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201 Trey Songz Trey Songz

Beautiful man, but his voice just don't go with his lyrics.

What! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

202 Lacey Sturm Lacey Sturm
203 Agnes Monica

She is bad singer with bad attitude, in indonesia she known as Miss Hoax

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204 Jessa Zaragoza

Try to listen to her songs. Best example of a has been, "Nasal" singer.

205 Luke Bryan Luke Bryan Thomas Luther Bryan, known professionally as Luke Bryan, is an American country music singer and songwriter.

Huge country fan... I'll admit his radio hits are catchy and I find myself singing along! However, his live performance is just awful. He is so obviously auto tuned! This needs to stop. What happened to real singers? Why are so many people auto tuned today? The look of a performer should be the last thing to worry about. Talent people. Enjoy talent and stop paying so much attention to how hot someone is! If a love performance can't even come close to resembling the recording, then it should be clear that this person does not deserve the fame!

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206 Foxes
207 Shane Gray

When he sings it sounds like a cat dying

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208 Corey Hart
209 Neil Young Neil Young Neil Percival Young, OC OM is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician, producer, director and screenwriter.

Why the hell is he here? Neil Young has an amazing voice and he has some great music. There is seriously something wrong with list. He should not be here.

210 Bette Midler V 1 Comment
211 Bridgit Mendler Bridgit Mendler Bridgit Claire Mendler is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. In 2004, she began her career in the animated Indian film The Legend of Buddha.

Took my little cousin too see her live a wild waves theme park live in Federal Way, Washington a few years ago, and I just wanted too die. I'm supprised nobody ended up in the ER. While every other little kid was jumping up and down to this auto tune user, I was thinking about pounding by head on the pavement. When it was finally time to go home and go too sleep, I could still hear her annoying auto tuned drowning voice in my head. I'm supprised my head did'nt explode.

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212 Thom Yorke Thom Yorke Thomas Edward "Thom" Yorke is an English musician best known as the singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead.

Why is Thom Yorke on this list? Yes, I agree he doesn't have the best voice, but he has a special voice that does not use auto-tune (pre auto-tune era) and can go high (but not like Adam Levine's horrifying "someone is xx my butt" high). Off the list you go Thom!

This guy is the lead singer of Radiohead. One of the best alternative rock bands EVER. He definitely doesn't deserve to be here.

Singing out of tune on every live performance.
I am surprised he is at number 170

213 Lemmy Kilmister Lemmy Kilmister Ian Fraser Kilmister, known as Lemmy, was an English musician, singer and songwriter who founded and fronted the rock band Motörhead.

Another awesome singer that doesn't belong here.

RIP Lemmy, you will be missed.

214 Dessie O'Halloran

This Irish singer is terrible.
His voice sounds so wobbly.
How many ever heard of him. ?
He is aimed at the older generation, but even at that, most of them would admit he is bad.

215 Trinidad James Trinidad James Nicholas Williams, better known by his stage name Trinidad James, is an American rapper based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm Jamaican myself, but he's really untalented and we jamacians do not deserve that.

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216 Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey is a California based singer, songwriter, and model who currently resides in Malibu, California. She was born under the name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant to entrepreneur Robert England Jr. and Patricia Ann Hill in rural Lake Placid, New York on June 21, 1985. She has two siblings, Chuck and ...read more.

She's the worst singer... Her all songs sounds the same and sounds like always crying... Taylor swift, selena gomez, rihanna and katy perry are even better than her...

I'd say she has a distinct voice but not a great one (Sarah Brightman has a good voice, not Lana).

What? Lana's songs can ALL one-up "umbrella"! Seriously?

Lana Del Rey is not that bad, but I would rather listen to Taylor Swift.

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217 Colleen Ballinger

She's just acting. Her channel wasn't suppose to be professional

I don't undersatnd why she is on this list yes she does her shows but shes not like a pop star that always has work! I mean shes not famous for singing

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218 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.

She can dance! She can be convincing in some roles. BUT, She's definitely not a singer. She'll never convince me she is one either.

Why Jennifer she is an outstanding singer her voice is extraordinary I love her my mom loves her too even my friends

Jennifer Lopez is so old. She's tries so hard to still be sexy when she's a 40 years old mother.

How is J Blo (how she got any gig in her entire life, starting with In Living Colour" not closer to the worst singer position?

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219 Grace Askew
220 Lea Michele Lea Michele

Lea should not be on this list, her voice is AMAZING!

She sounds like a cat, her voice really sucks

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