Worst Skrillex Songs

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1 Smell This Money

I just discovered this song, absolutely awful

Ok, what is this, skrillex I'm not proud of you

25 % of vote AHAHAAHAH LOL

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2 The Devil's Den

This can't be! This is like one of the best skrillex songs ever! Summit or with you friends should be here!

It sounds like a transformer is a printer.

I could figure out how to play it then I pressed it then this crap turned on... Scared the living crap outa me

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3 Red Lips

This songs still really bad, terrible and overrated

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4 Right On Time

Summit and the devil's den are great songs! - Frantic713

Worst song in any Skrillex album released till date. Didn't expect this from KTN and 12th Planet though.

Bleh... Bangarang had a lot of mediocre songs, now that I think about it...

Right In: Little grating, but ok.
Bangarang: Instant classic.
Breakn' A Sweat: BEST SONG EVER.
Devil's Den: Not bad... a bit of earbleed though...
Right On Time: TERRIBLE.
Kyoto: Shut up and take my money!
Summit: le beautiful
SOSBV: Like it. Pretty good for orchestrated skrillex...

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5 Summit

No love this song

I'm sorry Skrillex.
Skrillex is the best, but if there had to be one it would be Summit. by the way how is Kyoto even on this list?

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6 Skrillex Orchestral Suite (Performed by Varien)
7 Kyoto UListen to Sample
8 Where Are U Now

Is this because Justin Bieber made this with him - Sparkjolt

This should be above Kill Everybody. - WonkeyDude98

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9 Doompy Poomp

I am sorry. I understand the concept of it repeating it self but after a while it gets really boring and annoying.

Ew, this is utter garbage... I mean, what was he on when he made this? The music video is even weirder... come on Skrillex, you can do better... - kinnij7204

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10 Purple Lamborghini

Bad rapping. Trust me, that song is bad. It is almost like rick Ross doesn't no how to talk.

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The Contenders

11 Kill Everybody

Actually one of the greatest skrillex song

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12 Stranger

No, Stranger wasn't terrible... if there's any song from Recess on here other than F*** That, it'd probably be Try It Out... Or one of the remixes...

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13 F*** That

No. Just... what the hell is this?

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14 Ragga Bomb

The drop is horrible!

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15 Drop the Bass
16 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Those who vote for this one are just not worthy to listen skrillex songs

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