Top 10 Worst Things that Happened in 2019

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1 Christchurch Mosque Shooting

I don't live in Christchurch but this was still a huge shock. I had never thought something like this could happen in New Zealand. Previously I had always thought of terrorism as something that happened in distant parts of the world but not something that my country would be concerned by.

Didn't the shooter livestream the whole thing and said something about subscribing to Pewdiepie at the beginning?

I actually read about this and PRAYED for the people in Christchurch!

One of the worst mass shootings in recent years.

2 Sri Lanka Church Bombing

It was such a shame a sad tragedy like this could take place in religious places, like churches, meaning terrorism involves hate on Jesus Christ, and since it was hate on Christ, it was considered a hate crime on our powerful lord and savior and he was the one who walked on water, saved everyone, but also fasted for 40 days and eventually made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.
We need to show respect and peace to our world, and importantly the lord, and he made everyone and was the only man ever to walk on water as well as he's perfect, and no one else will ever be.
Recently, the death toll of this attack was downgraded to 253 after searching and hospitalizations, but it's still sad how this happened and it was Sri Lanka's darkest day in 10 years. - JonBoi

Sad how 253 lost their lives in this horrible massacre. We need to stop hating on Jesus Christ and people and start restoring peace and help others fulfill their life and dreams. What the terrorists did was sick and disgusting. No one deserves to be killed, and no Churches especially deserve to be bombed.

321 were killed. This was a sad time for Sri Lanka. never before in the last 10 years has something this bad happened there. We must all pray for the victims and families of Sri Lanka. Terrorism is no joke, we must stop with it.

Killed 350 people, and it happened on Easter Sunday, which just made it flat out horrible.
It's hate on Christ, who sacrificed for all of us.
Worst day for Sri Lanka in the last 10 years.

3 Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

This was very shocking. There was a fire the partially damaged so much of a building worth of history. At least nobody got killed unlike what happened in Christchurch and Sri Lanka - JoeBoi.

Fires like this are going to become more common due to climate change.

Claude Frollo would like to know your location.

I was literally working on this list! Of course I was beaten to it :(
Edit: 2 minutes and I already got a thumbs up? New record!

4 ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi releases new video, proving he’s still alive

He's finally dead!

5 Nigerians murdered in mass numbers in the Kaduna State Massacre

Yeah, worse than Notre Dame for sure.

6 Ethiopian Plane Crash

The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX. This crash resulted in the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX groundings.

All 157 onboard were killed.
No survivors.

What a tragedy.

7 Alabama Tornado

Nothing like a natural disaster to shake things up.

8 Houston Police Shooting

Even in 2020 this is still a tragedy.

9 2019 Alberta Wildfires

These fires were the worst, I remember hearing about them in may 2019

10 UNC Charlotte Shooting

The fact that I have to add this here now only breaks my heart even further, almost as if everyone just ignored and forgot about this tragedy within a few days after it happened. I don't care how common school shootings are. They're all tragic, they're all heartbreaking, and we should all never forget to care about these tragedies. Because after what happened to me, from now on, I'll make sure to never forget to express my care and sorrow about these shootings. It's just unbelievable. I've seen shootings almost everywhere on the news in my adolescence up until now. Sandy Hook, Highlands Ranch, Parkland, and every other place I couldn't mention on here that's fallen victim to shooting. But as of now, my own school, UNC Charlotte, has now been added to that list. Even though I wasn't on campus at the time of the shooting, words can't describe how devastated I was when I heard my own school had a tragic shooting occur on campus. In the aftermath of such a tragedy, me and the UNC ...more

Really?! Disney buying Fox above this?

More and more violence.

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11 Death of Cameron Boyce

From Jessie as well as Descendants both on Disney Channel of the most Shocking deaths of 2019.
So young, at only 20.

It is so sad that he had to go at such a young age!

12 Jussie Smollett Fake Attack

There are still people who actually believe he did not fake it.

The star of Empire staged a hate crime and was charged $130,106.15 for it.

13 Ashley Massaro Passes Away
14 Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar refers to 9/11 as "some people doing something"

I'm somali and shes somali, but after this I am absolutely appalled of what she said. They took more then 2,000 lives, and just saying that they did something! Is she gonna say next that kayla mueller was a accident and they took the wrong person!. I live in atlanta and my dad is in the senate, but even he and my whole family now hates her. Sorry I'm ranting

So basically making it seem like not a big deal when almost 3,000 Americans died. What's next? Saying the Sri Lanka bombings was an accident?

Well this is why politics is in my worst things about Minnesota

15 YouTube disabled comments on family videos

This was YouTube's 1st big mistake of 2019 & arguably among their biggest mistakes ever. Now nobody will ever comment on family videos, which are heartwarming & many YouTubers even gave up their channels all because of this. Blame the current CEO Susan Wojciki, who's YouTube headquarters' main antagonist after the woman who shot the HQ in 2018. This also led to a rise in the number of YT channels getting hacked. YouTube's fallen from grace.

I bet this all happened because people were swearing in the comments section. This is honesty so idiotic and pointless. Besides, YouTube was never meant for a young audience.

That's just STUPID! so users won't be able to post comments on family oriented videos anymore, even if it's clean stuff.
This shows is YouTube's just falling from grace.

Literally, the worst change in the site's history. Worse than the Google Plus stuff.

16 Henry Pratt Company shooting in Aurora, Illinois
17 Star vs the Forces of Evil Ending

It was such a good shows for teens and adults and I actually hooked on with this show. Although I happy for that the show had a happy ending I feel that the creator wanted us to think that there will some episodes soon but I'm still upset that this amazing show was rushed in its final season and didn't really get a chance to explain everything. I definitely feel that this defiantly going to cost Disney a couple of bucks and that its going affect them negatively. However, all good thing must come to end unfortunately and I am glad I live in age where I can re watch things. This show ill always be in my heart

It was a good show

18 Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away
19 Arkansas Tornado
20 Banff National Park Avalanche

We need to stop causing global warming with pollution, as incidents like these and even extinctions are becoming more common.

21 Cyclone Idai

I can't believe all the crap mentioned but the deadliest event of the year. The exact number of people have been killed is still unknown but it is nowhere less than 1,300...

More than 1,300 died in this cyclone, making it the deadliest natural disaster & any kind of event in 2019.

Probably one of the greatest humanitarian crises of 2019, but ignored.

22 Moscow Plane Crash Landing
23 North Texas Crane Collapse

The 1st time in 13 years a deadly crane collapse occurred in Seattle.

24 Cielo Vista Walmart Shooting in El Paso, Texas

Another horrible shooting. This time at the Cielo Vista Walmart in El Paso, Texas. 22 were killed & 24 were injured. Yet what's worse was that it was a hate crime and terrorist attack. Can't we just be nice & respect each other more? Ever since then there has been panic from people about going shopping, proving how terrorist attacks deliver fear & live up to their names.

Texas really needs to get under control.

25 Don Cherry Fired
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