Top Ten Worst Things About Disneyland

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1 Too many people

It's a mob during the nighttime parade and fireworks!

When I went to Florida, everyone had gone back to school, so nothing was crowded. Although my family never went to Disneyland, our hotel was a five minute walk away from the entrance. And it wasn't the hotel in the resort (if there is one). - Wolftail

Nobody likes being crowded by a bunch of random people. - nintendofan126

2 Everything is expensive

30 bucks just for 1 stuffed Jack-Jack? Why?

I have never been there, but I did hear it was expensive from my friends. Even the admission ticket!

I paid $8 for 1 corn dog and a small bag of chips. That DID NOT include a drink.

$14 for a small plush Perry the Platypus? It was like $2 at the mall in my hometown!

3 The heat

In Disney land is not too bad but disney world is also humid so it feels even hotter - lbelle0527

My cousins and I got sunburnt at Disneyland. Mine was worse.

It's really hot in Florida. - nintendofan126

4 Admission is expensive

$100 is just ridiculous

5 The lines are too long

Even if you have FastPass they still make you wait

The lines are especially long on some rides, such as Space Mountain having a 90 minute or 2 hour wait, and Splash Mountain having also a 2 hour wait.

Incredicoaster’s was 4 hours on opening, and when Radiator Springs opened, wait times were 6 hours long, and when Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout opened, wait times were 7 hours. - Gregory

6 Too much walking

My cousin's feet and my feet hurt after the day. 2 of my cousins were lucky. They got to ride a stroller around!

That depends on your health, skill, planning, preparation, and stamina.
Some people, like me, can definitely walk many miles, but others, just have too much trouble.
And especially to those people, including those with diabetes, their feet can hurt the most.
Now the hardest way to walk at Disney is during the Parkeology Challenge, where you go on every ride in 1 operating day, and that’s said to be like running a marathon throughout the entire operating day. - Gregory

Um, they have a train so you don't have to walk too much. - MegaSoulhero

Every time I go there my feet hurt. - nintendofan126

7 Their parking lots

I swear the Disneyland in California will have you waiting an hour to find a parking spot.

8 You have to wait a long time for almost everything

They have Fastpass but even if you have one they still make you wait

9 Rides break down

My sister, cousins, and I waited in line for 2 hours for Radiator Springs and it decided to break down. We were so mad that we left. We went back later and it was working again and we rode it.

This doesn't happen that much. But it sucks when it does.

Once I was stuck on California screaming.

10 At the end of the day you will be tired

My feet were hurting from standing in line and walking all day long!

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11 The people who cuss in front of small children

Captain America should show up and warn people to watch their language if he catches people cussing, especially in front of the kids

True. Disney tries to ban profanity, but SoCal has lots of dirty people.

Deadpool’s Swearing Class

12 The slow people who are walking right in front of you and won't let you pass them

Something that annoys me in everyday life

13 That one man-child who stands in front of a little kid at the world of color/fireworks show

And fart on the kid’s face

14 The people who don't need a wheelchair, but still use one just because they're lazy.
15 Those families with ten kids

When my family and I went to Disneyland there was a party of 11 of us: 5 adults, 1 college kid, 3 teenagers and 2 preschool/school age kids. We split up the majority of the time. We just met up during the night.

16 Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout replacing the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney made such a stupid decision to close one of their best rides and replace it with some stupid and lacking in quality and originality.
It's just a form of huge unnecessary advertisement and cash.

Oh boo hoo

17 Star Wars related stuff

It's all George Lucas's fault he decided to sell Star Wars to Disney, what a waste of his talent and work, and Disney is over relying on sci-if movies too much.

Boo hoo!

18 Good rides closing down

They closed down the People Mover, Luigi's Flying Tires and Tower of Terror, which is replaced with Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout, which is the worst Disneyland ride of all time.

19 It is extremely crowded at night

Sure, Vegas and Times Square in New Year’s Eve is crowded, but there you stay in 1 spot the entire time. At Disneyland people constantly push and shove each other just to see the parade, see the fireworks, or leave the park. It’s like going Black Friday shopping but you’re fighting for free stuff.

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World is no different.

20 The wait times for rides

Let’s not forget the wait times on holidays, which can be 3+ hours or more. - Gregory

90 minutes for Space Mountain and Star Tours, and also 1 HOUR for "It's a Small World"

21 No shade while waiting in lines

Well, that depends on the rides, some have highly shaded lines, but others are shadeless, like for example, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Autopia and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.
Not to mention being outside longer and when it’s hot makes it worse. - Gregory

I guess that’s where the majority of my sunburn cane from...

22 It's mostly for little kids
23 Crying babies
24 Not enough thrill rides

More rollercoasters would make it better.

25 Rude "cast members"
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