Friday - Rebecca Black


It is the most awful song I have ever heard. - yeshal

Oh my gosh, this stinks. Fridays are fun, but I wouldn't write a song about it. She says "We gonna have a ball" and "We so excited". She can't even speak proper English! She's annoying, and I know that Thursday is before Friday, and Saturday comes afterwards! I was gonna vote for that Barney song, but it's not that long. GET FRIDAY TO 1! - bubbles1111

The One That I Ever Heard That Is Easily The Worst Songs That I Have Always Hate Is Friday By Rebecca Black. I Gotta To Say, This Song Is The Worst. It Could Be Surprised As One Of The Most Dislikes Videos On YouTube And One Of The Cheesiest Music Videos That I Ever Seen In YouTube. This Music Video Is Just Annoying To Me Of Dental Braces On Rebecca Black In Her Car. OH, Also Her Voice Is So Horrendous On Saying, "It's Friday, It's Friday." It's definitely Annoying As Justin Bieber Saying "Baby, Baby, Baby" And Worse On The Video than Baby By Justin Bieber. Don't Forget, NEVER HEAR THIS SONG...

0/10 Review - BurnAux

Seriously? This is not number 1! This song has lyrics that have felt like they have been made up on the spot. This song is definitely the worst out there and not to mention rebecca's voice sounds awful even with the autotune.

Out of fairness, I actually listened to this pathetic train wreck in it's entirety. Then I watched the video on YouTube and about lost my stomach. I actually feel sorry for Rebecca Black for having become involved with the clowns at ARK Music Factory. She's actually got some talent and it's a same that she was "discovered" this way. Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey actually wrote sphincter of pop music.

"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday.
Today is Friday, Friday.
We, we, we so excited. We so excited.
Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward.
I don't want this weekend to end."

Really? Absolutely brilliant. - ClimberRat

This song is not only awful in every way, but it just has no soul. It's bland, unnecessarily repetitive and detailed lyrics are sung without any heart or passion. It doesn't feel like Rebecca is even trying to express any emotion other than awkwardly smiling into the camera like a bad M. Night Shyamalan character. She sounds like a malfunctioning robot. And need I remind you of her telling us EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of her life? "Gotta get fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta get my bowl, gotta have cereal." That's lovely, Becca. Clearly, the world would end if they did't know that you are about to eat cereal.

It got the worst lyrics, the worst music, worst video and the worst voice.. She sings so awful, the video makes no sense what so ever and I love the way she teaches us what day comes before and after friday

Rebecca Black is a horrible singer, the song is not so bad. I actually heard the Glee cover of that song, and it wasn't that bad. The thing is that the singer sucks. The singer makes a song either horrible or great. So, Rebecca Black, give up singing and let someone else with real talent to sing your songs.

How is this NOT in the top 5. This is the top 5 worst song of all time. It's way worst than baby. It fill with tons of hate. I'm guesting that everybody would hate that song so much they might wanna kill Rebecca Black.

I feel bad for Rebecca. She just gets pointlessly bullied for her song that she didn't write or produce, her parents paid for someone to produce the song. She, looking back on it, even hates this song, and she made a parody/remake called Saturday.

It's not Rebecca's fault. It was Patrice Wilson who wrote it! She's not that bad, actually, they just put too much auto tune in her voice. It's not as bad as Nicki Minaj Stupid Hoe, or whatever. But maybe if Rebecca Black actually WROTE a song, I think she'd do pretty good!

How the hell is "Baby" higher than "Friday". The lyrics to this song are absolutely meaningless, she uses the same tone throughout the entire song, her voice sucks in general and this song gave some people a reason to hate fridays. At least "Baby" was written by a person who actually knows how to move from one note to another. come on people, I realize it's Justin Bieber here, and "Baby" is a horrible song. But, in the long scheme of things "Friday" is the worst song of all time. It is Horrible!

Auto tuned at maximum and still sounds like a cat being dragged down the highway. Don't get me started on the lyrics. The video makes no sense whatsoever. If you still think its not that bad...

Just listen to the sample.

OK. Maybe it wasn't a great song but common! She's only 13 and wanted her moment of fame like any 8th grader. If you watch her draw my life video you can understand that she is a good person who just wanted to be noticed by her friends.

Now, I think that Friday sucked, but it was just the beginning of her career. Listen to her new songs such as The Great Divide and My Moment. It's amazing how someone who started out so miserably turned out to be so incredibly talented and beautiful. I think Rebecca Black is a great role model. Friday is a disgusting song, but that does not make the author a disgusting singer.I think we should stop judging her by her first song and just laugh about it in a friendly way and move on to her new content, which is a lot better.

This song is so annoying. When it first aired on the radio I already knew I didn't like it, then it was on the radio all the time. I am SICK of this song.

Rebecca Black may actually be a good singer, but until they stop autotuning her, we'll never know. Stupid lyrics, ear-raping vocals, this is just awful and deserves all the hate it got.

This songs it's like "piece of cake" worst song I ever heard, and her voice it's like "terrible what songs" "party, party, party, it's sucks songs

I remember the older days where teens actually made good music. This has more dislikes than likes and everyone knows her voice is nasally and sounds like a dying bird no OFFENSE but it's true

I would have voted Justin Bieber Baby but Friday is absolutely hideous, but somehow you still listen to this and wonder to yourself how inspirational this is. I'd rather listen to Shpongle or Infected Mushroom at least that is real music.

I don't think anyone has heard a more stupid song in there life pure sadness and no one in there right mind would put this over number 1!

Her voice is so obviously not real and the lyrics are as stupid as they get. "Sitting in the front seat, sitting in the backseat
Gotta make my mind up, which seat should I take. " I mean seriously, my ears were bleeding after I heard this ridiculously stupid song.

This song was originally used by ISIS to interrogate soldiers, but was deemed "too cruel".

This song isn't so bad, it's actually kind of good, hot problems is the worst song ever, so is baby. The girls in hot problems will make Rebecca sound like an angel. This song is catchy and is unique and not about drugs and money and better than anaconda. Yeah the lyrics are simple, but the song is OK. Rebecca doesn't really have a good signing voice but I heard worse.

You know, guys that Rebecca Black has an AMAZING voice, it's just that director of hers. He put auto tune, and made her voice like a shrieking bell. Rebecca Black is actually pretty and a GOOD singer.