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Hey guys, whats up?

So I have been in this fandom for almost 5 years and I have to say that its pretty hard to keep up with fandom like this but anyways,

I saw comments saying that directioners are 12 years old girls, yes, there are few of the fans that are "crazy about them, pulling their hair about them & ready to cut their veins for them and they are all 12 years old" but a lot of us are 17 to 20 year old girls who really matured through the years and know how to get it together and not be like those fans and somehow we take this like an offense because we are not 12 years old. All of those fans that I put in " " are those fans who still love and listen to 1d because of their looks.

About writing their own songs, do a little research and read that they have participated in song writings and actually wrote a LOT of songs on their own... :)

Those jealous fans are the fans that think that if they are a fan of this boy band that that means ...more - daisy123

I personally don't like One Direction, but that doesn't mean I am disrespectful to the fan base. I used to think we could all get along no matter what music we liked and the Directioners could live with people not loving 1D. But ever since Alex Gaskarth (lead singer of All Time Low) said that he didn't like the song "Live While We're Young" and the Directioners insulted him brutally, telling him to "just go kill himself like his brother did," I can't think of that fan base the same way ever again. Alex really struggles with the idea of his brother's suicide, just listen to the All Time Low song "Lullabies." I still can't get over what a horrible thing it was to do on the Directioners' part. He's an ACTUALLY TALENTED musician who cares so much about his fans, and he didn't deserve that. No one does.

Actually some of you guys have it wrong. Yes I admit that it was wrong of the Directioner to say such a thing to Alex. But there are also fans in the fandom that had nothing to do with that. They didn't say any thing to Alex. And we are offended when you guys say all the Directioners. Some of us just supports our idols we don't say anything harsh about anyone else and we actually respect other's opinions. Yes SOME Directioners take it too far but you guys have to give credit to the other innocent Directioners as well. Just saying

I don't dislike One Direction! Instead, I really fancy many of their songs and believe that all the boys are funny and good-looking!
BUT I believe that these girls (because Directioners are girls in their majority) underestimate themselves (first of all) by screaming and shouting in front of 5 boys. And I just can't believe that all Directioners support the boyband because of their outstanding talent, amazing voices and remarkable artistry!...
I don't dislike these fans because they're irritating (although attending a concert in which fans' screaming is louder than singers' singing is pretty annoying!... ). But living only for 5 boys (that don't even know you) just seems to degrading yourselves!

Not all directioners are bad some yes but not all there fans are not just teens and they are not all girls if you don't have anything good to say then don't say it. I'm sure you would be mad if some one trash talked you favorite band. Also it is okay to get tattoos and they are not just famous for there looks they are famous for so much more and there songs are not cheesy they are telling girls that they are beautiful making them happy they 100% can write there own songs just because someone else wrote a song for them does not mean they can't write there own songs. The are all amazing talented guys who deserve a little respect they all sing like angles there covers are amazing and they are not trying to copy anyone if the do it is because of there bosses and they have had 5 strong years and I am so very proud of them all so don't say they suck by the way Louis and Liam play piano Niall and Liam play guitar Zayn plays the triangle and Harry plays the kazoo sincerely- a Directioner.

I Know I'm A Directioner Too But I Think It's True
Because When A Fan Dosen't Just A Thing About One Direction They Will Be Mad At You And Say DIRECTIONATOR what?
Some Are Hard Because They Are Like Crazy, Mad, Hatred Fans

They Also Compare 1D To Other Celebreties I Saw One Pic 1D Comparing To Mariah Carey? EXCUSE ME? What IS WRONG WITH YOU COMPARE A NEWBIE TO A LEGEND?



Directioners are a bunch of stupid 13 years old girls who say that 1D is the best band ever (It's not, and it will never be) and if you don't like 1D, you're jealous of them. Seriously? If I don't like them, that means I'm jealous of them? Hell no. Also they made fun of Mitch Lucker's death. They kept on saying that he deserved to die and his daughter should've killed herself. Firstly, Harry Styles doesn't have any talent other than singing with autotune and attraction 13 years old girls. But Mitch had talent, he could sing and he could play instruments. Suicide Silence is 1000000x times better than 1D. Those "directioners" or whatever they are really need to shut up and grow up.

I like One Direction and don't get me wrong I used to love them so much. Then came the 'Directioners'. All they do is put you down if you say one thing they don't like. I used to call myself one. But not anymore. I've left the fandom (as they say it) because directioners are the most mean and judgmental and disrespectful people. Its disgusting. - ILostMyShoe

I would like to apologize on behalf of the fans that judged and disrespected you. But when you say Directioners you mean all of us and I find that Offensive because some of us mean no harm to others. like me for instance I love one direction but I don't walk around the place judging people NO. if I walk by someone and they say they don't like one direction or that they can't sing I don't reproach them. I just simply keep walking. because at the end of the day we all have our different opinions and I respect that. and I know that there a lots more Directioners like me that doesn't be mean to people. so next time you make a statement like that just take into consideration the innocent fans that are accused daily for something they didn't do.

Sadly, If one or a group of directioners do something mean, it will affect the whole fanbase

Seriously! Directioners on top really? What kind of a problem do all of you really have? Directioners are what one direction is. Every band has there own styles and there on fans being part of it is kinda amazing. I no some of you think directioners are just attracted to their looks, but that's not just it ( yup I totally agree that they are most handsome-est boys ever) it's their voice, there behavior and all those things that make up the almighty one direction. Thy make mistakes everyone does but counting just there mistakes is not fair, they do have a bright side and even better one that totally describes them so just think be4 you post. In case you are wondering I am a directioner too since day one. - feena

I was having a conversation with this girl and she asked me what my favourite band is. And I said the name of my favourite band. And she was like: "What do you think of one direction? " And I said "I'm not a big fan of them" So then this girl got mad at me "You have no taste in music, you're just jealous that they're famous and talented and cute unlike you! " And the thing is, I don't even hate one direction, it's the fans that piss me off. But not all directioners are like this. I've met some people who like 1D who are nice and respect your opinion.

I don't hate One Direction. I used to like them, but then I lost interest. I said that at school when the topic came up, and some girl screamed at me, "ARE YOU KIDDING ONE DIRECTION IS AWESOME GO FIND SOME OTHER LOW-LIFES TO HANG OUT WITH."
Well, excuuse me, princess.

I honestly hate one direction and I'm 13 female but some of my friends just love them. I've never said anything bad about one direction as much as I hate them but some people go too far, thinking that tone direction is the best band of all time and no other band is as great as one direction. These people must have something wrong with them because they have obviously never heard of the Beatles, Led zepplin, rolling stones or queen (my favourite band). It's so boring just listening to people say so many things they think great about one direction.

I'm not trying to be rude here but all I wanna say is not all Directioners do that. and yes some of us do know who those other bands are it's just that we like one direction more.

And yes if Directioners think that One Direction are some perfect gods. Just remember that is their opinions. Just like you have your opinions on hating them. and I respect your opinion although I don't like when people say bad things about them but I respect your opinion. I am a Directioners and I'm proud of it. But the same way I respect your opinions on hating them you should also respect my opinions on liking them too :) just saying

I think the primary reason people don't like one direction is because of directioners. Directioners will lash out at anyone who even mildly hints at not liking one direction. With their signature "kill yourself" phrase, directioners have cemented their place as the worst fandom ever, narrowly beating out beliebers.

I don't think that One Direction are that bad. I don't particularly like them but when I'm in the right mood I can actually enjoy a song by them. However, their fans are way too over the top. I'd go as far as to say they're worse than Beliebers. Not all of them but a considerable amount. They defend them to the point where it's obnoxious. Just because you're a fan doesn't mean everyone else has to be a fan.

They are good looking but they didn't win 3rd place on X factor in England for their looks, some people may say they did, but one day I was watching X factor and a beautiful man came on, at the moment being quite ignorant, I just assumed he would sing good, he sang terrible and Simon took about five seconds to tell him he 'bloody sucked'. Their voices sound so beautiful together and you have to listen to the words. If you went to the movie, it was full of "annoying fan base", some of you would expect us to scream our heads off (which we did when their shirts came off, being hormonal teenage girls) but other wise we leaned on each other, sang together, laughed together, remembered together, and cried together.

Please use your mind, this is a top ten list for the worst fanbase not the top ten list for the worst artists, and your comment has nothing to do with your reactions to the directioners

(sigh, why do some people don't think before they say something)

It's very true. MOST (not all but still A LOT of) directioners don't appreciate other people's opinion. They don't even appreciate the other fans because a lot of them think that they're the best. I mean they are very competitive with each other when it comes to "who knows them best" or something like that. There was this time when a YouTuber misunderstood one of the members. He thought and mentioned that one of the members was homophobic. A LOT, I'm telling you, A LOT of them were trending that that certain person should die. So disrespectful.

You're right that was very disrespectful indeed. But keep in mind that not all Directioners are like that. And some of us do respect other's opinions like I respect yours.

Most annoying fandom in history! One Direction actually isn't too bad to me, not the worst band in history but better than, say, Justin Bieber. But because of the pure stupidity of their fandom, I do not like them at all. Say one bad thing about One Direction to a Directioner and they will seriously do something like start World War III. Just because you stated your opinion. They're also INSANELY rude to other fandoms, like the people who love metal and a whole bunch of others I can't name. 1D doesn't have the worst music and I honestly enjoy a couple of their songs, but Directioners truly get on my nerves.

I apologize on behalf of all those rude Directioners. But honestly not all of us are rude and inconsiderate. I am a Directioner. and I respect your opinion. But I agree with you because 1D aren't bad they just get a bad name because of their fans and it's offensive actually. because all the hate goes out to all of 1D's fans while there are some of us in the fandom that are actually trying to make peace with everyone else

Ah, directioners. This is a topic that will continue to annoy me, a teen who likes a lot of music genres, from country to rock to some pop. (In fact, I used to be a directioner.) Now, they have gotten boring, and the fans have reached their peak. From saying that a perfectly innocent rocker deserved to die, to calling newbies directionators (when I first became a Taylor Swift fan, I knew nothing about her), to worshipping these five pretty boys (they're just a darn band! ) like the Greeks worshipped Zeus, these fans should be #1.

I'm not really a fan of them because I don't like their type of music, but I think they're good singers. As for the directioners are crazy, I think there's some of them that are but others are pretty cool and not mean at all.
Half of my class are directioners and even though they obsess over everything involving one direction, they aren't rude at all, they just joke around with the other people who don't like them but they're not rude to them. Though I have seen on the internet directioners are really nasty to people. I guess I'm one of the lucky people to know 'sane' directioners, laugh out loud.

Almost all the other reasons underneath are based on One Direction. It's not like I hate them, infact they're pretty cool but they're fans won't speak to you and sometimes even hit you if you dislike them. They don't even like other directioners because they themselves want 1D! And they think true directioners are people who know every single minor detail on One Direction... More than their music they focus on being the best directioner! Once when I used to like 1D I told my friend I'm a Directioner, the next day she has a paper and pen and starts quizzing on me! One Direction is overrated! Okay guys it's not like all Directioners are this bad but most of them are. And these Directioners ARE RIDICULOUS. If you wanna survive with them you will have to be in the middle or know every minor detail about them.

One Direction is fine. I hate the fans though. My friend Lucia and I were talking about One Direction. She hates it very very much. So we were talking. We were at the swimming pool and a girl sitting near us was wearing a 1D bathing suit. She was around 13 and she punched my 10 year old friend in the face and started yelling curse words at her. She got banned from the pool for a week though. She deserved it. Poor Lucia, it was just her opinion.

You look point out the wrong but have yet to notice the good. It's 2015 fans don't hate on other fans for not knowing everything. That has stopped and we're much stronger now, like family. We only go off on others because they've said something rude about our boys that have upset us. We only do it when provoked

I'll be honest, a lot of them are very irritating. It just depends on which type of directioners you speak to. There's the hardcore ones, there's the barely there ones, and there's the ones who love One Direction but know their limits and understand there's more to life than that.

One Direction isn't that bad. I mean, sure. They can't sing. They can't dance. They can't play any instruments. They can't write their own lyrics to songs. But my point is, the directioners are the real reason why most of us hate on One Direction. They call any new fans "carrots" just because they have an actual life and are too busy to be wasting our time stalking every little thing that they do. Most of them just like them for their looks anyway. You'll never find a fan acc on Twitter actually analyzing their music. All of them are just horny pre-teen girls who get wet over them when the bastards can't even sing. AND PLUS THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT HATERS WHEN THEY BE HATING ON EVERY OTHER FANDOM. and those worthless flying specks think that they can compare them to the Beatles.
I'll end this in a nice note though. Not everyone in the fandom are drag queens, but the few percent that aren't need to grow some balls and fix up your fandom. I actually have so much expertise with one ...more

A few Directioners actually put a shrine up to the "god of vomit" on a spot where Harry Styles threw up. I'm actually being serious. You can look it up if you don't believe me.

Directioners are seriously irritating, You talk about any band, music or whatever it's "Oh, they're okay but One Direction are better, I mean you can't even compare to them."

Oh for gods sake SHUT UP! It's okay to have an opinion but don't shove it down our throats.