Top Ten Worst Things About Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is might be the worst band ever in my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 They ruined rock music

No offense, but I find Maroon 5 a great music artist. - EpicJake

Maybe "Songs About Jane", is pretty good, okay. But I especially hate their songs Sugar, Animals and Moves Like Jagger. - 05yusuf09

Maroon 5 even isn't a rock band, they are disgrace of the pop music. - 05yusuf09

2 Adam Levine's voice

Her voice is make me pissed my pants. - 05yusuf09

3 The fifth studio album V is terrible
4 Moves Like Jagger

Probably the worst rock song I have ever heard. No guitar, no bass, no drums, no vocals. This song one of the worst and most pathetic gifts for music. Nobody do not like this band. - 05yusuf09

It's terrible! Am I the only one who thinks that Adam and Christina's voice was worse than Nicki Minaj's?

5 They have a combination of pop and rock
6 They are overrated
7 Their music is bad
8 Only Adam is popular

Yeah, the others deserve credit to, like James Valentine or Jesse Carmichael. - AliciaMae

9 Animals isn't a good song.
10 The song "sugar"

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11 They sold out
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