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241 Resurrection Spell - Blood on the Dance Floor

No, this is alright. Even though I admit the zombie metaphor doesn't work on any basic level, the song is well produced and performed, the melody is an earworm yet does not really try too hard to be one, and Fallon Vendetta actually seems to have a good voice. The style is calmer and the lyrics are not as crass as in their older works. Really, forget the fact that it is BOTDF, close your eyes and imagine a newcomer with normal looks performed this exact same song. - Martin_Canine

Okay, fine, I'll admit that's it's better than their other trash, but there's still no meaning whatsoever and it's complete garbage nonetheless. - DCfnaf

You will need a resurrection spell after listening to this because it's so bad it can kill you - Disx

Garbage On The Garbage Can are back. - 445956

Another garbage song made by BOTDF, the worst band of all time. Like always, a terrible beat, bad vocals, and bad lyrics. - AnimeDrawer

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242 Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

5/10. It's probably the best song I've heard of the album, but that doesn't mean it's not entirely good. The instrumentals are so tastelessly pseudo-Irish you'd wonder if he actually visited the town in the title when making the song, and the lyrics are corny, yet acceptable. And he doesn't sound like a drunkard like he did in Shape of You. - Swellow

Swellow be salty because he's Irish and Ed Sheeran's a giant dork. 5/5 - PandaDude98

This is actually pretty good. - DCfnaf

This isn't bad, why is it on the list?!? - micahisthebest

243 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

I don't think this song deserves the list at all, it's okay if you think the song is weak for your reasons, but you got to appreciate the lyrics for being so sweet and appreciative, especially the "Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning and you're there to save me and I wanna thank you for all of my heart" lyric. This is definitely better than her entire last album, that's for sure. Plus...she looks so happy on the cover art and in the music video. Just watch and listen. You'll most likely enjoy it. Glad it's at the bottom. - DCfnaf

No, this shouldn't be on here. - DCfnaf

I know, I was stating mine. You're completely misunderstanding this. The "I respect your opinion" thing should be a given, so why should I have to state it? - DCfnaf

I found this decent, but so many people bandwagon it because Miley isn't "crazy" anymore. - Swellow

Not a masterpiece, not garbage, just a little song. She's gone back to innocent, so I guess that's great. The song is still meh. 3/5 - naFrovivuS

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244 Crying in the Club - Camila Cabello

I don't hate this. At all, to be honest. The production is great, and the melody is really nice. The lyrics aren't perfect, but I wouldn't call them bad either. Camilla sounds pretty nasal on the chorus, but other than that, I can get behind this. 4/5 - ProPanda

Reason it sounds like Sia is because Sia helped write it but damn it sounds more like a Sia album offcut rather than a single release. Not a good start to that solo career, Camila. - crowdiegal

Yay! The 5th Harmon lead singer is improving. 3/5 - AlphaQ

This sounds like a Bebe Rexha and Sia collaboration. Get this into the top 20! Oh and add "Havana" and Kesha's "Praying" to the list while you're at it.

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245 Wall of Glass - Liam Gallagher

I love this song! it's better than the most rubbish of today! - StayAlive

246 Wap Bap (Bibi Diss) - Hustensaft J√ľngling
247 DNA. - Kendrick Lamar

Why the hell is this on the list!? Is the best song from his latest album, DAMN. This is awesome, get this out of here - Disx

Congrats, DNA wins the best Kendrick lamar song from his album - kok2

This is the best song of the year. 6/5 - AlphaQ

Why is this song here, best song from new album - kok2

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248 Instruction - Jax Jones

Somebody forgot to tell these three that the vine song went out of style in 2015. Seriously stupid song - crowdiegal

One of Demi's best hands down. - ProPanda

Annoying - kok2



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249 Shining - DJ Khaled
250 When We - Tank
251 You - Keyshia Cole

I used to like Keyshia Cole, but her voice sounds so nasal in this song and it's covered in so much auto-tune. Only good thing is the beat and even that is just alright. - ILikeSexyGirls

252 Gimmie Gimmie - G-Eazy & Carnage
253 Stay Together - Noah Cyrus
254 Buddha - G-Eazy & Carnage
255 Dirty Mouth - Lil Yachty

Worse than Peek A Boo. Boring as hell, irritating and this is the first time Yachty's voice sounds grating. This freestyle was absolutely awful. 0/5 - AlphaQ

K this sorta grown on me so...0.5/5? - AlphaQ

256 Champion - Fall Out Boy

Phew. This is WAY better than "Young and Menace". - DCfnaf

257 Wake + Bake - Machine Gun Kelly
258 I'm Better Remix - Missy Elliott
259 Go Off - Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo & Travis Scott
260 Pie - Future

A Chris Brown and Future collab? Yes. This song is a nightmare in every way. 0/5 - AlphaQ

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