Mega Rants - Disneyland Guests (cast members are idiots!)

MegaSoulhero I have been wanting to do a rant discussing this topic for a long time! Now I have a reason to! This has got to be the dumbest and most irritating thing that I've experienced at Disneyland! I went there on Saturday for the reopening of the Railroad and the Rivers of America attractions. And later that night, I decided to watch Fantasmic! Since I wasn't able to get a fastpass, I decided to stand in the standby area. And there was a section in front of us that was reserved for people who paid for a dining package. I was worried they were gonna stand and block our view. Luckily, a cast member told them to sit down. But unfortunately, ONE GUY DECIDED NOT TO LISTEN!!!!!

What is wrong with people!? Why do they feel the need to ignore simple instructions given by cast members!? All he had to do was sit down! There's a fence in front of them, but if they sit, they are still able to see in between the bars! And they guy was standing behind some sort of brick podium or whatever it's called, so I'm guessing he thought he wouldn't be able to see if he sat down. Which is true. But he could've EASILY moved to a different spot and sat down! There was plenty of space! Not only that, but he had his kid sitting on the podium! Not only is that dangerous, it also made it hard for some of us to see some of the show! And yes, a cast member told him to put the kid down. He didn't listen to that either. He left the kid up there, but just laid him down. On the bright side, we were able to see a little better, but he still shouldn't have had the kid up there where he could get hurt! Basically, the guy stayed standing during the entirety of Fantasmic! and even though I still had a decent view, part of the stage was hard for me to see! And of course, the cast members just decided to ignore the guy because they suck at their jobs! They just let him stay standing! If I were them, I would've just kicked him out of that area! There was also a lady next to me who said "Sit down, we can't see!" And then he turned to us and said "I don't care!" That made me very angry! The guy is such a jerk! There were also people in that section who were next to him, and after being told to sit down, some woman was arguing with a cast member about it! WHAT DO THEY HAVE AGAINST SITTING!? The woman stopped arguing and sat down, and then I predicted she would stand back up as soon as the cast member walked away. And one second later, she stood back up! So stupid! I'm just glad she actually sat down during the show! Unlike that other guy!

Seriously though, can't these cast members do anything right? When you see someone not following rules, don't just ignore them! Do something about it! I found this one video on YouTube in which these girls were at Disneyland and they were climbing walls, which they were not supposed to do, and one of them even took a shower in the Toontown fountain! I'm not kidding! She was wearing a skin colored two piece and she stepped into the fountain! And there were no cast members around! If there were, they would've gotten kicked out of Disneyland and possibly would've gotten banned! Cast members need to be better at their jobs! The thing that happened at Fantasmic! was just so... UGH!!! I can't stand people sometimes! This isn't the first time this has happened by the way! I remember one time, we were sitting in front of the castle to watch the fireworks, and everyone in that section was required to sit. And then two Asian women decided to stand up the entire time while the rest of us were sitting! Blocking our view is one thing, but disobeying the cast members is just wrong! Why do people do that? I expect kids to misbehave at a theme park, but these are adults! They should know better! I've heard tons of complaints from other people about how rude the guests at Disneyland can be! And each time you go to Disneyland, you're most likely going to encounter some jerk who thinks they can do whatever they want!

There are a lot of people at Disneyland who don't follow rules! They need to listen to what they are told to do and the cast members need to actually do something if the people don't listen! It's not rocket science! I have a cousin who used to be a cast member at Disneyland and he was excellent at his job! I wish the others were like that. And I wish the Disneyland guests would behave properly! Come on!


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