Worst Things About Power Rangers


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61 Syd from Power Rangers S.P.D.
62 Sam from Power Rangers S.P.D.
63 Anubis "Doggie" Cruger from Power Rangers S.P.D.

Middle finger to this ranger

64 Circuit from Power Rangers Time Force V 2 Comments
65 SPD and Dino Thunder Team Up

I hate this team up and the Dino Thunder already know about the future and erasing their memories was pointless

66 RPM and Samurai Team Up

It is the worst team up
They should have the entire cast of RPM to show up to fight.

67 RPM Final Episode V 1 Comment
68 Takeru Shiba from Shinkenger V 2 Comments
69 Ryunosuke Ikenami from Shinkenger

Why the gosh would you want them to hell

I hate this blue ranger

Both the American and the Japanese version suck so I hope they go to Hell!

Go to Hell Ryunosuke

Go to Hell Kevin the ugly black boy

70 Super Megaforce Legendary War Final

This was a major disappointment. The one from the sentei was way better.

V 1 Comment
71 Fart Jokes and Poop Jokes in Power Rangers Dino Charge V 1 Comment
72 Rita's Voice is so Lame, Stupid and Fake
73 The Yellow Rangers of seasons 1, 2, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, and Wild Force

They were suppose to be MEN, not women!

74 Zyuranger

Zyuranger was a sentai not a power ranger

Frankly, they were the only team with belt buckle henshin devices, and the never rode their patrol vehicles in supersuits :(

75 The Villains always have to become giant after they get defeated

Why do they have to? All it does is show off their bad CGI, so why?

76 It's Unrealistic
77 Plastic Weapons
78 It's No Fun to Watch
79 Sparks Fly Out of the Rangers Whenever They Get Hit

I never got this, why do they always have smoke and sparks fly out of them whenever they get hit? Is this supposed to be their substitute for blood or something?

80 Toilet Jokes
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