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You know, I really like AllMusic. Their reviews are not as biased as on other music websites, and they give every genre a fair chance. However, sometimes their ratings are... strange. It's not too often the case, but sometimes this is beyond reasoning. And I'm not talking about giving 3.5 to an album you call one of your favorite, but ratings that don't remotely reflect the quality or significance of the music. Often accompanied by a mind insulting review. But thankfully, it doesn't happen too often.

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41 Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden (3.5 stars)

Is in the same level as The Number Of The Beast and Powerslave and only have 3.5 stars... deserves 4 or 4.5 stars

42 Brave New World - Iron Maiden (3.5 stars)

Same case as Somewhere In Time, is an amazing album and only have 3.5 stars when it deserves 4.5

43 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park (2.5 stars)

Apparently allmusic had the same problems as the LP fanbase, in my opinion there are some great stuff in Minutes To Midnight, deserves at least 3.5 or 4 stars

44 Absolution - Muse (3 stars)

Not a bad rating but it deserves more

45 Only by the Night - Kings of Leon (3 stars)

This is Kings Of Leon's best album and only had 3 stars? Deserves 4 at least

46 Ram It Down - Judas Priest (2 stars)

This rate is weird, Ram It Down is a great Judas album and only had 2 stars? Come on guys, it was better than Turbo

47 Angel of Retribution - Judas Priest (2.5 stars)

Same as Ram It Down, a great album that helped Judas Priest and only 2.5 stars, with amazing songs like Angel, Judas Rising, Hell Rider and Deal With The Devil

48 Load - Metallica (2.5 stars)

Is funny when Re-Load, St Anger AND EVEN LULU had more rate than this one (3 stars) When actually Load deserves 3.5, St Anger 2.5 stars and Lulu doesn't deserve any stars

49 Meteora - Linkin Park (3 stars)

The only Linkin Park albums with good rating on allmusic are Hybrid Theory (4) Living Things (3.5) and The Hunting Party (3.5) Meteora is actually better than LT and THP and only had 3 stars, deserve 4 stars at least

50 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold (3 stars)

I know A7X is one of the most overrated metal bands actually, but this album completely deserves more rating, with songs like Afterlife, A Little Piece Of Heaven, Critical Acclaim and Almost Easy and only had 3 stars? This is incredible

I actually agree with this rating this album is just boring - christangrant

51 The State - Nickelback (2 stars)

This was the only Nickelback album I didn't already have in my collection. I just listened to it for the first time and I am pretty sure my opinion won't change in the future that it is their best, or at least among their two or three greatest albums.

With Allmusic it's always a thin line between quality and relevance when it comes to rating albums, and sure, "Silver Side Up", "All the Right Reasons" and "Dark Horse" are their Big Three albums with the hit singles. But it definitely isn't in any worse than "Here and Now" and "No Fixed Adress", which were neither very relevant nor very good, but had entirely positive reviews by AllMusic.
The website just screwed it all up, they panned most of their best and/or most successful work but praised the stuff that seems to interest neither fans nor haters, nor was successful beyond compare. - Martin_Canine

52 March or Die - Motorhead (2 Stars)

They only gave it two stars because it says that this is Motorhead trying to get comercial sucess just because they collaberated with Ozzy - christangrant

53 Jackyl - Jackyl (3 Stars)

It should be higher than 3 stars - christangrant

54 Impact is Imminent - Exodus (1.5 Stars)

There's no way this album is worse than Lulu yet Lulu has 3 stars and this has half of what Lulu has I mean it's by no means their best but it's nowhere near as bad as Allmusic makes it out to be. - christangrant

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