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21 Li'l Vinnie's Art

Lil' Piggy Vinnie is a vandal and wrecks art and his show is definitely not art, but rather pure, strained Crap! And what's with his hideous face? Was his parents half piglet? His nose is DISTURBING making my want to hurl at his disgusting features then kick his face laughing at him then kicking him some more and crash his worthless paintings through his throat then throw them to burn in a bottomless pit of raging fire and anger then throw Vinnie in there along with his horrid name! Know what? It's illegal to paint over museum paintings with your terrible art talent! The same as throwing them away then kicking them to burn in that bottomless pit I mentioned. So yeah Lil' Vinnie sucks and he's died now so it's banned and that's good!

Why would Little Vinnie draw on pictures in the museum?! That teaches kids to draw on walls, or on family pictures, painting on museum pictures is completely illegal, I hope Li'l Vinnie goes to jail for that! - PBSDoink2002

Who just said Great T.V. Show to Lil' Vinnie's Art? First of all, it is illegal to draw over handsome, sexy, and important drawings. You can go to jail for that. Second of all, You can probably go to jail for doing that. SO WHO EVER WROTE THAT HORRIBLE MESSAGE ABOUT BEING NICE TO BABYFIRST, SHUT UP!

This is bad. Lil Vinnie looks creepy, and it's really boring too. - AwesomenessManiac

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22 Joey's Toy Box

All Joey does is take out a toy then plays it the wrong way and finally shows it to his mom who is very ugly as the ugly pink alien from Juno Baby who is 1,000,000 x retarded than Tillie and also has autism because of him catching the ugly disease. WHAT A STUPID KANGAROO!

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23 Magic Tunnels

Just a mole finding stupid butt stuff underground - Officialpen

24 Petey Paintbrush

This is probably my favorite one on the channel. Sure, the mouth movement doesn't really sync with the words, and in the theme he sounds like a girl, but, I don't know, I just really like this one. - AwesomenessManiac

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25 Baby Einstein V 1 Comment
26 Ookii's World

This show sucks, it's about a stupid dinosaur that is curious about things. What does it teach little kids?! Babyfirst T.V., what were you thinking?! You should be ashamed for yourself for making this piece of crap! - PBSDoink2002

27 The KneeBouncers Show
28 Looi

Why in the hell is this the worst show?! I love this show, so whoever add it must hate imagination... - MeeMeeCandy777

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