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41 Begin Again

No this song it just so soothing... Just kidding, but I like this song, should not be here..

Whoever wrote this... you are mean! taylor swift is my life and I love this song!

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42 Girl at Home
43 This Love V 1 Comment
44 The Lucky One V 3 Comments
45 New Romantics

Lol, her Scarlet Letter doesn't exist. Sorry, Hon.

Can Taylor realize shes not talented?

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46 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

Why On Earth Is this low? , It Should Be In the Top 5, It Got Overplayed To death

The worst one by her - VideoGamefan5

47 Ours

Worst song by her but she was good in the video.

Sweet and innocent

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48 Starlight

I love taylor's songs but why did she sang this kind of crap?!

Taylor wrote this song after seeing a picture of a US senate at a dance party in the '40s in a book or whatever.

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49 Stay Stay Stay

The starting music is like "jingle bells"
I love TAYLOR SWIFT but some of her songs are to weird.
But why did you put the song- love story, you belong with me, we are never ever getting back together, white horse in this list?

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50 Everything Has Changed
51 Tim McGraw

This was (I think) her very first song! Give her a break!

52 Thug Story

I never heard this song but the name of this song is too silly.

I think that she just wrote it for fun. It's funny!

What love story SHOULD'VE been named

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53 Fearless
54 State of Grace
55 Invisible
56 Stay Beautiful
57 Come Back... Be Here
58 I Know Places

This song is pretty cool, you just have to listen to it enough to know.

59 The Way I Loved You
60 Untouchable
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