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441 Bad and Boujee - Migos

Some spank Lil Uzi Vert. - AlphaQ


442 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

Someone add the Blackstar album

443 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

Welp, this song has a crap fanbase that attacks you for hating it, people are allowed to hate on Botdf, tyga, brokencyde, and other crap artists for making sexual songs, all they want, but this gets a pass because? , this song has sexual lyrics too, so why do the artists I mentioned (all of which being 3 OF MY MOST HATED ARTISTS EVER), we're allowed to hate, but I can't hate on this? - VideoGamefan5

Too overplayed. Everybody in the school sing this song - TheSuperBanana

Awful, I don't want to hear this AGAIN - VideoGamefan5

444 You're Dumb - Black Lips

Someone add the Blackstar album please

445 One Way or Another - One Direction

I'm not the person who hates One Direction, but... damn, this is awful. It feels weak, vapid and when compared to the original 1978 rendition, this version falls FLAT on it's face. - Swellow

This is an insult to Blondie.

This belongs to number1 not Metallica

I liked this song. they did this for charity.

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446 Victimized - Linkin Park

Okay I have no idea why they put this song on the list. Any song by Linkin Park is awesome. Whatever idiot put this song really didn't listen to it all the way.

You people do not know real music. Maybe I hate YOUR music. because I'm sick and tired of hearing one direction and Taylor Swift all the time.

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447 Lips of An Angel - Hinder

Such a whiny and stupid ballad. It isn't sentimental in the slightest. It's about a guy cheating on his girlfriend and going back to his ex.

For a 21st century rock song, this one is fantastic!

Trash song.

448 Kim - Eminem

Don't hate on Em! He put this song out to make cops, parents, and respected adults hate him, while every 20 year old love his music.

This is Slim letting out his dark side, showing how his love turned rotten, and how he expresses it in a way no one would normally do. Kim is a masterpiece. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

A cathartic, emotional, messy masterpiece. In terms of expressiveness, this song will never be topped. - SwagFlicks

I liked 97 Bonnie and Clyde. He raps in that. He does a clever job of setting an ironic mood to the lyrics. He shocks you so much and seems so cool about it that you just have to laugh at it. Kim? He dosen't even rap. There's nothing clever about it. He dosen't deliver any clever, shocking, or deep lines. He just screams at his wife. Anyone could have done it. I have no problem with the subject matter, but it just is basically a skit

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449 Happy Birthday - Traditional

I don't know who's a bigger loser, the person who put HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the list of "Worst Songs of All Time" or the people who VOTED FOR IT. - Spark_Of_Life

What do they sing to you on your birthday birthday by the Beatles

This song does suck because of the strict copyright. - olliv

What your comment should be:
I don't know who's cleverer, the person who put HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the list of "Worst Songs of All Time" or the people who VOTED FOR IT.

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450 Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen

The sad thing is this is better than half of the "big buttocks" songs that came flying onto the charts years after this. Doesn't excuse it from being one of the worst songs by a legendary band. - Swellow

I listened to the song, it doesn't sound so bad. The title is just... Uh well, abusive

Oh Queen, you guys made such good music. What happened here?

Queen's the best 80's band, but this is sad!

451 Cheerleader - Omi

Wow! This song is absolute garbage, the lyrics suck and make no sense, there is absolutely no rhythm to this song, and don't even get me started on his terrible voice

I have found some Cheerleader haters. They really should SHUT UP. Whoever put this song on the list is one of the fattest idiots ever. There is such thing as a fat idiot I have talked about before, and you guys are as fat and stupid as him.

Oh my god! Is quite possibly the worst song of the year so far

This is one of The dumbest Songs I Ever heard - VideoGamefan5

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452 23 - Mike Will Made It

This song ruined a whole year for me. Yeah, it's truly that bad. First off, this song is boring as hell. Second, the lyrics are nonsensical and stupid. This song is about shoes. Yes, shoes. This song doesn't even have value conceptually. Third, the singers sound annoying as hell. Fourth, the singers' performances were horrible, especially Miley Cyrus' performance. And last, This song has one of the worst beats I have ever heard. Mike WiLL Made It is one of the worst producers of all time. Seriously, who thought that this song is listenable?

Jesus Christ, Miley is a Terrible Rapper!

Seriously, Did Miley Just Say The F Word?

453 Gravity Falls Theme - Gravity Falls


454 Shake - MercyMe

Is this what Christianity is about?!

455 Clique - Kanye West

Well it should be on the best song but last place not on the worst

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456 Kiss Me Thru the Phone - Soulja Boy

Who in their right mind would kiss him anyway? - Entranced98

Why would anyone want to kiss him even though plastic in which could make him 5000 miles away from him? He's an @$$ even to his fans (yahh! -_-) annoying as hell, & so stuck up its no funny!

(since the one that's already up is a cover, I'll add the real)

Soulja Boy must have liked being in the industry, huh? He was so moronic, he took a washed-up teen pop singer moron from the past, Sammie, and decided to make a song with him. It's awful. - Swellow

457 Cake by the Ocean - DNCE

My mum wont be happy..

Stupid song


458 Selfie - Mark Thomas V 1 Comment
459 Parents Suck - Smosh

I've never even heard of this song, but yeah, it's garbage. - olliv

Smosh music was meant to be terrible. That's what makes it funny.

Oh god no - JakePlaid

460 Burn - Ellie Goulding

This song is awesome - VideoGamefan5

Ellie sounds amazing as always, and the lyrics are cool, but the part on the chorus whete she goes "burn burn burn burn" sounds very auto tuned. Other than that, this is great. - Spark_Of_Life

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