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1 Sri Lanka Church Bombing

It was such a shame a sad tragedy like this could take place in religious places, like churches, meaning terrorism involves hate on Jesus Christ, and since it was hate on Christ, it was considered a hate crime on our powerful lord and savior and he was the one who walked on water, saved everyone, but also fasted for 40 days and eventually made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.
We need to show respect and peace to our world, and importantly the lord, and he made everyone and was the only man ever to walk on water as well as he's perfect, and no one else will ever be.
Recently, the death toll of this attack was downgraded to 253 after searching and hospitalizations, but it's still sad how this happened and it was Sri Lanka's darkest day in 10 years. - JonBoi

Burn in hell bombers

This even is beyond horrendous.

I was in one of the buildings

2 Christchurch Mosque Shooting

I actually read about this and PRAYED for the people in Christchurch!

The most heartbreaking church shooting. - RadioHead03

One of the worst mass shootings in recent years. - B1ueNew

Worst thing that happened in March - ElSherlock

3 Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Frollo, what did you do? - Cyri

Lol. This shouldn't be joked about but what you just said was funny

Fires like this are going to become more common due to climate change.

I hope your joking. Not everything has to do with climate change. - 2storm

So sad that a 900 year old famous landmark was destroyed like that - Randomator

This should be #1 - Maddox121

4 Ethiopian Plane Crash

All 157 onboard were killed.
No survivors.

5 ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi releases new video, proving he’s still alive

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him - ReturnOfScorpio

He's finally dead! - Matas

6 Alabama Tornado

Tornadoes are good though

If this is you Camaro6, yes tornadoes look cool, but they can destroy lots of houses, buildings, trees etc. - Userguy44

23 people were killed in Alabama’s deadliest tornado in 6 years,

7 Nigerians murdered in mass numbers in the Kaduna State Massacre

Worse than Notre Dame - yungstirjoey666

Really shouldent of hapened

8 Houston Police Shooting

5 officers were shot.
3 were killed.

9 UNC Charlotte Shooting

The fact that I have to add this here now only breaks my heart even further, almost as if everyone just ignored and forgot about this tragedy within a few days after it happened. I don't care how common school shootings are. They're all tragic, they're all heartbreaking, and we should all never forget to care about these tragedies. Because after what happened to me, from now on, I'll make sure to never forget to express my care and sorrow about these shootings. It's just unbelievable. I've seen shootings almost everywhere on the news in my adolescence up until now. Sandy Hook, Highlands Ranch, Parkland, and every other place I couldn't mention on here that's fallen victim to shooting. But as of now, my own school, UNC Charlotte, has now been added to that list. Even though I wasn't on campus at the time of the shooting, words can't describe how devastated I was when I heard my own school had a tragic shooting occur on campus. In the aftermath of such a tragedy, me and the UNC ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really?! Disney buying Fox above this? - RoseWeasley

These school shootings need to stop. - RadioHead03

May the prays be with MSS in Charlotte. - htoutlaws2012

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10 Moscow Plane Crash Landing

The Newcomers

? Death of Pete Frates

Pete Frates had ALS & raised awareness of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He was 34. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

? Death of Ron Leibman

Friends star Ron Leibman passed away at 82 from pneumonia. He played Dr. Leonard Green, Rachel Green’s father. Probably the worst loss for television sitcoms. 2019’s been horrible for T.V.. R.I.P. Ron Leibman.

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11 Jussie Smollett Fake Attack

There are still people who actually believe he did not fake it.

The star of Empire staged a hate crime and was charged $130,106.15 for it.

12 San Diego Synagogue Church Shooting

Very sad. It was considered a hate crime, making it even more sad. Some people are sick. - RadioHead03

Very horrible. I pray this doesn't happen at my church - 23windomt

13 Ashley Massaro Passes Away
14 Nipsey Hussle is murdered

R.I.P legend - Matas

15 Stem School Shooting

Why exactly is this under a kids cartoon ending?

Oh great another school shooting.-.

Why is this at 63? This was a really sad school shooting. - RadioHead03

How is this “lil meerkat” guy above this? - xxNightlightxx

16 Cyclone Idai

I can't believe all the crap mentioned but the deadliest event of the year. The exact number of people have been killed is still unknown but it is nowhere less than 1,300... - Ardan

More than 1,300 died in this cyclone, making it the deadliest natural disaster & any kind of event in 2019. - SamanthaRosie

17 Banff National Park Avalanche

We need to stop causing global warming with pollution, as incidents like these and even extinctions are becoming more common.

18 Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar refers to 9/11 as "some people doing something"

Well this is why politics is in my worst things about Minnesota - RawIsgore

So basically making it seem like not a big deal when almost 3,000 Americans died. What’s next? Saying the Sri Lanka bombings was an accident? - Randomator

19 Henry Pratt Company shooting in Aurora, Illinois
20 Star vs the Forces of Evil Ending

It was such a good shows for teens and adults and I actually hooked on with this show. Although I happy for that the show had a happy ending I feel that the creator wanted us to think that there will some episodes soon but I'm still upset that this amazing show was rushed in its final season and didn't really get a chance to explain everything. I definitely feel that this defiantly going to cost Disney a couple of bucks and that its going affect them negatively. However, all good thing must come to end unfortunately and I am glad I live in age where I can re watch things. This show ill always be in my heart - GentlemanJonathan

21 Disney bought Fox

Between 5,000 and 10,000 people lost their jobs as a result of Disney buying Fox.

Didn't they already? Mandela effect

Thousands of people lost their jobs because of this merger. I can imagine 25% of the people laid off are now living on the streets. And it's all Disney fault because they want to buy everything.

Disney is an evil empire selling out to communist China. - ReturnOfScorpio

22 Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away

The greatest reporter of WWE. R.I.P.

23 Arkansas Tornado

1 person was killed when it hit.

24 Death of Cameron Boyce

He was a hero I loved him so much he taught me how to be happy I miss him so much his face makes me ache but his face makes me happy too because its like he's here I have sent condolences to his family and close friends I love you cam

It is so sad that he had to go at such a young age!

It so sad

Its much worse than Disney owning Fox

Even worse than Disney Channel cancelling their good shows and Toon Disney.
Yet worse than stars like Miley Cyrus turning into psychopaths and riding the wrecking ball. - Gregory

25 Lil Mosquito Disease gets popular

Who cares it doesn't affect anyone - germshep24

WHO? - Randomator

Even though he isn’t. - MrCoolC

He isn’t popular if I don’t know about him - xxNightlightxx

26 Lil Meerkat becomes popular and releases the music video for his awful remix of Bohemian Rhapsody Lil Meerkat becomes popular and releases the music video for his awful remix of Bohemian Rhapsody

Jeez reasons like this is why this site is far from becoming good, is just a TROLL song, how is just as bad as a church burning or a massacre? - Pato_cargo

Imagine feeding this guy this much that you put him on lists like these. - B1ueNew

THIS is #11?! Shouldn't even be on here. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

It's pretty bad but is it really worthy of being in the top 15? - Misfire

27 Cielo Vista Walmart Shooting in El Paso, Texas

Another horrible shooting. This time at the Cielo Vista Walmart in El Paso, Texas. 22 were killed & 24 were injured. Yet what’s worse was that it was a hate crime and terrorist attack. Can’t we just be nice & respect each other more? Ever since then there has been panic from people about going shopping, proving how terrorist attacks deliver fear & live up to their names. - SamanthaRosie

28 Chick Fil A banned in San Antonio Airport

Definitely not the worst thing that happened in 2019. There were other things worse than this. - RadioHead03

I'm so sick of the chick fil a controversy it's hella annoying

I feel awful for the people at the airport - xxNightlightxx

Just because you don’t support it doesn’t mean it has to be banned! Just don’t go there! - Randomator

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29 Teenage Trump supporter Nick Sandmann gets doxxed by the media for smiling at a Native American

What are you saying that he uses a different name or as another personality online to make a leaving if not it isn't being doxxed - germshep24

30 Utrecht Tram Shooting

This was terrible. - Userguy44

31 Submarine Man Manages to Get Verified on YouTube

Worse than shootings

I'm pretty sure that guy is joking. But if he isn't, then he is a monster. - TheGamingGuy

There are other worse and more important things. - Misfire

Why would anyone care, I mean good for him it doesn't affect anyone - germshep24

WHO CARES. - B1ueNew

32 Lil Dicky releases one of the worst songs ever "Earth"

His name says it all

An abomination.

This malfunction of a song sucks big time but my suggestion is to ignore it. - xxNightlightxx

I didn't even listen to it. I just saw clips of it on Instagram - 23windomt

33 Virginia Beach Courthouse Shooting

The darkest day for Virginia Beach, killing 12. - SamanthaRosie

34 Sebring SunTrust Bank Shooting

5 were killed, and it was an ambush attack.

35 Death of Bob Einstein Death of Bob Einstein

RIP Super Dave Osborne

36 Odessa Texas Shooting

7 killed in a shooting at Odessa Texas just before Hurricane Dorian hits Florida & the Carolinas. - SamanthaRosie

I just discorved this on september 1 2019 :-(, came here to add this to the list and it already here, not a good way to end August 2019 with a shooting sad that this happened, r.i.p to the 7 people who died in the shooting - trains45

37 YouTube disabled comments on family videos

I bet this all happened because people were swearing in the comments section. This is honesty so idiotic and pointless. Besides, YouTube was never meant for a young audience.

2019 not a good year too many good things got removed or shutdown, including this getting removed in 2019, my least favorite thing of 2019 - trains45

Literally, the worst change in the site's history. Worse than the Google Plus stuff. - railfan99

And then they got rid of direct messages, removed their verification system & are now removing the classic studio & downgrading their terms of service. It just keeps getting worse & worse. - SamanthaRosie

That's just STUPID! so users won't be able to post comments on family oriented videos anymore, even if it's clean stuff.
This shows is YouTube's just falling from grace.

38 Over 270 Voting Counters Died in Indonesia

The Sri Lanka attacks killed 253, whereas this killed more than 270. I read the actual count to be 272, which was just sad. The government forced the counters to work and suffer in high temperatures all day, and it's just so unfair how they would put these people in danger of heatstroke from toiling in these conditions all day every week. This needs to go up higher as it was the deadliest day in 2019 and yet it didn't get much attention as people around the world focus more on terror attacks and this was terror attack level of deadliness.

The death toll for the Sri Lanka bombings is actually 259 now. Still this was deadlier. - SamanthaRosie

Over 270 voting counters died in Indonesia from stress and heatstroke from working in the heat.
More people died from this than from the Sri Lanka bombing, so Indonesia had the darkest day of the year so far.

This should be number one.

An underrated tragedy. Peace to all those lives lost. - JonBoi

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39 Death of Grumpy Cat

Such a classic, iconic meme. It’s a shame this is below obscure rappers I’ve never heard of in my life! - xxNightlightxx

She wasn’t good...

She was the BEST. * presses f to pay respect * - IceFoxPlayz

40 Death of Etika

RIP - Matas


A popular YouTuber with an impressive ~800,000 subscribers went through years of depression from his work & was stressed out to the point he couldn’t take it anymore & eventually he wandered off & killed himself. This has been the most shocking tragedy for the YouTube Community in 2019 until Grant Thompson's death in a paragliding accident near the end of July. One of the top popular YouTubers lost to suicide. R.I.P Etika. - SamanthaRosie

41 Apex Legends was released

We don't need anymore crappy Battle royale games!

Should be higher

Don't play the game then

Who cares? - RadioHead03

42 Leaving Neverland

A one-sided and easily debunked "documentary" that attempts to ruin one of the most influential entertainer's legacies and attempts to make you sympathise with two proven liars who have just made this documentary to sue the Michael Jackson estate and steal money from his children. Everything in this documentary reeks "fake" from the comment about Michael Jackson's hair feeling like a "brillo pad" which was obviously untrue and the whole train station incident that never took place because the station wasn't even built at that point. If you still think this is a legitimate good documentary, go do research for even 10 minutes and you'll see how fake this is. - ShrekTheGoat

You ruined my Michael Jackson!

43 Bianca Devins Killed

A guy she met on instagram literally cut her body parts off then he posted pics of her dead body online just because she rejected him and she was only 17 I can't believe selfish people like this still exist - Iamcool

Worse than Logan Paul filming a dead body in a Japanese forest. - SamanthaRosie

That is cruel

44 Arson Attack at Japanese Animation Studios in Kyoto, Japan

I was so shocked to what happened to Kyoto Animation. They made the most memorable animes ever. May the victims who died rest in peace...

45 Halifax Canada Hurricane
46 GoAnimate for Schools Shut Down

I am sad because now no more funny grounded videos that don't look ugly can be made. - myusernameisthis

This sad I watched lots of goanimate for schools, I never got to try it with a free trial I did get to try the original goanimate with a free trial a few months before it changed to vyond - trains45

This is above the El Paso Shooting? - Maddox121

Who cares?

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47 Dayton Bar Shooting

9 were killed in a shooting at Dayton Bar. How messed up can people’s hearts get? Poor families & locals. - SamanthaRosie

48 Hurricane Dorian

Dang. I feel sorry for the people who had to deal with natural disasters like this. - Jasmine21064

It grew from a tropical storm to a hurricane in days. Thankfully it's missed Puerto Rico though or it'd do what Maria did. It eventually hit category 5 status with winds speeds peaking at 185 mph (10 mph faster than Katrina) & gusts hitting 220 mph & hit the Bahamas with a glancing blow. 70 people are dead & it's become the most powerful Atlantic hurricane since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane & moved very slowly, with a minimum speed of only 1 mph, delivering powerful winds & torrential rains & flooding. Yet after it left Florida & weakened, it eventually restrengthened into a cat 3 as it approached the Carolinas, wreaking havoc there. It hit Eastern Canada as a cat 1. The total cost in damage was ~$7 billion, making it the costliest natural disaster in Bahamian history. - SamanthaRosie

49 Black Panther Became the 1st Marvel Movie to Win an Oscar

Why is this a bad thing? It didn't in Best Picture or any of the big awards. It won for Production Design and Costume Design (quite justified in my opinion), and Best Original Score (debatable).
You should just be happy that the MCU receives any kind of recognition at the Academy (while we're at it Best Picture nomination for 'Avengers: Endgame'? Pretty please? ). - SuperSonic17

How is this the worst thing? - germshep24

I call racism on this.

Okay...? - Misfire

50 Will Smith is the genie

This was good, stop being rude..

Thank god people are finally realizing the horrors of this action

I watched the movie...

I had to drink bleach after watching that hot mess of flaming garbage. - IceFoxPlayz

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