Movie Review - Dunkirk

MegaSoulhero Dunkirk is a movie that is directed by one of the best directors in movie history, Christopher Nolan. He also directed the Dark Knight. Which is my favorite superhero movie. And he's directed a lot of other great films as well. I've pretty much liked all of Nolan's movies, and Dunkirk is no exception!

Dunkirk is based on a true story. It takes place during World War II in 1940. A bunch of soldiers are on a beach and they must evacuate and they take part in a battle. Look, whatever praise you've heard the film get, they're absolutely right. This is one of the best movies I've seen this year! Maybe even the best war movie I've seen! It's just absolutely incredible! The cinematography looks amazing! This is something that Nolan does best! He does a great job at putting us in the action! I watched this movie in IMAX. And watching it in IMAX really makes the action feel more believable! In the beginning scene, it starts out very quiet and then all of a sudden we hear a loud gun shot! I nearly jumped out of my seat when that happened! And this movie is filled with moments like that! It actually tries its hardest to make us feel like we are in the middle of a war! When there's a plane flying and you hear the sound of it coming, it actually sounds like it's coming toward us! And most of what is shown is practical. They used real WWII ships and real planes. There is some CGI used but it's kept to a minimum and isn't really noticeable.

The movie is pretty much just action all the way through. Every single scene has a reason to be there! There's no filler! There's nothing out of place! There isn't a single moment that felt boring to me! I was invested in the film throughout! The movie is perfectly shot and it doesn't shove its explosions and visuals right in your face like a Michael Bay film. The intensity feels real! The acting makes it a lot more believable! You can actually feel the tension from their facial expressions! And that Hans Zimmer score! I feel like it's impossible to not love any Hans Zimmer music! As for the characters, I feel like character development is this movie's weakest point. I'm not saying I didn't like the characters, but they also didn't give us much of a reason to care about them. However, that's not usually the focus on these kinds of films. So it didn't bother me. And they still managed to make us want them to live because of the emotions that they show. Every actor in this movie does a great job! Especially Tom Hardy! The movie is pretty short, but if it were longer, it would just be dragging on. So I felt like it got just the right amount of time.

Dunkirk is a visually excellent film with an incredible story and a very great cast! It's not just a movie, it's an experience! Nolan did a great job at making it feel like we are in the middle of a war! Right down to the sounds and the visuals! This is why he's one of the best directors ever! Both Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright came out with great action films this year! But if I had to choose between Dunkirk and Baby Driver, I'd go with Dunkirk! Outstanding film!

Score: 10/10


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Also not the best war movie
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