Watch Me - Silento


This song is so Unoriginal steals from other garbage rap dance songs its annoying but even worse its was PLAYED EVERYWHERE you couldn't out of your house without hearing this being played my good and even worse this songs is like cancer it took a long time to go away but somehow it keeps coming back this crap is a pain to listen to repetitive lyrics that make give Baby and Friday a run for its money and Silento has the most ANNOYING voice ever so it sounds like that cringy kid in your school who won't stop talking about how crap like this is great this song proves why I absolutely hate modern Pop and Rap music this song defines everything wrong with modern music and I NEVER want to hear this horrible annoying repetitive garbage called a "Song" ever again I hope Silento is happy for all the money he got from this song because he doesn't deserve anything after making this horrible Abomination of music - christangrant

This was so overplayed. Silento? WHAT?! IS THAT EVEN A WORD?! HE MAKES LIL WAYNE SEEM LIKE A COMBO OF EMINEM AND 2PAC! IS NAR EVEN A WORD?! NOT IN ENGLISH IT ain't! This song and artist are both overrated garbage created and shipped straight from the most fiery and evil depths of Hell. If a loved one or acquaintance of yours actually is fond of this, rush the to the hospital, preferably mental hospital immediately! Once you are infected by its simple and hypnotizing sound you will never get it out of your head. Thank god we never hear from this guy or song these days in 2017 but in 2015 this was the most overrated crap. However not as bad as Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, I'll grant you that. If you like either of those songs you should die a horrible slow death by being inhaled by a spike through the anus or vagina and kept there for hours and then suffer for all eternity in Hellfire.

My ENTIRE CLASS loves this song. I think the entire school loves it. My school has a population of OVER FOUR THOUSAND STUDENTS.

I honestly don't get it. The boring beat, the unoriginal lyrics, the HORRIBLE "rapping" and the annoying demon spawn that is Silento makes me wonder why many people like it.

Now this is a bad song. Some songs above this song are pretty bad, but probably because it's trendy to hate it e.g Baby by Justin Bieber. I wouldn't personally listen to Baby, but what I can say is that at least the lyrics are okish, it's kind of got a good beat and Justin's singing isn't actually as bad as I thought it was when I was 10 when it was released.

This song ticks all the boxes for being bad. Lyrics? He's actually getting a song writing credit for this, for reeling off a bunch of dance moves? His voice is annoying and the beat isn't even that great either.

This doesn't even deserve a score out of 10 or 5 or whatever, I wouldn't even consider this a song - Aquaturtle

I hate this song so much every one plays it at school on the bus every where I go its like it's a curse it's so annoying I don't know why everyone loves this song so much? I mean are they stupid it's so annoying the lyrics repeat over and over and over again and again. This is my sisters favourite song she is 7 and she plays it NONSTOP she is the most annoying person I have ever met and that says a lot that is all she listens to. - foxandwolf

The most annoying song on the face of the Earth. "You already know who it is! "; no I don't because I don't listen to crap like that. Annoying voice, annoying beat, no meaning. 0/10, would not listen to again. I'm still trying to figure out why people like this "song". Makes me sick. - Nightfire

It's time for this song to die.

This song is one of the most unoriginal, bland, ANNOYING songs to ever exist. It doesn't help that my sibling and cousins LOVE this song.

I'm just gonna go back to listening to Nine Inch Nails and pretend that this song never existed. - FandomTrashSnivy

This deserves to be much higher. Most unoriginal and uncreative song I have ever heard. The lyrics are just a list of dances that have been popular in the last 8 years. His voice is whiny and screechy, the lyrics suck, the beat is generic, and is just plain unappealing to listen to. Looks like he is a new addition to the one hit wonderland!

This is just another one of those terrible songs that is only popular for the stupid dance. In 2 year, everyone is going to forget that Silento and this crappy song even existed.

This is the worst songs of the decade, no this is the worst song of the century, NO, This is the worst song ever! IT HAS NO LYRICS AND SILENTO SOUNDS LIKE HE'S 12. How could anybody like this? Its annoying and obnoxious.

Stupid song about some kid bragging off and saying "Watch me, watch me, ooh, watch me, watch me". My school put this on for all of us to dance to, and I don't want to dance to this stupid song. Plus, it is unoriginal, it takes dances from before. And it is a rip off Soulja Boy's Crank that. - AnimeDrawer

This unoriginal song is fading away from the mainstream, which is good. I usually don't go with the flow when it comes to songs, but when you top off unoriginal and can't come up with decent lyrics to save your life, you're a very sad person. - Swellow

If you had to work at a camp and the dance competition was this song, you would understand how annoying and how bad It is. Every age group had to participate and it started getting aggravating by the time the 4th age group (guys va girls) was next to participate. I forever dislike this song and will never have anything good to say about it. It is straight up the Worst Song of all time.

Ok the song is at #111. I would only make a minor change. Remove two of the 1's and then the number you get is where this song should be

Please get this song higher on this list. This song is so unoriginal that it makes Limp Bizkit seem like lyrical masterpieces, and I *HATE* Limp Bizkit's lyrical content with a passion.

Can this replace Never Say Never or better yet Baby by Justin Bieber this needs to be in the top 10 at least - christangrant

Worst dance song ever. I mean the lyrics make bio sense. It just goes "Now watch me whip, watch me nae nae. I mean, Even the music is terrible. Silento can't sing. - Powerfulgirl10

My stupid friends forced me to do this song with them for a school talent show. It was so humiliating, and seriously. What does "Nae nae" even MEAN?!

I can't believe this is on the second page. Divide the current number it is at (24) by the first digit, and divide by the second digit, and THEN you get where it is on my remix, and thus where it should be! - allamassal

Most overplayed, annoying, and unoriginal dance song ever. At least Crank That had more than eight different lyrics repeated for 3 1/2 minutes. - Spark_Of_Life

Can't believe this isn't on the list yet! (or at least it must be pretty low) It's a complete ripoff of Crank that by Soulja Boy (another terrible song) and other stupid 2000s dance crazes like the stanky leg. There is absolutely no purpose for this song to exist. The lyrics are entirely obnoxious and represents everything wrong with pop music today.

This harsh noise thing should be number 1, much worse than FACK - malamJONES

Luckily he was a one hit wonder and his career (whatever one he had) when into the crapper after this song.

Ok I should explain something, In my opinion every song that is just some garbage talentless, effortless "hey look at these lame stolen dance moves I can do" song that gains popularity deserves to be number 1 in my opinion they are an insult to every musician who actually put effort into the music. - christangrant

Oh my god! This song is so annoying. I think one day, if my classmates put this song to dance. My ears will be break.