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1 Beliebers

They're just a bunch of stupid teenage girls who don't have any idea of what they're doing

My ears feel off after hearing my friend scream at a picture of him. She has a very.. Strong attachment to him.

Some of his fans are fine, but most are just insane teenage girls who defend him to the death and threaten people who don't like him,

Trashbin Bieber and his fans are horrible, who would like someone who spat on a fan!?

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2 One Directioners

Directioners are bad not the best - Flowerrose

Come on. I understand if girls think they're hot, but does there really need to be five of them? And I'm not insulting the singing group so much as I am the INSANE STALKER FANS WHO KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT EVERY MEMBER AND TRY/ PLAN TO KIDNAP A MEMBER AND MAKE OUT WITH PICTURES OF THEM! For you iCarly fans, think Nora, the chic who locked the crew in her basement. TWICE.
So yeah. I feel bad for One Direction.

Most stalkers thrive in this group, there is much squealing, and some girls only like the music because of the guys looks.

Directioners are the best

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3 Creepy Pasta Fan Girls

Psychotic 13 year old girls who say they're married to Jeff the Killer.

Thank goodness I found someone who thought the same thing. I thought I was a goner.

I honestly think they have ruined the Creepypasta stories for me. I can't look at Slenderman's face the same anymore. Funniest thing though, I love it when they say: "You kissed Slendy's lips and it felt like a hurricane." Ahem... He seemed to have misplaced his lips. I don't hate on the fans, I hate on what they did to the stories.

They killed off the Creppypasta community - Mranonymously

They just really piss me out. Like just ugh. They always find a way to ruin an amazing CreepyPasta, such as Jeff The Killer, Slender Man, Eyeless Jack, etc. I mean seriously, they take it way too far. Jeff isn't going to want to "make love" to you, he's going to want to tear into pieces with a knife or whatever weapon he currently has.

Even though Jeff The Killer was never a good creepypasta to begin with. - JakePlaid

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4 Yaoi Fan Girls

Thanks for someone who actually has the same opinion with me. My friend and I used to be normal fan of anime but now she has turned into this type of fangirl and became annoying as crap. I took her watch non-yaoi anime we used to love and she always moaning and cheering when two male characters together. I asked her once, "Why did you think they are good together? " She replied, "That's because they are good together! Is that obvious? Blablabla..." That's just stupid answer! Dear yaoi fangirls, or yuri, please don't be mad, we don't literally hate you, but you just become annoying when you rush about who and who to be shipped, this and that should be together, etc. If you like yaoi please just stay there, don't mess with good characters in non-yaoi fiction. Oh, and I'm not a fanboy.

Why everything needs to be yaoi? They are just so dumb.

Forget What I Say:Both Yuri And Yaoi is Not Great At All

I Mean:Yuri is Decent and Yaoi is Overrated

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5 Bendy and Boris Fangirls

I would punch them in the face for that.

Most Controversial fandom due it Insulted to Old Cartoon Communities.

Awful fandom I can't believe 1930's cartoon style are ruined because of this.

So Overrated Move on Bendy Stink!

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6 Pewdiepie Fan Girls

Pewdiepie already has a girlfriend deal with it - Mranonymously

That kind of person who doesn't care if he has a girlfriend or even knows them, they just instantly have a crush.


They are obnoxious, arrogant, and pathetic. Enough said.

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7 Sonic Fan Girls

Stupid Deviantart. The fangirls there make their own hedghog and suddenly they are Knuckle's long lost sister, or Amy Rose's cousin. But the worst part is that they add themselves in the stories and its usually a stupid romantic relationship with a character alongside their adventure. I like those, but it gets very tiring, immature, and weak after all the episodes, seasons, and fan art consists of that same romance-adventure type plot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I feel so sorry for poor Shadow and Sonic. They must be scared of these monsters.

Shadow would have time with romance if with the right character (i.e. Rouge), because I do not want him to be a cold, emotionless killer to be honest. But I agree... Sonic has one of the worst fandoms on the Internet and it has ruined the series' reputation. I just play the games and nothing more.

I'm more of a fan. I used to say I loved Sonic and I'd marry him when I was six years old, but I normally just play the games and write fan fictions

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8 Sans Fangirls

I'm a Sans Fangirl myself, but I'm not like "SANS IS MINE! " or obsessive. But, I have to say, they are PRETTY toxic. - LazyAnna


They're everywhere... They're so annoying to the point that you just want to obliterate sans or erase sans' existence in the first place... But really, a skeleton?! A skeleton. If you have sex with the skeleton, you'd be considered a necrophiliac... Second, sans doesn't have a magic tounge or genitals (if I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned light saber penises... oh jeez...).

Oh my god they want to bang a skeleton.

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9 Harry Potter Fan Girls

WE ARE AMAZING come on...y is this on the list?

Hooray! More creepy fan fiction!

Especially the Snily shippers

HARRY AND RON ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I love harry potter but come on, that's stretching,i've even seen Draco and harry, this just annoys me

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10 Creepy Fan Girl shippers on Deviant art

... MY EYES! IT BURNS! All I needed to say. It's like pairing ketchup with Marmite and add a full bottle of salt on it.

All I typed in was sonic, so why was I on the floor crying from shock and a broken childhood. dang you deviantart! although some of your art is pretty cool.

Shipping is fine at some extent but when real life shipping takes place it's not okay. Some kids shipped me with a person I barely know and they make weird art of us. It's literally becoming concerning.

DeviantArt is not a shipping war thank you very much. - SamuiNeko

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11 Frozen Fangirls

Daily routine of a frozen fan girl
Sing let it go
Play with Olaf doll
Sing let it go again
Watch frozen
Sing let it go
Dress up as one of the girls
Sing let it go
Go to sleep
Dream of the song let it go

Yup, when someone says "I don't like frozen" they say "WHAT? HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE FROZEN! " They think their fandom is best!

I'm actually a big fan of Frozen, but I hate how people think Elsa and Jack Frost would actually be a thing. It's not. Rise of the Guardians fan girls are idiots actually.

I honestly don't know why there's actually a big fandom over it, in my opinion it was an average movie, nothing more or less. Also who is the guy that they ship Elsa with? I see that all over the internet but I don't get it - Myuuu

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12 Beyonce Fangirls

I love beyonce for her amazing voice but her beyhive do entirely to much sometimes

13 Taylor Swift Fangirls
14 Jeff The Killer Fangirls

They are absolutely one of the worst kinds of fan girls.

Jeff the Killer fan girls are the most strangest and idiotic people on the internet. All they do is glorify a creepypasta that is already bad to immeasurable levels which makes it even worse. Heck, the glorification of Jeff the Killer actually made someone at the Creepypasta Wiki move it to the Trollpasta Wiki due to it not meeting quality standards.

Yes, they totally ruin the whole CreepyPasta fandom for 100% sure. They made me wanna rip the hair out of my head! The mary-sues make me wanna vomit every time when I read their stories. Who in the world would want to date Jeff the Emo?

I like it they like creepypasta, but the thing is, they go crazy. If Jeff the Killer woke them up in the middle of the night they would grab Jeff and make out with him. Their annoying

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15 Sailor Moon Fan Girls

Well... fangirls are bad but fanboys are even worse. My classmate is a sailor moon fanboy and he is really really annoying. He ruined it whole for me and I can't even watch it without his annoying and high pitched girly voice echoing in my head. He is not only obsessed about it but also would sit in our chemistry class and draw his own oc who is tuxedo's brother and sailor mercury's husband.

I like Sailor Moon but I am not really obsessed.

Sailor Moon Fanboys are the worst

Ugggh don't even get me started

16 Angelina Jolie Fan Girls
17 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

Why the living heck, are fan girls obsessing over foxy?

I think this should be higher on the list. I mean, first of all, there are people who would want to have sex with the animatronics, and that just confuses me. They're literally machinery. How would that even work? Second of all, there's not really much of a personality to the animatronics. That being said, how can you even be attracted to them? These fans are kind of worse than Sans fangirls because not only would about half FNAF fangirls do the same as them, but at least Sans has a personality.

I feel like this is becoming the next Frozen. - Wolftail

I've seen some stupid mary-sues. Just check out Bloom Luna. This stupid girl is the definition of Mary-Sue. She's neon and "boyfriend is foxy and is half Rainbow Fox" or whatever. She's also "perfect".

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18 R5 "Family"

It's so stupid. The only reason their band is popular too is because of the "cute boys" in it. You wouldn't believe that their fan base is mainly like 12 year olds and they say really dirty stuff about those boys too... It's disgusting. Those girls should be ashamed. The she thing makes me cringe.

R5 Family more like the Manson Family!

Doesn't make sense to me. I know a girl who calls herself a rocker but she likes this crappy boyband. She's rude to everyone and doesn't respect other people's taste in music.

Ross is NOT like he is on T.V. they pretend they are a BIG rock band but they are DWTS and Disney Channel people!

19 Dan and Phil Fan Girls

They are pretty good YouTubers, and I like them. But their fanbase is an utter mess. It consists of tween and teen girls that will attack in highly organized packs if you say anything bad/neutral towards Dan or Phil. Also, EVERY VIDEO, no matter the topic, some lonely girl posts about some Dan and Phil reference and they get thousands of likes and hundreds of replies about girls orgasming over two YouTubers who live in another damn country. If you don't believe me go see for yourself.

A bunch of straight girls join this fandom so they can feel comfortable to break their semi-clingy boyfriends heart, betray their original fandoms, and come out of the closet to indirectly show they're closet lesbians. (No offense intended to lesbians) believe me, I've seen this happen to WAY to many people.

I agree, I honestly love them because they're hilarious, but there are so many creepy fanfics and other stuff. 50% of the people are cool but the other half is overly obsessive. In 2013 dans brother was on tumblr and people kept saying things such as "you're only famous because of your brother " "you're useless" and other stuff. He was only 15 and it all got to his head. Makes me sick

Okay, not all of them, but MOST of them are quite annoying. Hard shippers of that ship, 'PHAN', are probably the most annoying out of them. They will insist they are together no matter what. Stop it.

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20 Team Crafted Fan Girls

Fanboys are annoying. They will hurl a lame insult at you if you dislike Team Crafted. Fanboys are usually petty and usually not a big problem when you compare them to FANGIRLS. Fangirls, however, are very terrifying. The over sexualisation, creepy fanfiction and that sort of stuff is just WRONG. It's about real people in some cases, which I personally find very disgusting and weird. I'm also a female.

Quotev... it has stories about that stuff.. and quizzes... it should be called Fan Girl Central, because that's where I find "SkyXReader" and "Jeffykins" and... sleepovers? what? Who invites a random person you see on the streets to yer' ' house?

I like Minecraft and I am a female. The fangirls are Satan's descendants of hell. The fanboys are rabid. I don't know what's worse: Rabid fanboys, or perverted fangirls? Honestly, the fangirl sounds worse.

Pervert girls, they'd probably make Minecraft *PORN* with "budder" - MChkflaguard_Yt

Idiotic people who write stupid fanfics about their in humanly beautiful selves picking up members of teamcrafted. Either that or some crappy fantasy fanfic about them having lame superpowers and being one of the crafters' sibling or something.

21 Maze Runner Fan Girls

I mean the movie is good but...COME ON don't make a whole fanbase about it. WHY DO THIS EXIST?

Nothing but "Who's your boyfriend" quizzes. And it was such a good book...

Oh my god, everyone obsesses over Newt/Thomas Brodie-Sangster. We get it, he's cute; can we move on?!

It used to be my favorite book series until they showed up. Again: USED TO!

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22 Ben Drowned Fangirls

Also, I'm pretty sure the fanbase ruined Majora's Mask for a lot of people.

They wan't to date a 12 year old boy that drowned.They are pedophiles

23 Narusakutards

It is obvious they are not going to be together, if they read the manga well. I'm not recommend to watch the anime, though, because every crappy fiction came from this one. I'm not saying they are dumb but this is just forced.

. NaruHina is the best. Get it over dumb NaruSakutards. I see them together but they are more like siblings.

These guys are so fuhking dumb. They started a petition to ban the Naruto manga in the US just because Naruto went to Hinata instead of Sakura! They seriously need to deal with it! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Ugh. I love Naruto the most.(as anime and character) But I hate Sakura. Sakura is so mean to Naruto. It's disgusting.

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24 Miley Cyrus Fangirls

SOMEBODY GET THIS HIGHER ON THE LIST! Seriously though, get this higher on the list.

This person along with Justin wiener and Nicki manjay do NOT need any fans whatsoever! These three pop stars are HORRIBLE CRIMINALS WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.



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25 Nicki Minaj Fangirls
26 Rihanna Fans
27 Hunger Games Fangirls

These people compare everything to the Hunger Games

The Maze Runner?
Dore the Explorer?

Don't get me wrong I like the book, but this has gone too far.

Yo I hate these fangirls. "Josh Hutcherson is the best! " Like you literally were just gushing over 1D you pathetic beta, you don't need to scream and gush over Hunger Games now too. Hunger Games: what anorexic teenage fan girls play during slumber parties.

"dore the explorer"

28 K-pop Fangirls

Some of the less self-aware girls and gays fall in this category, most don't even understand Korean

Some fangirls are okay. They just like the music. that's okay. However, when you start thinking that some people, IN REAL LIFE should be together just because you think they are cute together if you do not know them, that bad and concerning.

Here is the only reason the annoying part of fangirls like the stars:
"I wanna sarang oppa he is so cutie! " - MChkflaguard_Yt

They only like those k-pop stars looks. - SamuiNeko

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29 Jennifer Lawrence Fangirls
30 Dora Fangirls

What, this show actually has FANGIRLS?

There... Are fangirls?

She has no fans - StayAlive

This show has fans? Shocker.

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31 South Park Fan Girls

Supposed to be a comedy cartoon for adults. But, no! It's gotta be all about shipping charts according to the fangirls.

Well I'm a girl and I really like South Park. But I do agree with the fanbase.

Those latest seasons (especially that episode about yaoi) turned them into horrible SJW, like the worst character of the show itself, who was supposed to ripoff SJW but was so badly done, ending up by turning fans into SJW as well.

Ruined Tweek and Craig with that horrible yaoi episode. Not only that don't fit them but also, we got a Tweek who gets angry easily and a Craig who is too emotional. I don't call that a character development,I call that out of character.
Plus, the shippers are horrible. With every yaoi fangirls who kept asking more ships, the newest Tweek and Craig shippers who are disrespectul toward peoples who dislike it and Trey and Matt (yes, I'm including them.) who FORCE the Tweek and Craig haters to like it by making the 'ship' cliche and stereotypical, ruining them even more (like it wasn't enough they ruined Heidi), no need to say why Tweek and Craig shippers are so far the worst shippers ever. They even made Sonamy and Sonally shippers looking like a saint.

32 BVB Fan Girls

"They saved my life", that's bull. If they wanted to kill themselves, they wouldn't be here. The band can't do anything for them. They feel the need to compare any single rock band to their emo crap band. They think every song is special but for me, the songs I've listened to sound the same. And no, The GazettE, nor VAMPS, nor Deathgaze, nor. Dir en grey, not even Mötley Crue sound like BVB (All of these bands being older than BVB, except for VAMPS but Hyde is twice the age Andy is, and Hyde started singing in his other band before Andy was even born...). They think everything else sucks. Oh! And if you happen to be one of those who hates the band, you're suddenly called a directioner. How mature.

Downright annoying

Bad day huh?

33 Call of Duty Fangirls

Think they are so cool because they play Call of Duty. LOL! Go play Nintendo!

34 Ryan Reynolds Fangirls
35 Hetalia Fan Girls

I'm a Hetalia fan but I hate most of the fandom. EVERYTHING IS YAOI! I hate yaoi and yuri with a burning passion. Hetalia isn't a yaoi anime, but it seems like whenever one male character even looks at another, the fantards must turn the characters into a ship. It gets to the point where every single female character in the show is hated because they get in the way of the yaoi ships. Some of these people BREATHE yaoi! I can't look up one Hetalia picture without getting hardcore yaoi smut thrown in my face! This should be so much higher on the list!

The anime is not yaoi but they make this thing into yaoi. Heck. Stupid.

I hate my own fandom. Stop shoving your ships down my throat, please.

Hetalia is a pretty decent anime but the fangirls ruined it with their stupid shippings and fanfiction

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36 Jennifer Aniston Fangirls
37 Creek Shippers

Opinion disrespecting, 'enough said.

They took it way too seriously.

They're just the worst shippers of South Park. Directly calling "homophobic" someone who hate that ship EVEN if they like another gay ship, no matter it came from South Park or not.

Really toxic, full of crazy fangirls and SJW. But the worst Creek shippers so far are Craig fangirls, too obsessed with Craig. Unlike Tweek fans, most of Craig fan bash anyone who hate Craig. I barely saw Tweek defended by his fans.

38 Johnny Depp Fangirls

Stop shipping him with Marilyn Manson.

39 Harmonizers

Like 5th harmony but those harmonizers are nuts!

Harmonizers are the best

They r fat! Delete it fatty!

What's wrong with being a Harmonizer?
Proud Harmonizer here 👌

40 Pop Music Fangirls

Pop is just a cheap tactic to make dumb girly girls dumber.

Two Words: Taylor SwiftHahaaaha - kontrahinsunu

I like heavy metal and DJ

Pop music haves ke$ha, Justin Bieber, britney spears, one direction and more. I know there's a lot of pop music fangirls

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41 Osomatsu-san Fan Girls

I love the anime, but the fandom is horrible. Literally 75% of all fan made things is incest. It's disgusting.

I love Osomatsu-san! But the fandom is messed, I mean everything is incest and the fangirls are such devil, they scare me... lol

God! I'm so glad I only like the original one, which mean Osomatsu-kun. The reboot is so awful and the fangirls are much worse!

I love the show, though some fans can be toxic - TheEvilAlpaca

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42 Undertale Fangirls

Oh god... I just can't...

They try to put it everywhere, force it down our throats. They say it's the best game even created, even though it's pretty mediocre. Now don't get me started on the fan art and fanfictions. It looks like they want Sans' giant glowing lightsaber penis inside them. Also the incest, edgy AUs and especially seeing Sans everywhere made me sick. They put Sans in a cat suit and are like "AWW! SANSIE IS SO CUTE AND KAWAII! 111! 1! " It makes me so angry, just talking about this makes my blood boil.

They're so cringey. - Tux

These people are everywhere... Sadly they would take even realize how stupid they are. "SAANESSS IS MEH boyfriend! 1! HE'S MINE" get a life

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43 Homestuck Fan Girls

I disagree, as a part of the homestuck fandom I believe that of all the fandoms I've been in, this is my favorite. However, some fangirls can... Stretch it a little bit.

I'm a Homestuck fan and I sorta have the Homestuck fever, but I wouldn't call myself a fangirl.

I'm a homestuck fan girl,but I do not act like the ones in tumblr. - SamuiNeko


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44 Warrior Cat Fan Girls

I love warrior cats. I am a part of a fandom. But I try to stay away from the toxic half of the fandom. And also, my Ocs are not mary sues.

I have NOTHING against the books, and I think they're fantastic but the fangirls? UGH. Crazy obsessed brats who could go into the clans and worship the holy Firestar himself! All they ever do is Roleplay, argue, drool over the evil Murderer Scourge and eat other fandoms! Seriously! Anything against their fandom and they will murder you. They need to swallow the fact their not the most popular fandom and chill out!

I am part of the fandom, but I try not to make Mary sue characters. I like all of the series, but I can't stand the toxic part of the fandom. - IcetailofWishClan

I'm a fan of Warriors. But some fans are crazy and make Mary Sue cats and crappy fanfictions. *shudders* - RiverClanRocks

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45 School Shooter Fangirls

... this EXISTS? these people have literally murdered innocent children and you're a FAN? i... okay

If this is a thing please kill me now.

Wait there's a fanbase about this? Who thought this was a good idea? - Kit-Kat_Kawaii

What? This has a fanbase? I would have lost my faith in humanity if I hadn't lost it long ago

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46 Shippers

Shippers are subhumans

Disgusting child x adult ships, sibling x sibling ships, abuser x victum ships, they are all nasty

Ruined shipping


47 Twilight Fan Girls

I hate Twilight because it's overrated and Bella is weak and stupid! Also, watching a girl sleep isn't romantic whatsoever!

The fangirls are insane and rage at you whenever you say something against it!

I hate that bella is in love with edward, but still makes out with jacob

Who even likes it?

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48 Little Mix Fan Girls
49 Kingdom Hearts Fan Girls

I like kingdom hearts a lot, but I guess every fandom has the ones that make gross Mary Sues and stuff...

50 Invader Zim Fangirls

These no good degenerates ruined the show for me. I used to watch it when I was 7 and I went back to it at 21, and I couldn't believe all the cringy stuff that this disgusting people write and draw all over the internet. I hate them all, I think even the creator can't stand them. Degenerates is the best word for these brainless inbreds.

I 100% agree with the comment below me, these fangirls ruin the show and I think they give it a bad name. They're crazy as hell. They should be ashamed of themselves.

They should keep their sick garbage to them, weirdos.

They make me wanna puke.

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