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41 Treacherous

This song is not about love. It's about lust. Seriously I wish Taylor wouldn't write this kind of song. UGH.

This slope is treacherous so good you mean

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42 Forever & Always

It hardly has a tune all words and Taylor practically screams instead of singung

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43 Mine

I don't like the whole idea of the song, TOO happy and silly. If there is only ONE songs I don't like of her, its Mine. It definitely isn't the best thing that's ever been hers!

Checkout the swifties. They are using very bad word. Now I get it why people call they are the most annoying fanbase.

Don't dare to call Taylor bad she so nice so good so make it lower all Taylor's fans please write yes to tell all that no one is better thqn Taylor if you agree with me please post a comment and write their "best Taylor ". Don't worry Taylor there are infinite fans of yours. I think that they not heard your songs. Thanks

This song is so annoying. I despise it.

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44 I Heart Question Mark

Taylor you are my favourite but this song sucks.

Cute... She was young

I know this song sucks but I can't help but love it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

45 Beautiful Eyes

Stupid song there is only this is in the song let me see your beautiful eys ohh let ne see your beautiful eysss

46 Invisible
47 Diary of Me V 1 Comment
48 Red V 1 Comment
49 The Lucky One V 3 Comments
50 Teardrops on My Guitar

No. This song is not bad at all. It's the only song that shows swift with any kind of maturity. It's the only song that makes me want to cry and hug her. There is beautiful sounding emotion going through when she sung this. Whoever put this here is a heartless idoit.

Ah being in the seventh grade it is relatable

I blame 'drew' for how swift is now. Only time I could see any kind of love she had for a guy

51 Everything Has Changed
52 Enchanted
53 Begin Again

No this song it just so soothing... Just kidding, but I like this song, should not be here..

Whoever wrote this... you are mean! taylor swift is my life and I love this song!

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54 Come In With the Rain
55 Girl at Home
56 Superman
57 The Moment I Knew
58 You're Not Sorry V 1 Comment
59 A Place In This World
60 New Romantics

Why the heck is this on the list?

Lol, her Scarlet Letter doesn't exist. Sorry, Hon.

Can Taylor realize shes not talented?

This one's painful - themets05

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