Worst Troops In Clash of Clans

You want to attack with a good army, but people are saying that a troop is bad and others are saying that they are good. So which troops should you NOT use?

The Top Ten Worst Troops In Clash of Clans


Actually really great for wrecking bases early on after mortar is gone. - computerfan0

Wizard towers, bombs and mortars are lethal, other than that they would be alright.

They literally do absolutely nothing and get killed in one shot so bad but fun to donate gobs to high level players to troll

No way I always use goblins. Use it for loot by making a few giants a meat shield. I also use it to as a way to set of bombs. They run so fast the exploding bomb won't damage it at all

Lava Hound

Why number one worst troop? They have tons of health and their awesome. Their one of my favorites. Lava hounds can be used to occupy the air defenses while balloons wreck the base. The balloons can do massive damage but air defenses can take them out easily. But when air defenses are attacking something else, the balloons can wreck the base without worry. The lava hounds are the best, troop, for the air defenses to be occupied on when the balloons wreck the base. A lava hound can occupy and air defense for quite a long time.

This is way too high. They may not do much damage, but they take it so that other flying troops can do damage.

Oh these comments, it's a tank. It's like a flying golem.

Of course it doesn't do any damage because it's job is too soak up all the damage from the defenses.

The lava hound said "I am just going to fly over this air defense and let it kill me"

Wall Breaker

Uh, the strategy of HOW you use them matters. - Turkeyasylum

They don't go alone. Walls are a deadly defense and will cause your troops to go around the base instead of into the center. Wall breakers are great for breaking walls, for just a few housing spaces they can break through a layer of walls and allow your other troops to wreck the base

Wall breakers are powerless against defences but are quite good for destroying walls.

The wall breakers are just stupid so so stupid because it sits besides the bomb and waits when the bomb is going to blast if they did like bomber in clash royale and had a high HP it would be one of my favorite troop


Why is Wizard here? He is a good troop.

They do tons of damage, and with golems to distract the defenses, wizards might wreck the base.

Level 7 Wizards are good because they do a lot of damage and they do a area splash

Deal tons of damage. Not very tough in return though. On the spendy side. Otherwise, use other troops as bait, and wizards will take out everything. I honestly don't know why they're on this list. Wizards are one of the best!


Great range but I personally don't really like them, in higher levels all they do is take out some outer buildings to help your secure the 50% win

I'm an archer. I get one shotted by falling rocks from a level 1 mortar.

Mortar will murder all of them

Mortar will kill them all


They are just flying archers, yet take 2 housing spots? While they do have the nieche ability of being undetectable by seeking air mines, this is ultimently a hinderence because they make good sacrafices to save a troop like a balloon.

Minions are good as masses but they have little health. And wished they did more damage.

I'm minion. I fly around and poop on defenses.

Your screwed if an air bomb hits them


1. Slow
2. Expensive
3. Really long train time
4. 20 housing space
5. Damage isn’t so great
6. Low level ADs can melt them
7. Dumbest troop (Targeting is broke)

Are you kidding me? Dragons are the best! A lot of these troops are actually really good, you just have to use them the right way. But I do agree about Goblins definitely being the worst!

They suck, they just fly around the air defenses and let the air defenses take them out. I failed so many attacks with dragons and I never use them anymore

dragons use up so much elixir, you run out of elixir soon if you keep using them

Dragons are good if you place them right.


Healer be like ima gonna heal every single other troop except myself

Always go for the wrong troop

There good for queen walk that's about it really

They are not good


Bowler is my favorite troop. They can destroy things over walls, and are great for war. They aren't the best for farming, though.

Whats wrong with you people bowlers and miner will three star a max th 10 easily and no a level 1 bowler does anlotnmore damage than a level 2 archer even a level 7 archer

I'm a fat blue dumbass and I need a wizard to create the rock out of thin air!

Less damage per unit space than a level 2 archer


Are you mad I think the creator need to go to the mental hospital...man he is seriously ill or mentally disturbed they are the best troops...(according to me )once I used them and caused huge damage to the enemy

Good, but it's expensive. Drags and wizards top it slightly.

Somebody (a TH9) used 1 PEKKA and a lot of Wall Breakers on my base (TH5) and won. - computerfan0

I like pekka but I wish they moved faster and did damage faster.

The Contenders


If you speak with "u" instead of you people won't take you seriously

You're all wrong that it was a great troop...

This Troop Sucks - 12cc

Who even uses these?


Level 1 is perfect.

Unlike clash royale,they are very easy to be killed by a archer tower

Barb level 6 r not bad

They are actually useless except for barch or lure


They are so fragile and attacks so slow. Only good as a clan castle reinforcement. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Cool balloons and dragons

They are very slow and easily kill by air defense.

In groups they are good, but they have very low hitpoints. - micahisthebest


These are pretty bad, but good with heal spells. - micahisthebest

Good because they only attack defense s

Squish them and squash them and make them disappear.

Super slow and have a low fire rate

Hog Rider

At most levels, a giant bomb can only bring a hog rider to low health, if the hog rider is at full health before the explosion. A healing spell could heal hog riders to full health

Why is hog riders here, they can jump over walls but they are killed easily by giant bombs, so beware

They are the best they shouldn't be on this list

The Hog Rider said, "I'm going to attack this cannon while I get blown up by a giant bomb."


Witches suck. They can only send up dead troops that get killed easily.

Lol your a noob aren't ya? You didn't really know how to use a witch properly rofl

Too weak.It just make skeletons and the are also too weak,a witch will be killed by a giant bomb and it was very expensive.I bet it should be the second worst troop.

Lol don't worry noobs are here for tips lol because theyve been olaying for over a year but they still didn't progress just like your baking a cake for months and still haven't baked.Witches needed meat shields but looks like you needed tips roflmao

Baby Dragon (Builder)

They only work effectively when they are alone. This sucks because you can't win with one troop only

Baby Dragon (Elixir)

Baby dragon is a good meat shield but it has terrible attack and its ability doesn't help that much. - Crabmccrab

Night Witch

Many complained the NW was OP. So Supercell did what they normally do. Since they seem to have no clue how to properly balance, but only talk about it, they went the other way and completely nerfed her. Now it is extremely difficult to win any versus battles with her. Thanks Whiners! You succeeded in screwing up another troop for the rest of us! Anything else you want to whine about?

Ice Wizard

Limited time but when I used them? Absolutely garbage.

Super P.E.K.K.A
Sneaky Archer

Not bad, if I'm being honest.

Ice Golem

Golem is so cool!

Golems suck bad golems

Strongest crystal

Pumpkin Barbarian


Cannon Cart

She easy, move slow.

Beta Minion


Boxer Giant

Horrible. Slow, easy to kill, and of pretty much no use.

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