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21 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

@DCfnaf, Chill, People have opinions, if he doesn't like the song, Respect it and stop treating this song like The best song ever, I don't hate it, But still No Offense

Too Overplayed

It being crappy mainstream pop is a horrible reason to like it - VideoGamefan5

I prefer his old music. - GalaticStarArtist12

Hell no, one of the few good songs on the radio today. - DaWyteNight

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22 The News - Train

Train is going on for too long.

23 I Don't - Mariah Carey

This is what happens when Mariah Carey decides to hate singing.

Her voice in this song sounds so ugly

In my opinion, this is a worse version of the song DNA by Kendrick lamar - kok2

Mariah Carey should not be here - 1507563

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24 Last Text - Jacob Sartorius

Basically, all of his songs involve around sex or some questionable theme. Sweatshirt (? ), Hit or Miss (Having sex with a girl at a young age and ignoring the consequences), All my Friends (Group sex), Last Text (Sexting), Bingo (forcing a girl to follow him on Twitter and give him a blowjob), By your side (forcing a girl to be with him and not giving her some independence), Love Me Back (stalking), and Jordans (the tale of a psychopath who wont stop stalking a girl). Come on, when will young girls know that Jacob Sartorius is a bad influence to them?

Sweatshirt is literally the only one of that bunch even remotely close to being about sex. - ProPanda

He's back? I thought we left him in 2016 where he belongs?

All his song topics are terrible. You think a girl should be impressed because she's the last person you text before you go to bed? Is that supposed to be romantic? - Spark_Of_Life

Jacboob Saggytaurus Belongs In 2016 Where His Stoopid Moosik Belongz. - AlphaQ

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25 These Heaux - Bhad Bhabie

How on Earth did we come to this? This young girl/future bad girl just needs to go back to school before fame goes to her head. It's because of bad roles models like Kim Kardashian/Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj or Jake Paul that most kids nowadays are going bad. Please someone do something! - LoveMusicLoveLife

Why did Atlantic Records even sign her to their label? The song is cheaply produced, Bhad Bhabie can't rap, and the lyrics are garbage. - NiktheWiz

I mean, it's better than what I expected from this girl but still, this has NO REASON to exist - Disx

Let's just stop enabling Jake Paul and co so that just MAYBE they'll go AWAY. Danielle Bregoli, your fifteen minutes of fame are over. Please disappear. - crowdiegal

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26 Ghosting - Blood on the Dancefloor

This might become my least favorite song of all time. This song ENCOURAGES teens to post nude photos of themselves and Dahvie Vanity acting like a perverted jerk wanting to look at teens naked, disgusting. And it sounds just like Bewitched if I can remember. This and Who Dat Boy are the worst songs of the year. - AnimeDrawer

Anything by this band must be awful. - Lucretia

Please get this to the top ten! Worst band ever! - AnimeDrawer

This is a horrible song

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27 Cold - Maroon 5

While not as terrible as Don't Wanna Know, this is still terrible enough to make you question your faith in the music industry. - Spark_Of_Life

"Don't Wanna Know" is really bland, but "Cold" is a slight improvement, although I think Maroon 5 should split up because their recent music is all about Adam Levine. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Oh my god guys this song grew on me 3/5 - PandaDude98

Oh! I thought this song was about murder! Silly me! Well, you can't blame me, the lyrics make it sound like it's about murder.

I thought this song was about murder! Haha.

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28 Friends - Justin Bieber & Bloodpop®

Yet again, Justin comes off with something that generic and repetitive music. The lyrics are not bad but the whole sound just same with his most of 2015 and 2016 previous hits but this time it become more boring than ever. -1/10 - BeaM456

I actually don't mind the beat in this song but Bieber's inert vocals don't exactly give me any enthusiasm for the song - crowdiegal

This is like the most generic song I've heard all year. Thank god his hype is slowly dying. - Disx

More like "BloodFlop" this isn't really doing anything in the charts and it's so generic... - Disx

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29 Sweatshirt (Remix) - Jacob Sartorius

He still has a bad voice though... - SapphireStar

Satorius is stupid. His voice sounds like a bad case of puberty voice cracking while plugging his nose. - Lunala

He made a what? Jacob, stop coming! - Fullwalking2

Haha, no! - Neonco31

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30 Draco - Future

Beyond the obvious unfunny Malfoy jokes that could be made, why is Future talking about me never getting my girlfriend back when his entire falsified persona revolves around casually stealing EVERYONE's girlfriend? -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

Sorry, I love this. It's the only Future song where he kinda has some energy - Disx

This production is literally perfect, and Future rides it while, and this overall melody is pretty catchy. And perfect vibes. 4/5 Best song on the album. - ProPanda


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31 KDV - Missio

What does Missio have against Darth Vader? Did he traumatized them when they were children or what?

Can missio even stop complaining about a Star Wars character? - Fullwalking2

"Killing Darth Vader with my mothaf-ing kickdrum"

Someone add the rest of this album please. - DCfnaf

Jesus Christ these guys are like ministry mixed with blood on the dance floor, and not in a good way. The only good song on this album was bottom of the deep blue sea, and that was still pretty lame.👎👎👎

32 Loyalty - Kendrick Lamar

Why is this song here, It is very good - kok2

This is amazing what? - ProPanda

Lol, people think this sucks. 4/5 - DCfnaf

One of my favorite songs - kok2

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33 Swish Swish - Katy Perry

Can't Katy stop making trash already? Everyone loves Miley Cyrus' "Malibu" because Miley focused on the song, the lyrics (which she obviously wrote), and the pleasing and relaxing tone. Miley also seems so happy and sweet in the video and she now realizes she made a poor decision by being gross on stage. So why is Katy pulling this artificial act? At least Miley's songs were good in and out of her gross phase. 0/5 - DCfnaf

I thought everyone loved Malibu cause Miley stopped being dirty. Also I don't know if you'll agree with me but although Banger was awful (thanks Mike Will Mad It) it's not as bad as her 2015 album. - AlphaQ

This being a petty response to "Bad Blood", something that happened 2 years ago, makes it more loathsome. Plus, she said that if Taylor stopped fighting, she'd stop. I don't think there is any other pop star in the industry right now that is more fake than Katy Perry (Nicki Minaj is in this song too so wow). Why'd you make this song if you want the stinking fighting to stop? - DCfnaf

The first 23 seconds of the song was great. The rest is history. It's bland and mindless, and I'm 100% certain Taylor is not offended by this song, she's probably laughing at how poorly it has been written compared to her latest song - Aquaturtle

This song is bad, awful and trash! - Fullwalking2

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34 Mi Gente - J Balvin

Gosh! That song, although sung in Spanish and French, is going all over the world. Not only the song is tasteless, but the "sound" at the bottom sounds like a donkey being slaughtered, meaning it's auditive torture. - LoveMusicLoveLife

The synth line is extremely catchy, the song has a nice rhythmic structure, the lyrics talk about J Balvin and Willy William trying to unite the world through music. It's a slow grower, but once you feel that atmosphere, there's no going back. 4/5 - ProPanda

One drop the whole time its that bad also why is I don't want to live forever on the list and why is bingo on the list

Terrible song, if not, one of the worst ever to become a hit. The beat is basically a man screaming to some fast drum beat. Not another reggaeton hit song, please don't make this mainstream. This is one of the worst songs ever, it is meaningless, autotuned, and has a terrible beat. I knew J Balvin way before he was put in this list, and he is talentless, can't sing live, and overly autotunes his songs and writes bad lyrics. - AnimeDrawer

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35 Look at Me! - Xxxtentacion

Wow, I didn't know you could become famous for making "music" with a vacuum cleaner and rapping about how you can't seem to get your private parts back in your pants.

This isn't music. It should not be considered music. "Noise" can't even define it enough. "Racket" is good enough. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

What the hell is this? How can people call this "rap"? He's basically mumble-yelling into a microphone while yelling "Look at me! " over and over. Oh well, it's another one-hit-wonder rapper like Kevin Gates and Designer that we'll never hear from again. - Spark_Of_Life

When I first heard it on YouTube, I thought the quality was worsened due to copyright issues, so I decided to listen to it on Spotify. However, when this came on and I first heard it there, I realized that this was released in factually terrible sound quality. One of the worst songs of the year. -2/5. - SelfDestruct

You hate this? I thought this was gonna be your favorite song of the year. - AlphaQ

If you don't know what this guy did to his ex, read something about it. he's a monster, lets stop giving him attention - Disx

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36 Please Stop Touching My Willy - Pink Guy

Lol guys nice try this album is a 10/10 - Disx

Naw fam, this song is a 10/10 song, and the album is a 10/10

37 Jake Paulers - Jake Paul

I didn't even know this existed, but I guess it's a 0/5 - Disx

38 Strip that Down - Liam Payne

In what universe is this song edgy? This is literally a rehash of Shape of You, which is funny, considering that Ed Sheeran wrote this. - NiktheWiz

Boring, this sounds like all the modern pop and rap songs of today, how do people even call this music? - AnimeDrawer

I'm not sure if it's relevant for anything, but it turns out that this song was written/coined by Ed Sheeran.


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39 1-800-237-8255 - Logic

This isn't bad because it's about suicide (which is a topic that is discussed in songs much much better), it's bad because it barely tackles it and implies suicide is a cured-overnight condition. - Swellow

The title is messed up by the way. The 3 and 7 need to swap places. But yeah, this song still blows, HARD! - NiktheWiz

Fun fact: If you replace all the instruments in the song with dated '90s new jack swing style drums, it suddenly becomes a cheesy number in an after school special. All that's missing is Logic going "Suicide: It's no joke, kids! " at the end. - BlarchBlaces

To be honest, is good-bad. Not bad, not good, it's so bad it's good. - Swellow

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40 Three-Thirty - AJR

Even though the rappers got it easy line could apply to how rappers are able to speak faster to say more words, there is no justification for this line, "Wealthy people learned their lesson and never donate without the press there." - NiktheWiz

"Prolapsed anus", off of Spectrum Pulse's review, is really the best way to describe this song, unless you wanna call it the "death of pop music". Either way you'd be right. - WonkeyDude98

I listened to half of this song and that was enough. I refuse to ever listen to this again. - Swellow

Requires #3. -5/5 - AlphaQ

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