Top Ten Worst Things About Anaconda by Nicki Minaj


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1 The lyrics

I just don't see anything good about the song. Nothing! I don't find it awesome or anything. Worst song ever,and the music video is worse.. - cosmo

2 It's popular

It was popular in the bad way at my school. It's not anymore *THANK GOD* but still. I sent my friend this note making fun of her, and we literally got in trouble because we laughed so hard
Anyways, it's a HORRIBLE song and should die, along with most of her music. MOST. And it's teaching girls and women the complete wrong idea, too.

Shouldn't this be one without a limit on the number of items in the list? There are so many bad things about this "song". - amcskillet

The wrong songs get to be popular.

I don't understand how it's popular! - Snowpelt

3 The music
4 It's more popular than any good pop song
5 It's about butts

I have this poster in my school that says "Butts Are Gross" and that's dang right. Butts are not attractive. They're gross. Remember what they are for, guys...

Butts are gross and this song is inappropriate too!

The butts are brings tears to my eyes... - 05yusuf09

I see you. Saddest song ever!

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6 It's inappropriate
7 It's overplayed
8 It was nominated for a Grammy

Kyle from South Park: You Bastards! - MorganChambz

9 Kids have watched the music video

I watched it when I was 11

The music video is just p#rn and butts, nothing special at all. Inappropriate for kids. - BlazingParasol

I watched the video once, and it was a big mistake. To everyone who has never seen it, do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch it. - Minecraftcrazy530

I never watched a porn video even once. And these kids have watched this porn video?! Why does society approve of such stuff?!

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10 Kids listen to it

Kids listened to it a year ago. Go complain about something relevant. - Puga

Well he's got a point. The song was made a year ago, no matter how bad it is. - Therandom

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11 It got positive reviews from the critics

Why did Sir Mix a lot like this crap we call “Anaconda”? - Swampert02

12 People are always saying Oh My God Look At Her Butt

I know Sir-Mix-A-Lot can rap, but I don't like Baby Got Back, either.

Is the intro of Sir-Mix-A-Lot

13 It's a rip off of Sir Mix Alot's Baby Got Back

No it just sampled it - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

, a genuine reason! - gemcloben

14 She wrote it

No surprise!

15 Twerking
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1. The lyrics
2. It's popular
3. The music
1. It's inappropriate
2. It's more popular than any good pop song
3. The lyrics
1. It's popular
2. It was nominated for a Grammy
3. It got positive reviews from the critics


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