 Bin Weevils

It is garbage

Its reallly good man

40 FIFA 98

This game helped me shove 98 kinder eggs up my ass so I can black market them in America

41 Big Bites: An Ant's Life
42 Woozworld

It is full of idiots. I play it but it is not for kids under 11. People are mean and when you get a "boyfriend" they never talk to you. It costs money for everything including "relationships". I can never afford anything on this game. I have money too. I think it is a waste of time. Never go to Jennys Restuant everyone is a jerk.

43 TDP5 Arena
44 Bearville

It's closed down

45 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


46 Fable: The Lost Chapters
47 Chit Chat City
48 Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

Money unlimited money!

49 FIFA 06

Graphics are worse than a toaster trying to record something!

50 The World of Miamiopia
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