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1 The Monsters Look Fake

It is campy and goofy and corny and cheesy and silly and rubbish

Saying the monsters look fake is an understatement. You can CLEARLY see the plastic on their masks. I mean, come on! When they talk their mouths don't even move! I didn't even bother to remember their names, whenever my bro watches it I refer to them as Ugly Nose, Octopus Dude, Snake Hair Lady, Booger Ogre, and Reggie (long story on that one). And the power rangers are, naturally, the red, green, blue, yellow, and pink rangers. They have really corny looking swords, too... Eesh. I mean it would only be entertaining to watch if you were really bored. Not, "Oh it's sunny outside and I'm just staying in" bored- the "Oh my gosh I'm so BORED I want to light a house on fire because I'm just that bored" bored. God. What a weird, stupidly-funny show.

The monsters look like rubber and plastic and cardboard and no cgi and cardboard has paint on them

The power ranger uniform are dump and stupid and rubbish and the monster always turn giant after being defeated and the villlians are rubbish,stupid and dump

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2 The Jokes Are Not Funny

Oh come on! Puns are pretty much the same old thing! They get stupid! Saying monster insults like "Banana breath", "ugly", "bird-brain", etc. Is all said before too many times! So cliche-ish!

There are puns in power rangers like its time to take out the trash

3 The Actors Can't Act

See Power Rangers Samurai. Not only is the acting flat, but they had unnecessary scenes with little kids who didn't look or sound like the Power Rangers they were supposed to represent. In some Power Rangers the acting can be forgiven or gets better overtime, but in Samurai the actors can't act and they use a direct translation of the Sentai script, which makes a lot of what they say sound even more preposterous.

The actors of Power Ranger Samurai and Power Ranger Time Force got the worst actors on the Power Ranger T.V. series.


SPD got some worst actors will played Jack, Sky, Z, Bridge, and Syd. THESE FIVE ACTORS WHO PLAY RANGERS ARE HORRIBLE JUST LIKE SAMURAI AND TIME FORCE!


The Acting on power rangers is too false, no one can be that nice in real life, these people are probably really two faced and false in real life

Samurai and SUper Samurai can't act!

Time Force can't Act!

SPD has the worst five actors to be the Power Rangers!

I hope these worst actors get stung by bees and die!

You hear me actors you deserve to die!

... Have you even watched the series? The first series had some of the most wooden acting while SPD and Time Force had actors that had acting experience.

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4 Their Weapons Are Corny

The monster alway blow up and turn gaunt and the power ranger weapon are plastic and made of plastic

Power ranger is a disgrace to the superhero genre

The weapons are fake. It is like you can find them in a toy store.

Blasters. They is all they can think of. Can they have a weapon that shoots bullets and have real weapons for once! The power rangers need real weapons!

That's kind of the point - To market to little kids. Also, considering that the target audience is kids, are you advocating that kids should play with real guns?

In power rangers jungle fury, you can tell that the swords are flexible

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5 The Battles Look Fake

The weapons are clearly inefficient, it seems extremely forced and the special effects have terrifyingly horrible quality for this day and age. If they actually tried to make the show good, I dare say that it may have been one of the best shows for little kids. In the final "legendary battle", they fought of an 'army' that could probably be easily taken down with a machine gun or a nuke. It would have been better if they fought against all the major villains. I personally believe that the show had great potential and crappy execution. And no one died in the fights. Seriously. It's a battle, there must be some death.

The show had potential, they producers not trying ruined everything. The battle scenes for modern ones could have been so much cooler if they had used the effects available today. They have those resources at their disposal do they not?





... It's a kids show! And I may want to remind you that there have been deaths on the show, and what's wrong with not killing the mutants but imprisoning them?

I always wondered why the monsters resorted to turning huge when they were close to dying... - TwilightKitsune

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6 You Can Tell They Are Using Models

True just true. The sooner this show is cancelled the better

The buildings and giant robots are so lame and pathetic

7 They Had Better Graphics In the 1970's

Since the Megazord sequences became Pixar - no - Dreamworks REJECT footage, it's been increasingly hard to watch the giant battles. They used to be much better back in the day. It doesn't help that the newwer zords look like they've been designed by a 5 year old, they used to be intricate, spectacular things that made you say "wow how did someone come up with this? How long did it take them to make it all fit together? " Now it's always the same, you're an arm; you're a leg etc. But they don't even look good when they become that!

The Japanese original started in the 1970s, I think they where adults not teenagers? The American remake should've been a 90s fad which was more like 4kids because the Japanese is more violent, has smoking, booze.

They suck. no one can hide that fact

8 Thier War Cries Sound Corny

"their War Cries Sound Corny"? Seriously, you lost all credibility when you can't even spell "Their" correctly... even most people who mess up get a different version of that word which is spelled correctly in its own right. I can agree that their war cries are a joke, but seriously you need to learn how to spell correctly.

My brother used to watch power rangers and now my son does. They always say "huh" in a really fake way in battle it always annoyed me!

They try to use smart phrases and sound heroic, but they're really just bored of their job.

Quit acting retarded and fight for God's sake. - Connor360

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9 Thier Uniforms Are Lame

The Power Ranger Time Force Uniforms are lame and stupid.

The Time Force uniforms are crazy and they look like they're wearing janitor outfits!

Those who think Time Force is a great season is on Drugs.

The Samurai Rangers are lame and they're acting is horrible

What's with all the time force hate?

And what does the acting with Samurai rangers affect their uniforms?

They look like they're swimsuits are choking them - TwilightKitsune

Seriously, they all look like pajamas

You can tell that robots have plastic instead of metal

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10 All Power Rangers Series Look the Same

I would think it's the same show from the early 90s.

They go from one gimmick to another each series now to the point where no one has any idea how the rangers even got started. Decades ago it was a simple premise of "Semi-godlike alien bestows power to kids to fight evil and they eventually train the new generation and so on."

Now it's been warped around to where alien technology is replaced by "Dino Crystals", "Magic Bracelets", "Police... Badges", and whatever the pirates thing was about.

I can't help but wonder what Zordon would say if he knew about the pirates.

"I got bored and thought I'd try something different! I didn't actually think people would find those things, much less USE them! "

Of course they do look the same! but they just keep rebranding the series every year!

I don't even know how to differentiate between most of them - TwilightKitsune

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11 Bad Characters That Are Power Rangers

Name me one good character in all of the T.V. Series - iliekpiez





If you all love those character then you all are on drugs and don't have lives.

You all can eat poop!

So there (stick out tongue)!

Replace Time Force and SPD with Operation Overdrive and Megaforce then we're cool.

Jen, Wes, Justin, Lucus, Trip, Katie, Jayden, Kevin, Jack, Z, Sky, Doggie, Syd, and Bridge are the worst choices to be Power Rangers.

Only losers would make them rangers.

To Operation Overdrive, you guys are a better season than Time Force

The SPD Rangers the Samurai Rangers, and the Time Force Rangers are the bad characters to be Power Rangers.

They sing terrible just like Rosanne Barr.

They should not be in T.V. anymore. They should be working as cleaning crew.

Replace SPD and Time Force with Operation Overdrive and Megaforce then we're cool.

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12 Jen from Power Rangers Time Force

She's mean and ugly. She's rude and she supports terrorist.

She's annoying and she ruined the Power Ranger season. The actress who played Jen is horrible.

Those who Like Jen and the actress are stupid and worship the devil

Hit her with a belt

Glad I don't see her ugly face in the 20th reunion.

She is amazing and beautiful

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13 Kevin from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

Kevin is an ugly black man

The actor who plays kevin touches little boys

Hey because kevin is black doesn't mean he's ugly not to be RACIST but some white people are flat ugly so please stop the racism! - thabiso12345676

He is the worst Blue Power Ranger ever.

He makes Dax a lot nicer.

Kevin is an ego moron.

He's annoying and an ugly black man.

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14 Power Rangers Time Force the Movie

They were planning to make a movie about Power Ranger Time Force.

I hate that idea.

The actors of Power Ranger Time Force should eat cat poop!

I don't like the characters in Time Force.

Those who like Time Force can (beep) yourselves!

You all should eat cat poop as well.

Those who think Power Ranger Time Force should had a movie must be on drugs and support terrorist.

We all know you hate Time Force. People are allowed to like a season you don't. SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT! - 906389

Thank you Turbo movie for making it making the worst movie ever if you have made it into worst movie ever time force with wouldn't have made a movie

I'm glad that they didn't make this retard movie

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15 Fake Battles

Well duh its power rangers for gods sake

16 Justin Stewart from Power Rangers Turbo

You mean Blake Foster who is 33 years old.

He was cute but why the hell is Power Rangers still around?

The blue turbo ranger does have a tiny penis.

The whole show is silly so stop the hate.
The Japanese original Super Sentai from 1975 they didn't even go to school, they had bullet-shooting, missile-launching.

17 The Movies Are Terrible

Thank you Turbo Ranger Movie for failing the box office.
Because if that movie succeeded then they would have made that stupid Time Force movie

Time Force would have been the worst movie ever.

Time FOrce would have been an awful movie.

Cristian C. Perez supports terrorist!

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18 The Explosions That Happen Behind the Rangers

Anybody can easily notice that they're not really blasted, sometimes that stuff pisses me off, "AHH" then they'll pretend to loose balance, I can't believe those guys think that if they put those parts in low mode, it will make it look cooler.

The guy that ranted below is right. Plus not to forget sometimes I noticed when they get "attacked by explosions", they get ready to jump. They don't do it all of a sudden like a real budget movies do. And why can't the zords these days be CGI and Michael Bay Transformers style in them? Wild Force had CGI, but that was 2002, right now is 2014, and they should've upgraded by now. Seriously!

I always wondered how the rangers always managed to not get engulfed by the explosions

Anyone wonders, how do the Power Rangers make grass explode just by posing? - TwilightKitsune

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19 Kira Yellow Ranger from Dino Thunder

Man, she's hot. Don't see why she's on this list.

Do NOT dare to say a single word about her.
I mean she is really the best and wonderful.

I agree

20 Mike from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

He is a jerk. He is mean and ugly. All about himself

Yes is a jerk and a liar in real life.

I don't think Mike is a jerk

21 Jayden from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

His appearance in super megaforce was very disappointed. He is not legendary ranger. He and Kevin are losers and jokes.

Jaden is the worst

Power ranger suck

22 The Rangers Aren't Strong Enough

Don't believe me? Then why do they use those robots at the end? They always use it! They might just well use it from the start.

My brother said that the rangers look really weak and it's true

23 Lame Costumes
24 Wes from Power Rangers Time Force

Martha generic is a dumb woman in a dumb mother

I hope Wes eats poop and dies!

Mack kills the villain but Wes didn't kill his villain and was defeated like a loser

I come to spank your booty

keep your eye on the flag all times

25 Trip from Power Rangers Time Force

Worst alien ranger ever, and what's with the weird diamond on his head? I know he's green haired and all, but that diamond makes him look like a little princess.

The alien rangers are the first non-human power rangers not trip!


Shut to the person who said Captain Obvious!

The Alien Rangers are the first not that stupid Trip!


26 The Snow Prince from Power Rangers Mystic Force

I hate the prince douches

I want him dead!

He's an aging hippie liberal douche

27 Mia from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai
28 Theo Martin from Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Those who hate Theo are sh++-eating bigots. Same goes for those who hate Kai, Sky, and Kevin.

I hate this blue ranger!

29 Sky from Power Rangers S.P.D.
30 Animus/Kite

He interfere with the Wild Force Power Rangers

He put the world in danger just to test them.

I Hate him.

I'm glad he died and went to Hell!

31 Power ranger might as well be a cartoon or anime
32 It's Unrealistic

How many super hero things are realistic? Lets think of others Turtles that can talk, live in the sewers and eat pizza and are super heroes. No one can ever notice who most superheroes are in the series/movies.

33 Same Story Over and Over Again

Gets boring after watching four seasons,

You got it dude.

34 Lothor from Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Ninja Storm hands down had the worst villains in power rangers history

More of a joke than a badass. Up there with Rita.

35 Emily from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai
36 Mentor Ji from Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai

I wish he was never been born

I hate this girl,. All she does is be b**chy and play on her Ipod.

37 Emperor Gruumm from Power Rangers S.P.D.
38 The Lion King Movie Came Out the Same Year In Power Rangers

Power Rangers is silly, I just like the fit bloke Tommy the green ranger from the mighty morphin.

Power Rangers the movie is more popular than the Lion King duh

39 Cheap Effects

Here's The reason I think the effects never get better, it's probably because back then they didn't have the best technology to make good effects, and nowadays they probably took an oath to honor the old tradition and never improve the effects, I would like them to improve the effects but that's probably the reason why they haven't

Why not use better CGI?

Because they are low budget and cheap.

Dino Charge as a prime example.

40 Forever Red Final Battle

But, forever red is awesome!

I wanted all the red rangers megazords to be part of the final fight and a 2 part episode instead of one

41 Mako from Shinkenger
42 Time Force


43 Ninjetti Power Coins Destroyed In Alien Rangers Ep 3
44 Dino Charge Gross Humor and Attacks

Dino Charge Gross Humor and Attacks

Doing burps and farts is really jumping the shark, but they jump into the sharks' mouths and got eaten


Why Fart Attacks and Gross Humor in Power Rangers that is stupid!

45 The Spastic Movements

For some reason it's impossible for the rangers to speak without waving their arms and jumping all over the place

46 The Villains always have to become giant after they get defeated

It is always the same storyline over and over again and all the season are the same and rubbish and same stroryline

Why do they have to? All it does is show off their bad CGI, so why?

47 Terrible Acting
48 It's No Fun to Watch

It should've been a 90s fad.

49 Sparks Fly Out of the Rangers Whenever They Get Hit

Smoke and sparks always come out the power rangers when they get hit and when they get shoot why do expolsion happen at the back and makes the monster a losuy shoot and kalishexpolision happen at the back

I never got this, why do they always have smoke and sparks fly out of them whenever they get hit? Is this supposed to be their substitute for blood or something?

50 It is Extremely Cheesy
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