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201 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation - AC/DC

Honestly whoever put this on the list can be shot along with Nicki Minaj

Get this of the list now

I guess some people have no music culture at all! AC/DC are one of the best rock bands of all time!

No Way this song is awesome - christangrant

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202 Jack & Diane - John Mellencamp

I was referring to as Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton from the feature film, Something's Gotta Give. - playstationfan66

John Mellencamp is good don't know how someone can hate him

Another song that shouldn't be here

203 Lips Are Movin - Meghan Trainor

So irritating, plus it sounds like her other two hits, All About That Bass and Fear Future Husband.

Basically the same as All About That Bass, it sounds the same

Why does All About That Bass get the hate? This one is far worse

I'm Fine with this Song - VideoGamefan5

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204 Hampster Dance - Hampton the Hampster V 3 Comments
205 Everything is Awesome - The Cast of the Lego Movie

This song is good and annoying at the same time.

It's so good whoever put it on this list well they are crazy

Oh yeah, the flu is awesome, it's like saying Ebola and diabetes is awesome, yeah, this song is meant to be bad

206 Look at Me! - Xxxtentacion

Be like number 1 - 1507563

207 Dirty Little Secret - All-American Rejects

This song is actually pretty good! Why is it on here?

What?! This is a great song!

I used to be a huge all American rejects fan but I am not anymore but nothing they do is bad so get them offf this list

This song is AWESOME and shouldn't be on this list, most of these songs are rubbish and should be on here unlike this one and the AC/DC songs.

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208 All About That Base - Ste Vanda Burg

Are you sure its not All About The Bass by meghan trainor

209 Wisemen - James Blunt

Can't believe a Kidz Bop song is after a James Blunt song! It's genius! Wisemen is a fantastic song!

How the hell is this 167!? if anything it should be at the very end!

It's not bad! You people don't have any music taste!


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210 Style - Taylor Swift

This song is okay, but there are a lot worse songs are than this. - PianoQueen

This is the one of the best songs ever

its ok

211 Born Free - Kid Rock


212 I Don't F*** with You - Big Sean
213 Hey Girl - Billy Currington V 1 Comment
214 I Want U Bad - R5
215 Grenade - Bruno Mars

I'd catch a grenade for you
Throw my hand on a blade for you
I'd jump in front of a train for you
You know I'd do anything for you
Oh, I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same
ARE YOU PROPOSING THIS GIRL IN IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN, well why would she die for you for nothing, if you die for her she would probably bang another dude

Jumping in front of a train doesn't save the girl, it just kills both of you.

It's about a stupid boy that would die for a girl that doesn't want to do nothing with him obviously. It's a crap song, to be honest and it's kinda creepy. If someone tell me any of those things Bruno Mars told in that song, I will tell them to go to hell.

What? I love this one! - Neonco31

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216 Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

This is a great song, you people have no taste in music.

I think the song is nice - BigBrotherSucks

That's all the choir sings.

Auto tuned to the max. Such a horrible excuse for a song. It sounds like big foot banging on a washing machine.

217 Breakout - Miley Cyrus

I love this song. It reminds me of the old Miley that is 100% better than now. Now she decided to wear weird clothes or not wear clothes at all. It reminds me when I was little I freakout when I watch hannah Montana or hear the songs from her breakout album.

This is Miley Cyrus:
Bad Lyric
Stupid Music Videos

Obvi, every Miley song is on this list

I USE TO LOVE AND ADORE THE OLD MILEY CYRUS! Now she's like new teenage bopper crap from the bottom of a pit. She went from completely cute and innocent to whore mode.

218 We're All in This Together - High School Musical

Gosh Disney, what were you thinking with this cheesy song.

I love this song. Back at grade one the whole school was told to memorize this song for graduation it was fun. Even if I never watched the movie yet.

My sister watched this movie once, and liked this song. That sister is now dead to me

High School Musical: We're All in This Together, Once We Know the---
Ian Hecox: SHUT UP!

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219 My World - Metallica

Why is Metallica on this list I like all songs

Seriously no Metallica deserves to be on this list. - surfacing

The guy probably posted this song because it was from the St. Anger album (a not so good Metallica Album)

Its not bad really, not every song in the St. Angek album is bad

Who put this here? - Disturbedpotato

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220 Gentleman - Psy

This song just proves that, worldwide, PSY is a one-hit wonder. Gangnam Style was bad in the first place, Gentleman was even worse! - drdevil

Oppa gangnam style, oppa gentleman, all of his songs are the same - CabadePartyhunter

It sounds just like Gangnam Style

Good thing Psy is no longer relevant. - olliv

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