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121 Everyday - Ariana Grande

Ugh. The problems with this song as if it isn't annoying enough Future repeating word "Everyday". Ariana's not even at her best vocally. It just doesn't work. - crowdiegal

If it wasn't for Ariana, this would probably be in the bottom 5 of my worst list. Half-star/5 - WonkeyDude98

Laziest...lyrics...ever. Plus, Future was in it, and we all know how much Future sucks. - DCfnaf

The music video made no sense - ParkerFang

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122 The One - The Chainsmokers

Putting the horrendous vocal performance and the barely-there instrumentals aside, the only thing this has going for it is the passable (at best) lyrics. - Spark_Of_Life

It's honestly hilarious how the one song on Memories Do Not Open where they are being genuine people samples the literal plopping of poop. - ProPanda

Gee, I'm the exact opposite of Spark on this one. I like the sincerity of Andrew's voice, and the production is alright, but man the lyrics are really cringey. Also, this drop makes me feel underwhelmed. 2.5/5, may grow on me (probably will grow on me) - ProPanda

I love Memories Do Not Open. The Chainsmokers are amazing. Why is this on here? - lovefrombadlands

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123 Passionfruit - Drake

This song shrunk on me pretty hard. I mean it's listenable and has a good groove, but it's really boring and can't even start correctly. I would have no issue with this actually becoming a real hit or flopping either way. 2.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

My only issue is that this is quite possibly one of the longest songs ever recorded. It NEVER STOPS.

All this does is make me want to eat an actual passionfruit. - Zach808

This is just ELEVATOR MUSIC, and not a good type of elevator music ill tell you that

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124 Rockabye - Clean Bandit

I don't want to hate a song for being overplayed, but I can't. This was played way too much, which made it almost boring to listen to afterwards. And geez, Sean Paul doesn't belong in a song like this. - Swellow

I don't mind if songs are overplayed but this retarded track gets in my nerves. It's like I'm going back to preschool at a teen age. Miserable

Plays too much, but it's not deserving of this list...is it? - DCfnaf

I loved Rather Be but if MrEneter had a music channel, this would be one of his "Musical Atrocities" - 445956

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125 Computer Boy - Poppy

Lol this is actually a good song in my opinion - at least sounds better than despacito - eqwdasf

This is too mainstream for her longtime fans and too weird for regular pop fans. Looks like another flop. - Spark_Of_Life

I kinda like this...don't insult me please. - lovefrombadlands

126 Down - Fifth Harmony

Yet another lazy song by Fifth Harmony, which can now be called "Fourth Harmony". The beat has been heard a 1000 times, the melody too, and the chorus is incredibly weak. The road to exit is getting paved for u girls. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Good. Now get He Like That on this list

How is this not that hated, they use the word down way too much - kok2

GOOD! Now get “He Like That” onto this list!

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127 Symphony - Clean Bandit

Just because a song is overplayed doesn't mean it show go on the worst songs list. - DCfnaf

Decent, but I wish they would put someone on a song other than that sexist hypocrite Zara Larsson. - Swellow

I don't hate Clean Bandit but the hypocritical girl who hates 50% of the world.

I LOVE THIS SONG - LisaandLena

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128 Get Lit - Will Smith

So this is what a midlife crisis is like. - BlarchBlaces

No Will Smith! Don't try to be like will.i.am! - DaWyteNight

This honestly just sounds like a low tier pitbull song

1/5 - ProPanda

Welp. R.I.P. music. We will all miss you. -5/5 - DCfnaf

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129 Performance - The xx
130 If You Show Up - Mike Tyson

Think Soulja Boy's the only one with a terrible diss track? Mike Tyson responded to him with something just as laughable and lame. He should just stick to boxing. Actually, this whole beef needs to just die. - Zach808

Mike Tyson made a rap song.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore. - Spark_Of_Life

It's Mike Tyson.
That enough for you? - naFrovivuS

I will allow Professor Farnsworth to sum up how I feel about this song from a simple meme:

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore! " - DCfnaf

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131 The News - Train

Train is going on for too long.

132 Starving - Kidz Bop

The people behind this aren't even trying to hide the meaning behind the lyrics. If anything, they are making the song sound disgusting. This has to be their worst cover to date. - NiktheWiz

Kidz Bop covers bad songs, and they suck. Kidz Bop also covers good song and guess what? They suck. So sick of these outdated children trying to make music. Kids already listen to the real artists. - DCfnaf

I couldn't even listen to the whole song. One minute in, I threw my iPod onto my bed and ran out of my room. Kidz Bop really needs to stop, now. - Scr3aM

Kidz Bop needs to be a bit higher than this. Kidz Bop SUCKS. They try to cover the real songs, but they really can't.The last time I listened to this garbage I wanted to rip my ears off and break the device that was playing it, Then RUN out of the room SCREAMING. Kidz Bop should quit music. The CAILLOU THEME SONG sonds better than this!

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133 Kissing Strangers - Dnce

How dumb do you have to be to just walk up to random strangers and kiss them? Anyone who tries this in real life is just asking to be beaten to death. - Zach808

The epitome of cringe - ProPanda


No just no. this song and music video is a mistake. Not to mention Nicki Minaj is in the song too. seriously? Kissing strangers? hat sounds peculiar and dangerous. What is wrong with you Hoe Jonas? - Iamcool

134 Now or Never - Halsey

There's disappointing me. And there's being awful and then ruining your own good stuff for me. God damn it, screw this Needed Me ripoff. - ProPanda

Maybe Halsey will learn how to make a halfway decent song when she assaults tamely negative reviewers of her music by insulting their dildos. -2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Don't put Halsey on this list. She is BETTER than every song, not worse. Halsey, you are amazing and, like, the only singer with talent. 11/10. - lovefrombadlands

I just think there artists out there doing this kind of song much better eg: Lorde and even Lana Del Ray. This song is just a really bad pop song that wouldn't look out of place on Britney Spears last album. - crowdiegal

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135 What About Us - P!nk

Let me write a full and thought-out review of this song. The message is great, but this song just doesn't work for me. I repeat, the message is great, but what I don't like is how it was presented. The melody is quite repetitive, and the whiny way in which most of the chorus is sung is quite annoying. I'm talking about the "WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PLANS THAT ENDED IN DISASTER? OH WHAT ABOUT US? " part in particular. The only half-decent part of the song in my opinion is the bridge, which uses the same sequence of notes that is in the very beginning. This song often gives me the earworm (sometimes even worse than the 877-CASH-NOW jingle), and when it starts playing on my head it's pretty much on there until I go to bed. My father who loves this song has forced it down my throat multiple times. Also it has been played a bajillion times (give or take) on car radio, and I hope it suffers the same fate Love So Soft did (a crappy song that was on the radio constantly and everyone except the ...more - allamassal

Oh hell to the no! This song is amazing! Pink is one of the greatest female singers we have now. She has a true voice and a big heart. You can put everything you want except Pink, she's amazing. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Really? Why don't you go listen to some REAL music not this annoying earworm. Get your ears checked and tell me what you think of this song after. - allamassal

I was not really a fan of this song at first but then the radio started playing it unbelievably often (like seriously, I heard it 4 times on the way to piano class a couple weeks ago). 1/5. Not to mention the fact that it always gets stuck in my head but I don't want it to. - allamassal

It's the most annoying and repetitive song, ever. - AwesomeSkittle

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136 Replica - The xx
137 Gold - Kidz Bop

I'm not gonna lie, I loved the latest Kids Bop mainly because it's funny. - ProPanda

Even for Kidz Bop this is a new low.

LOL - VideoGamefan5

I liked Gold but this is like poison... - AlphaQ

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138 Magnolia - Playboi Carti

No this song is actually pretty good definitely not the worst

This beat in nausea inducing. Pure trash 0/5 - Disx

Take this song out of the chart please. It is awesome - kok2

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here? TheTopTens be disrespecting bops!
And suddenly, I realize this account is the epitome of cringe. 3/5 - ProPanda

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139 Slow Hands - Niall Horan

There are many songs out there that are worse than this. This is actually not that terrible. It mainly suffers from being boring. 2/5 - DCfnaf

While This Town was atrocious, this is actually quite good - Spark_Of_Life

I want to like this song. Unfortunately, Niall seems to have borrowed XXXTentacion's potato microphone to record it, so I can't. - Zach808

Niall is a horrible singer. This song is bad - lovefrombadlands

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140 Call It What You Want - Taylor Swift

You guys really needs to stop, Taylor released a lot of garbage music this year but this one is not bad at all. - DaisyandRosalina

Get your hearing checked and let me know what you think about this song after that. - railfan99

Another generic, unoriginal song on a generic, unoriginal album. - railfan99

Better than her last 3 garbage songs. 3/5

Eh. It’s alright. Don’t really think mediocre songs deserve this Lists. 3/5 - DCfnaf

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