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1 Miis break up

Even when it's a couple you WANTED to break up, the whole sequence is extremely sad.

2 Your Miis least favorite food is your favorite food in real life

Or vice versa. My Mii's "super all time favorite" is calamari; in reality I can't stand the stuff.

Time to chuck the 3ds out the window - N64Dude

3 Your Mii wants to marry the same person over and over again

And it's the ugliest Mii in history - N64Dude

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4 The games V 2 Comments
5 The "sneeze minigame"

This is the worst thing about the entire game and it's entirely pointless, seeing as it hardly makes their level go up either.

"I have to sneeze but it wont come out." And they always lose it - N64Dude

6 Your crushes Mii marries your best friends Mii

Time to cry under my bed for a week - N64Dude

7 Fights

When not only are two Miis in a fight but it's so bad they're surrounded by an orange flame aura and while they'll take baths if offered it won't help. No, orange aura=you have to find a third party to mediate, and that person may be asleep or not home. Not to mention having to check everyone else who has a social problem bubble hoping that's the mediator rather than someone just asking how you feel about their marriage or in a fight of their own.

It is very annoying when your mii also fighting with another mii and it always waste your bathtubs. It's so annoying. Why would they add that to the game.

The worst is that they get into fights in their sleep. Who does that?

8 Babies

On my island, a baby that was born 3 days ago named Peyton is so gosh darn annoying. I hate her ugly ass so much. She keeps crying for no reason. I didn't even want her parents to get married and given birth to that idiot. I just want to burn and drown baby Peyton. She is just so annoying and ugly. This midget is two words. Mary Sue.

The female babies look like men and the male Miis always have female features. And then they wont stop crying. What did the parents even DO to make the baby cry? Fun Fact: You can ignore the game for a week and the baby will be all grown up. - N64Dude

I like the game but the babies are so annoying. Thank goodness they are grown up now.

When Katie was born to Kevin (Another child) and auggie she looked much like a female but when Abigal was born to Dad and THE O.C. she looked much like a male. - FasterThanSonic

9 Miis asking you to treat them better then everyone else
10 Your Mii wants a specific food and you don't have it in your inventory.

No way to get rid of the problem bubble - N64Dude

I just feed them a similar food if I don't got it in my inventory. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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11 Enforced heteronormativity

Come on, you knew somebody would add this one eventually.

12 They want new hats all the time

Are they lazy? Why can't they buy themselves a stupid hat.

What's super annoying is the hat requests that come from Miis who were already wearing them even in the MiiMaker. You want hats to wear over your hat, really?

13 Boys and Girls Day Out

I like the event but the annoying thing about is that your mins keep saying the same things over and over

14 Parents

In the game, the parents are kind of annoying. They always saying stop rocking the baby hard when you're not and they are the reason why the babies cry. Like they always have to shake their heads at the baby really fast which makes the babies cry. Whenever they do that I get annoyed easily

15 They can be spoiled brats

They won't stop asking for stuff and won't stop asking about the stupid games

16 They keep annoying you

It is really annoying when your keep asking to propose to same person when you don't want them to. And they keep asking stupid questions

17 They fight over stupid things

This one time, two if my miis were fighting over food. Good gosh, just share the damn thing.

18 They keep asking to get married over and over when you don't want them too.

Stop asking me to get married with someone so damn annoying. I had to get them married because they will just keep annoying me and keep saying it again. Just annoying.

19 Can only have 100 residents

It may not seem like that big a deal, especially since you can actually have 100 Miis in your 3DS MiiMaker as well, but what about when someone has a kid you actually wouldn't mind keeping on as a resident? That still takes one of those 100 slots.

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1. Miis break up
2. Your Miis least favorite food is your favorite food in real life
3. Your Mii wants to marry the same person over and over again



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