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1 Friday - Rebecca Black Friday - Rebecca Black

Rebecca needs to die - StumpyFox-09

Seriously? I think Rebecca Black needs to choose a new career path, like... Being a clown, or a dancer? Definitely not a singer! Her song sounds like something from Hannah Montana!

Awful just awful this is obviously the worst song of 2011 possibly even of all time. The autotuned voice, the awful music video, it all comes together to make the worst attempt at singing I have ever heard.

At a ratio of 1:11 YouTube likes to dislikes... Why the living hell is this little weirdo making money?

2 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

Ugh, I have countless problems with this dribble.

My first issue is possibly the biggest: the beat. It's too melodic to be rap, but too rhythmic to be anything else. If it were Eminem who could rap over anything it would be fine, but LMFAO can barely rap over an actual rap beat. Additionally, the beat is extremely repetitive, being the same dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN over and over and the only thing that changes is it starts to crescendo, making it even more obnoxious.

My second issue is the lyrics. The lyrics are basically "I'm telling you something I already know" and some other nonsense. Don't tell us it then.

My third issue is that LMFAO don't seem to be trying. At least with, say, Nicki Minaj, she's usually being interestingly bad. S&IKI, on the other hand, makes it seem like LMFAO was bored and they are trying to make us feel the boredom.

Oh yeah, the awful video.

Overall, a 0/5. It didn't get the -1/5 score because there is nothing to discuss that is ...more - WonkeyDude98

LMFAO... I wouldn't even count this as music, they can't sing, no drums, no bass, no gutair. I'm 13 and I would love to go back to the 80's were good music egsisted...

I hate this 'band' If you would call it that.

This song is like it came out of a giant's butt when he farted. That is how bad it is. The instrumental is annoying, and the lyrics are repetitively annoying. This is not good music. - madoog

When I Watched this, it did not go as expected for me plus the parody jedi and I know it was way better than this, and is this even appropriate for youtube?

3 Never Say Never - Justin Bieber Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

Never say Never? Hey Bieber, watch this. I never want to hear your music ever. I never want to see a trending topic with your name in it. I'm sick of everything about you. - alexschubert

I will always say never...
when someone asks me to listen to Justin Bieber

No 2?! This should be number 1! In fact this should be rated one of the worst songs in history along with all of his other songs like that 'Baby' or some other useless junk. Ugh, I'm sick of this guy!

Hey everyone: Stop the age-old Bieber bashing and search for an infinitely better Romeo Void song of the same name.

4 Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce

I thought Beyonce could not make anything worse than Single Ladies or Diva, but I was wrong. Throughout the song, Beyonce keeps yelling sexist lyrics over this dumb march beat. This song doesn't empower women. It just makes feminists look stupid.

Who will run the world?
White Girls!
Not trying to be racist, sexist, or anything, but why don’t you expand a bit more on those lyrics. - I80

definitely one of the worst songs ever. Wait a minute, I said "songs"? I cannot even call it "song". This is real laughing-stock - Magnolia

This song is somewhat unpleasant but bearable. It attempts to be an anthem for females in a bad way, while containing a sample of another song and percussion. I do not hate this song. I dislike it. It is not worth listening to. - madoog

5 My Jeans - Jenna Rose

Wait... is this a even music? This is terrible! Even Friday by Rebecca Black is better. - thetoptens21

Jenna Rose is so selfish and her lyrics are terrible. She deserves to get spin kicked in the face by chuck norris.

"Friday" didn't really do anything beyond being really stupid. There is something deeply wrong with this song, though. Basically, this song is the absolute worst example of a spoiled, bratty teenage girl who judges everyone based on their clothes.

Most annoying and lamest song ever,hate it! Love you like a love song is 10 times better than this lame and annoying song.

Stupid lyrics!

6 Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn

One of the worst ever

I didn't expect Kreayshawn to be up here this high. Huh. - ProPanda

This song is poor. What is up with her voice? This song sounds stupid. - madoog

#1 there's a line where she mentions selling atterals and #2 she sounds like a squirrel with a head cold

7 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

Chris Brown's verse on this song has to be one of the worst rap verses of all time. It's so bad that you can hear him giving up with an "I'm done" after rhyming "dick" with "dick", and with "dick", and even with "dick". Eminem's got nothing on this guy's rhyming skills laugh out loud.

Chris Brown, just go away. No one needs to hear you rap about your dick.

If I look at you I might go blind.

How About No, I don't Need To Get Blind And Aids From Your Ugly Face - VideoGamefan5

8 B**** Suck D*** - Tyler, the Creator

You know what? No.

I may have blasted Stimulated and Fly for being awful, awful that never deserved to be released to the mainstream, but there were some positives to those songs, like the Robert Miles sample and Hopsin's flow, respectively.

This? This is pure trash. It seems to me that Tyler knows Jasper can't rap, so that's why he gave him two verses and let him do the intro. Taco doesn't even have a presence on the mic (considering he's not even a rapper to begin with), and this is by far Tyler's worst performance barring Cherry Bomb.

But that beat? God damn, that might be the worst beat I've ever heard in my entire life. The production on Goblin was already a heap of bad FL Studio work, why make this sloppy, noisy beat that violently assaults my eardrums? And don't even get me started on the hook. It's not Fly levels of bad, but the pitch-shifting, along with the awful simile... - SwagFlicks

9 Surrounded by Silence - Design the Skyline

Wow. People or so into Rebecca Black that they haven't seen the ACTUAL worst song of 2011, as of yet.

Surrounded by Silence is more like being surrounded by the eerie, ear bleeding sound effects of this song. At least Rebecca Black redeemed herself overtime, but THIS? This is what you could consider terrible. The lyrics are terrible and so loud and fast that even by metal standards, this is stupid. However, the worst thing about the song is the sudden change in the song's tone. It changes so rapidly it hits you straight in the ear. The pacing is messed up. The music video itself is a pain to watch.

Oh, and to summarize the whole thing, even the band themselves said it sucked. What a coincidence :P...

Wow, this used to be my comment. Still terrible, but somehow, I enjoy listening to it, just to get a good laugh and crack a joke out the atrocious musical direction, vocals and terrible cinematography... - CrimsonShark

10 Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd

This song sucks along with Cher Lloyd. This is easily worse than anything 1D has made. - iloveit


Everything else is a MASTERPIECE by comparison.

Out of all the music the U.K. gave us, Cher Lloyd gave us the absolute worst. Her lyrics are awful, her voice is herendus, plus the music is annoying. Just the worst of 2011



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? Latin Moon - Mia Martina

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11 Dance (Ass) - Big Sean

I forgot about this one. I saw 'Look at Me Now' so I voted for that, but if I'd seen this before I voted, I might have voted for this instead. Seriously, one of the worst songs ever made. I know Big Sean has had his ups and downs, but this takes the cake for his worst song. Disgusting, annoying, and it doesn't even sound like music. Horrible!

Apparently all you need to do to get a hit song now is repeat the word "Ass" over and over again.

His lyrics are repetitive and he thinks he got money to have sex with lots of women.

This song is so annoying it just repeats the word ass a lot

12 Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

If you want to hear a good song with this title, Smashing Pumpkins

I agree with Todd in the shadows this is the worst song of 2011

Great song. I loved it. Stop voting for it.

This song is overplayed trash. - ThatOneRacer

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13 Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene

Sheesh. What does it mean to love like a love song anyway? Making idealistic, empty promises that aren't likely to be fulfilled (Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are")? Rough love ("Poker Face", "S&M" come to mind)? Mediocre romancing ("Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad")? Awkward games and uncomfortable metaphors (Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body")? It's a horribly weird metaphor.

Repetitive choruses aren't necessarily bad, but this one is hard on the ears. The instrumental is grating, and the song features one of the worst sound effects I've heard on the radio: Re-p-p-p-p-p-peat? No thanks.

Selena Gomez did not really surprise me with this song

This song is great, I just can't believe there are so many rude people on the Internet.

How can it be a bad song. No taste in music!

14 The View - Lou Reed & Metallica



I AM TABLE! - VideoGamefan5

No, seriously, this is why we need the ass-kicking 1980s Metallica back. Y'know, the one that would (and, unfortunately, didn't) make documentaries about their career history, not their feelings. The one that would marvel at Napster rather than kill it. The one that made the "One" video. The one that gave us Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and...And Justice For All. The one that made people pay no more than $5.98 for an EP...

15 Jam (Turn It Up) - Kim Kardashian

In fact, even Kim Kardashian hates it. - Hellohi

This song's horrible. It makes Shape Of You look like a masterpiece. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

She's so stiff, she sounds so uninterested, and her voice is terrible

Just because your a reality star famous for nothing doesn't mean you can sing!

16 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

Hideous. A complete and utter disrespect to we brits.

Adele Above This? , Please, How Is This Considered Flipping Better Than Someone Like You? - VideoGamefan5

Ok, Why wasn't this even on the list? - VideoGamefan5

Why Is This Below Adele? , THIS SONG IS ATROCIOUS! - VideoGamefan5

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17 Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

Nicki minaj just sounds like a female version of Lil Wayne. Her voice is squeaky and her lyrics have nothing to do with the title. Its just a bunch of random words and grunts that rhyme - the-rate-it-guy

You don't even have to listen to the actually song. All you have to know is that's it's created by this person who make's hip hop a disgrace.

Adele above Nicki Minaj?! Wow.

I know it is Nicki Minaj, but this song is not that bad.

18 The Time (Dirty Bit) - The Black Eyed Peas

I do not like this song. - madoog

This song is honestly a guilty pleasure for me, but I can't deny that the BEP still suck though.

19 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

2012, But shouldn't Be Lower Than GOOD SONGS FROM 2011! - VideoGamefan5

This was made in 2012 - RockStarr

This song should at least be in the top ten.

This song should be higher.

20 Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

One Of Those Songs That Are Overplayed And Terrible - VideoGamefan5

I do not like this. No. - madoog

21 You and I - Lady Gaga

It wasn't a hit and was a bit boring, the video had some horrible moments and was not very nice to watch

22 O.M.G. - Jenna Rose
23 Bewitched - Blood on the Dance Floor


24 She's So Kawaii - Leetstreet Boys
25 The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

They! I think the song is cool and laid back. Bruno mars deserves a thumbs up for this song. Maybe not as good as locked out of heaven but its nice.

This is the only Bruno song I like!

This describes me on school days.

This song may not be the best but it is nice & I like it so beat it sent from a ten year old. (chloe gaggiano)

26 Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

This song is great, you don't know what good singing sounds like. You think you can do any better!

We want music, not Disney teenybopper pop. This song does have a message, but Demi Lovato's voice is so weak.

27 Cat Daddy - Rej3ctz

Is just some high speed dougie and some wheelchair stunt'n, The Rej3ctz is wearing skinny jeans, T-shirts, And some Spongebob talk. - GenoKenneth

You're right GenoKenneth this song is horrible - EvilCuteGirlJigglypuff

Personally, I think this song is outstanding… and when I say out-standing, I mean this song stands out of the normal music genre… too much.

28 Blow - Ke$ha

I love this song so much

She sounds too much like katy Perry

"Blow" how novel Kesha, this song probably is a reference to a blowie.

29 Beat of My Drum - Nicola Roberts
30 The A Team - Ed Sheeran

What's wrong with this song? It's actually really nice...

This actually a really great song... it shouldn't be here :(

Take this off the list! It's beautiful!

Boring song from an overrated artist. Nothing more to say really. - Mrveteran

31 I'm on Everything - Bad Meets Evil

This is ear torture. Really trashy lyrics. Also, burping and farting on mic? Seriously? I've seen this duo do better. This is just plain trash. To Bad Meets evil, you're better off making songs like Above the Law, Lighters, stuff like that. - Hotheart123

32 Fireball - Willow Smith

This song is so bad it could be used as torture.

33 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
34 Run For Your Life - Matt Cardle
35 Down On Me - Jeremih
36 Lighters - Bad Meets Evil
37 Traktor - Wretch 32
38 Tonight (I'm F**kin' You) - Enrique Inglesias

It's rare for a song to be this bad. I'd prefer David Guetta and Akon's sorry excuse for a song they made last year because they at least TRIED to COMPLIMENT the girl! I'd even prefer Akon's "I Wanna F You" over this because at least it was a REQUEST and not just being a creep! - WonkeyDude98

39 Backseat - New Boyz
40 S&M - Rihanna

To be honest, the song is annoying. The music video has been banned in so many countries because the music video is so sexual and strange and it makes me cringe. - PerfectlyPink1210

This should be number 1 on the list because this song was banned in countries

How to get banned in a whopping eleven countries? Steal from Depeche Mode!

This song is disgusting and just simply dumb

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41 Otis - Jay-Z & Kanye West
42 Pumping Blood - Lou Reed & Metallica
43 How to Love - Lil Wayne

Lame song with Wayne's obnoxious voice singing in a most sickening way.

44 Don't Wanna Go Home - Jason Derulo

This song is not that good. It sounds terrible. - madoog

Samples, samples, samples. - Entranced98

45 Judas - Lady Gaga

This song is not perfect, to my mind. Actually, there are many poor songs ( for exsample, " Run The World " by Beconce ). But why are there " Man Down ", " The Lazy Song " and some others? I can't understand that.

It sounds like she keep saying "tuna, tuna haha, tuna, tuna haha"!

This song should be the first Lady Gaga song on this list. This makes no sense and it is way worse than You and I.

Why was You and I higher on the list than this trash? Her voice is so annoying in the song and You and I is way catchier. - PerfectlyPink1210

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46 Racks - Y.C.

They don't know what kind of racks they rapping about and plus Future can't sing in autotune voice.

This song is excellent and really catchy. I love the tunes. - madoog

47 Country Girl (Shake It for Me) - Luke Bryan
48 Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

Overrated trash - VideoGamefan5

Maroon 5 Sucks - VideoGamefan5

49 Pass Out - Tinie Tempah

What? It's a great song! Take it off

50 Rolling In the Deep - Adele

I like this! Repetitive, but it shows Adele's talent. - Swellow

This Is FROM 2010! - VideoGamefan5

Hey, what the frick is dis doing here?

Friday does not count as a song, so this should be number 1 in this list. This song is so boring and rubbish! - SelfDestruct

Your comment is stupid. This song shouldn't be number 1 it was amazing

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