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21 Stripped - Christina Aguilera (2 stars)

This is ridiculous - Christina is one of the pop singers that actually CAN sing but yeah, those guys prefer Paris... - Metal_Treasure

This album has propably the best vocal performances in 21st century pop music, inspiring ballads that stood the test of time, feminism anthems that don't come off as pretentious, true soul, even a bit of rock, a few urban music elements and a bit of electronica, and it's one of the few "Good Girl Gone Bad" albums by former teen stars that are actually mature and not just sexual. Sure, she embraces her sexuality on a few songs, but that's nothing bad.
But AllMusic prefers Paris Hilton.

Suggestion: at least 4, if not 4.5 stars. - Martin_Canine

22 Far Beyond Driven - Pantera (3 Stars) Far Beyond Driven - Pantera (3 Stars)

It should at least be 4 stars - christangrant

23 The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera (3 Stars) The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera (3 Stars)

Same as Far Beyond Driven - christangrant

24 A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars (2 stars) A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars (2 stars)

Not the best album of all time but deserve at least 3.5 stars

25 One Day Remains - Alter Bridge (2 stars) One Day Remains - Alter Bridge (2 stars)

Ok, not in the same level as Blackbird or Fortress but deserves more than 2 stars

26 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! at the Disco (2 stars) A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! at the Disco (2 stars)

Not so good as Pretty Odd but deserves 3.5 or 4 stars

27 Black Ice - AC/DC (3 stars) Black Ice - AC/DC (3 stars)
28 Unbelievable - Sarah Connor (2.5) Unbelievable - Sarah Connor (2.5)

Sometimes I think AllMusic thinks artists that are not known in America aren't as good. Like Aguilera, Connor actually CAN sing, and the album also has perfect production that has strong hip hop/RnB influences but still has pop catchiness. There are wonderfully sung ballads (most notably, her hit single "Skin on Skin") and also her uptempo songs are irresistable and soulful jams rather than silly dance anthems. Also, their review is not exactly negative... they are just not overwhelmingly acclaiming it. Maybe they don't like the samples of 90s hip hop tracks.
But it deserves at least 3.5. - Martin_Canine

29 The Brightest Void - Tarja (2.5 stars) The Brightest Void - Tarja (2.5 stars)

AllMusic appears to not like Tarja. This is a polarizing album that many fans didn't like, as every song on it sounds entirely different (AllMusic calls it "cobbled together"), but the rating again does not reflect the quality of the music, especially since it includes some of her "catchiest" material. But at least it isn't as extreme as the "My Winter Storm" rating. - Martin_Canine

30 Raditude - Weezer (3.5 stars) Raditude - Weezer (3.5 stars)

Deserve less than 3.5 stars, is by far the worst Weezer album and it's kind of ilogical than Make Believe has less stars (3) than this one

Wait what!? Their worst album gets a 3.5!? This is beyond insane. We are entering the "This doesn't even make sense, my brain is exploding" zone.

2 stars at best, just saying. - cjWriter1997

31 Obscured by Clouds - Pink Floyd (2 Stars) Obscured by Clouds - Pink Floyd (2 Stars)

Should be 5 or at least close to a 5. - BrianScott01

32 No Fixed Address - Nickelback (3.5 stars) No Fixed Address - Nickelback (3.5 stars)

As someone who really likes Nickelback: this album was a huge disappointment and their weakest record, does not have any real highlights and no outstanding tracks, and often is straightforward boring. It is insane this has 1.5 stars more than "All the Right Reasons" and "The State", and even 2 stars more than "Dark Horse". In fact, it is even their best rated album on the site, along "Here and Now", which is also not among their best albums but better than this.
This is a rare case where I'd actually give a 2 star rating for Nickelback. The other albums should have 3.5 stars at least. - Martin_Canine

33 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin (2.5 stars)

Techinaclly all the Breaking Benjamin rates in Allmusic are unfair, every album is with 2.5 stars (except Phobia with 3.5 stars and Dark Before Dawn with 3 stars) In my opinion Dear Agony is by far their most unfair rate, is actually in the same level as Phobia (or even better) and only have the half of the stars? That makes no sense, songs like I Will Not Bow, Without You, Dear Agony, Crawl and Give Me A Sign are incredible

34 Neighborhoods - Blink 182 (4 stars)

Come on, 4 stars? Is not even close to Enema Of The State or Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, even California was better than this, Neighborhoods was a very boring album, deserves 2.5 or 2 stars

35 Sticks & Stones - New Found Glory (3 stars)

New Found Glory is one of the most important bands on the pop punk scene, and the album Sticks & Stones shows why they are so good, sadly it isn't so good rated as other pop punk albums, deserves at least 4 stars

36 Homesick - A Day to Remember (2.5 stars)

Same case as New Found Glory's Sticks And Stones, A Day To Remember is another important band in the post-hardcore scene, but their album Homesick was poorly rated, deserves 3.5 or 4 stars

37 Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold (2.5 stars)

What is the problem with this? even Sounding The Seventh Trumpet has more rate than this album (3 stars) Maybe Hail To The King isn't so good as City Of Evil or the Self titled album, but deserves more than 2.5 stars

38 Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden (3.5 stars)

Is in the same level as The Number Of The Beast and Powerslave and only have 3.5 stars... deserves 4 or 4.5 stars

39 Brave New World - Iron Maiden (3.5 stars)

Same case as Somewhere In Time, is an amazing album and only have 3.5 stars when it deserves 4.5

40 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park (2.5 stars)

Apparently allmusic had the same problems as the LP fanbase, in my opinion there are some great stuff in Minutes To Midnight, deserves at least 3.5 or 4 stars

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