Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You While Trying to Pick Up a Girl

The Top Ten

1 Her boyfriend comes and he's a giant

Me; can I get your number
Girl; sorry I have a boyfriend.
Me;Really who is he?
Girl;He's right behind you.
Me;-looks behind me and sees her giant boyfriend-.
Boyfriend; were you trying to take my girlfriends
Me; should I start running now? - nintendofan126

2 She kicks you in the balls

Really? Must be the stupiest pick up lines of history if a girl did that. What kind of girls do that anyway? Psychos? Are they not afraid that they will be kicked back? If a girl do that to me because I tried to pick her up in a civilized manner, I can tell you for sure that I will kick her back and I can you tell also for sure that afterwards she will never do that again. She will have learned her lesson.

This has happened to lots of people. I've never felt this felling and I hope I never do. - nintendofan126

I'll remember this next time I try and pick up a girl... - Britgirl

3 You get nervous and pee yourself

Worse than #1 and #2. Pain is temporary, but embarrassment is forever.

Alex bowyer does it a lot

This would be the most embarrising thing to ever happen to anyone. I mean peeing yourself in front of a woman. - nintendofan126

4 You're trying to pick up a woman at the same time when someone else tries to

I know some woman like it when boys fight over them. But really if this ever happens to me. You do not wanna know what I'm gonna do to the other boy trying to pick up the girl that I was trying to get. - nintendofan126

5 She'll only be your girlfriend for your money

This can only happen to you unless your rich. - nintendofan126

6 She says no

So what? Move to the next one till one says yes.

Me; hi wanna be my girlfriend.
Girl; NO!
Me; why?
Girl; I don't know? I just like saying no - nintendofan126

7 You get nervous and puke on her

Why does this make me laugh so much?!?!?! - Flamesofsilver

Haha she would kill you. - RockFashionista

Pukeing makes me sick to my stomach. But doing it on a girl would be even worse. - nintendofan126

Ewww won't wanna be this person

8 You get beat up by a dork

Funny never got beat up

Boy: I'm gonna pick you up
Girl: Oh hey a dork
Boy: I'm just gonna walk away now

9 You fart

If shes comfy with it, if she don't throw her this means she don't love you or like you, if you fart

10 She says yes, but then you wake up

Aw yes that would suck ( this and similar things have happened to me)

The Contenders

11 Your car breaks down

How does this one work exactly?

In porn logic, you're set

12 Donkey Kong comes and kidnaps her

Nice try anyway.

13 She turns into your least favorite person
14 Justin Bieber takes her from you

This means your a complete loser if that should happen

15 You crash
16 You get arrested
17 You get lost
18 Porky Minch Takes Her
19 She turns out to be a guy

This would be so awkward...

20 Your girlfriend (or wife) shows up
21 She turns into a monster
22 She is Justin Bieber in disguise
23 She is a mermaid and eats you
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