Top Ten Worst Things About 10 Year Olds

The Top Ten Worst Things About 10 Year Olds

1 They are stupid in online games

They're just kids - CrypticMemory

10 year olds make others feel uncomfortable while they rage...

Lmao girls like: SANS IS MINE!
me: sans loves nothing but papyrus. - XtheXlmao

My brother plays Call of Duty online and when I hear those annoying 10 year olds I Just get so mad and go to the park to calm because they are annoying - idontknow

2 They think that using bad words is funny

Approximately 92% of the kids in my grade level cuss and I am only in 6th grade

Believe it or not, I had my rebellious stage significantly younger than the usual. So I used to swear and use sexual terms that I still don't understand and probably didn't use correctly anyways... Now the worst word I say is "damn" and that's still very rarely... Oh how times have changed. don't worry ten year olds, I get it. - keycha1n

The reason is because stupidity is every nowadays, but you got a point...BUT ATHLEAST WE don't WATCH STUPID SHOWS like Teen titans go, Breadwinners, and Pokemon Black And White(Sounds racist to me) I just watch DB, DBZ, DBS and not Gt... and Another Reason why We swear is obviously anger, if you think that a 5th Grader is weird swearing, About My Teachers...Or is it just my country

We Don't really Like Swearing, It's a sign that we be having fun or Angry, the one who put this on the list Makes me feel like Leonardo de vinchi is writing down on a book "The signs I found in the year 20-- an example is shaking heads means Sure or yes.

Almost every 5th grader says bad word and think there so cool. I fell like the only one who think it isn't

3 They think that they are adults

I am 13,i obviously been 10,and I didn't thought myself an adult,but anyway

My cousin is 9 and acts like teenager!

I'm 10 years old, and most of my age acts just fine. However, there are a few annoying 10 year olds who in fact, think that they're adults. We're in 5th grade, we should have a general sense of maturity, yet we should still be kids.

Aw man, I had quite the "I'm mature but really not" phase. I was just being pretentious. Glad to just be a kid though, I've got 60 years to be old... Hopefully! - keycha1n

4 They rage if you kill them in video games

They know there terrible at Call of Duty... They just say that you cheated, so they don't admit that there bad. - nintendofan126

If they get the ray gun, they act like they won a million dollars. Then they die within 3 seconds and throw a fit. - nintendofan126

By the way nobody says " You Cheated" The people or gamer who say that are rare and hard to find

I don't rage, I'm in 5th grade

5 Playing FPS with them is terrible

All ten year olds are bad at Call of Duty. - nintendofan126

I'm on level 55 (in 5th grade) not to brag

6 They cry for stupid reasons

In my whole lifetime I have never seen more than 3 10 year olds cry and I see like a lot of ten year olds cry when I was ten I only cried if someone died I turned eleven this week and when donald trump won well that's a good reason for crying

I love all the ten year olds out about this list - Evanmb36

They cry because they have no life. - AlphaQ

Hell, the person who made this list is probably w 10 year old. Cry for stupid reasons? You have been a 10 year old before, right? 90 percent of them cry, but it's not their fault. They're just sensitive at that agem - Alpha101

7 They are mean to you

Nah, you probably ticked them off like a lot of 5th grade girls do to boys

Most kids are mean at the age of ten. - nintendofan126

I'm in 5th grade but I only mean to people mean to me

Oh yeah… I'm a troll

8 They lie

There was a YouTube video of a kid saying he had more subscribers, then pewdiepie, and everybody knew he was lying. - nintendofan126

I think you have a hole in your brain there is a hospital 40 miles from here, oh wait you have a hole in your brain you can't drive, guess you will be walking there.

9 They think that they are right even if they are wrong

You think your right in this list, even though every single reason is dumb and stupid and not right.

That's true of some of us

10 They call people gay as an insult while being obsessed with dicks

...The hell even is this, Encyclopedia Dramatica?

My parents are gay it's not an insult. we have brains.

I know exactly what you mean. We do have brains, but what the scene is most ten year olds aren't using theirs right. - FennikenFan9

Gay is a good thing. It means happy. - AlphaQ

I agree.

The Contenders

11 They respond to you in bad ways

A good example is when you play online Call of Duty with them. - nintendofan126

Enough. the only thing u have against us is our Call of Duty

12 They are annoying

I have an annoying ten year old neighbor who has bad roasts and hurts others. I was less annoying at his age.

So it's their opinion you like your music they like theirs and there is nothing you can do to change their mind

This point is underrated

I'm ten and I hate today's generation mostly music who hates stupid whip nae nae and bad cold water I love punk music its stupid about vine it's so bad I just like memes but who likes today I don't

13 They love bad music artists

I'm a ten year old and I think me and my brother are the only ones who agrees with this, We both hate Justin beiber, Taylor swift, and Soulja boy But we also hate Fake artists like Misha, Jacob Sartorous, Johnny Orlando, and the Paul brothers

I'm ten and I hate today's music. It's just so bad. I like 40's through 80's music. My favorite band is Queen.

You probably like taylor swift.

It's called opinions, people. - AlphaQ

14 They think that they are cool because they can dab

Hey you I'm a girl and I dab

True, true there.

Anyone can dab, they're not cool!


15 They are awkward

This is so mean, this list should be taken down.

I m 14 and I'm awkward to make all the ten yr old feel better - Ihateschool

16 They always think they are the boss of everyone and think they are at the top of the food chain

You think that too.

17 When they get mad, their prepubescent voices squeak

Your voice squeaks when your mad

18 They get super defensive true for me! I basically explode every time I get negative feedback!

19 They are treated as stupid, even though they can be much, much smarter than some childish adults on the internet that are insulting the whole age group just because one 10 year old acted like that towards them

I am actually a 10 year old girl and this is childish. I'm not even from America, and I have better spelling than most of these "adults". I suggest you get an education first before going online and saying that all children that are 10 years old act like this. If I be honest, I have never done a single thing from this list and I'm probably quite smarter than all of these people with bad spelling that are probably only four years older but yet are still telling the whole age group that they are "stupid".

This is true. When I was 10 I didn't act like this at all. People do that for anyone 18 and under (like teens and younger kids).

20 They're always bragging because they're almost done with elementary school

This is getting stupid. why make this if your reasons are terrible

21 They think video games are only good if the graphics are

Well I like super Mario 64 and angry birds, even the graphics are not good

Minecraft has graphics from, I don't know, 1990. - DapperPickle

But minecraft is an exeption


22 They are greedy

They are greedy

23 They don't want to clean their room

They say do I have to do it right now?

So? Cleaning your room sucks.

24 They are bullies
25 They brag

So do people from other age group. This is only stereotypical not all 10 year olds do/are these

GIRLS BRAG" Oh I have 200 beanie boos, oh I got these clothes from the mall yesterday look at your clothes so dirty

26 They think music is getting better

It is sort of. - AlphaQ

Because music now just is for kids but I'm ten but I'm like a fithteen year old exept the phones and todays music like I think music sucks

27 They get triggered too easily
28 They disrespect opinions
29 They hate a lot of things
30 They like Fortnite
31 They are violent
32 They think remakes are better than the originals

It's stupid

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