Worst Spyro's Adventure Skylanders

A list of the absolute worst skylanders from spyro's adventure.

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21 Torch

so cool

22 Bush Whack

This is the only skylander I don't have on this list. I wonder why he sucks?

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23 Gill Grunt

Gill grunt Is quite slow and weak and that is why he should be in the list

He's alright if you upgrade him a lot.

24 Lightning Rod

Lightning rod is weak and has low health as well as being slow. I do not know why everyone loves him

25 Boom Jet
26 Lob Star
27 Jet Vac

I'm pretty sure no one uses him. When we got Giants, he was in the starter pack, but no one used him because Tree Rex is also in the starter pack. I pretty much never use him.

28 Ignitor

He is boring in my opinion, but everyone likes him but I just don't

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29 Voodood
30 Dino-Rang

I finished the game with Dino-Rang so therefore Dino-Rang is quite good

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31 Ka Boom
32 Roller Brawl

No she's not. She's actually very good, if you keep using her dash attack on the path where you can bullrush. I don't think she should be this low.

I have a fully upgraded Roller Brawl (Nicknamed Razorblade for skylanders) and she's really good, even when I got her she was good!

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33 Whisper Elf

She is a mini and minis are WEAK

34 Blast Zone

He is quite dumb

35 Rage Mage
36 Sheep Creep
37 Slobber Trap
38 Buzzer Beak
39 Eye Scream
40 Gearshift
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