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1 Beliebers

My ears feel off after hearing my friend scream at a picture of him. She has a very.. Strong attachment to him.

Some of his fans are fine, but most are just insane teenage girls who defend him to the death and threaten people who don't like him,

No need to explain this one. Mostly teenage girls who would kill somebody to touch him once. Just horrible.

They keep screaming, my ears are kinda deaf now.

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2 One Directioners

Come on. I understand if girls think they're hot, but does there really need to be five of them? And I'm not insulting the singing group so much as I am the INSANE STALKER FANS WHO KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT EVERY MEMBER AND TRY/ PLAN TO KIDNAP A MEMBER AND MAKE OUT WITH PICTURES OF THEM! For you iCarly fans, think Nora, the chic who locked the crew in her basement. TWICE.
So yeah. I feel bad for One Direction.

Most stalkers thrive in this group, there is much squealing, and some girls only like the music because of the guys looks.

I hate it when they start arguing about who's best, and since I don't particularly like One Direction, I'm just left with no part in the conversation and feeling uncomfortable

Directioners are the best

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3 Creepy Pasta Fan Girls

Psychotic 13 year old girls who say they're married to Jeff the Killer.

Thank goodness I found someone who thought the same thing. I thought I was a goner.

I honestly think they have ruined the Creepypasta stories for me. I can't look at Slenderman's face the same anymore. Funniest thing though, I love it when they say: "You kissed Slendy's lips and it felt like a hurricane." Ahem... He seemed to have misplaced his lips. I don't hate on the fans, I hate on what they did to the stories.

They just really piss me out. Like just ugh. They always find a way to ruin an amazing CreepyPasta, such as Jeff The Killer, Slender Man, Eyeless Jack, etc. I mean seriously, they take it way too far. Jeff isn't going to want to "make love" to you, he's going to want to tear into pieces with a knife or whatever weapon he currently has.

Even though Jeff The Killer was never a good creepypasta to begin with. - JakePlaid

Those fangirls are the reason that fandom is dying and they really need to get their lives together.

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4 Yaoi Fan Girls

Thanks for someone who actually has the same opinion with me. My friend and I used to be normal fan of anime but now she has turned into this type of fangirl and became annoying as crap. I took her watch non-yaoi anime we used to love and she always moaning and cheering when two male characters together. I asked her once, "Why did you think they are good together? " She replied, "That's because they are good together! Is that obvious? Blablabla..." That's just stupid answer! Dear yaoi fangirls, or yuri, please don't be mad, we don't literally hate you, but you just become annoying when you rush about who and who to be shipped, this and that should be together, etc. If you like yaoi please just stay there, don't mess with good characters in non-yaoi fiction. Oh, and I'm not a fanboy.

Why everything needs to be yaoi? They are just so dumb.

I watch the anime, and it's usually great. But then you look at the comments (I wouldn't ever recommend that) and there is yaoi spam throughout, with fangirls talking on about how these male characters should be together and things like that. Even if I just search the anime yaoi pops up again, but it's not just the odd post. Yaoi is everywhere, and that's one of the most annoying things about it. Ruins the image of a lot of great anime. Just gets annoying, that's all.

It's okay to ship but they shouldn't take too far

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5 Pewdiepie Fan Girls

That kind of person who doesn't care if he has a girlfriend or even knows them, they just instantly have a crush.

They are obnoxious, arrogant, and pathetic. Enough said.


Why does that even work,he is a committed man to his girlfriend,jeez

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6 Sonic Fan Girls

Stupid Deviantart. The fangirls there make their own hedghog and suddenly they are Knuckle's long lost sister, or Amy Rose's cousin. But the worst part is that they add themselves in the stories and its usually a stupid romantic relationship with a character alongside their adventure. I like those, but it gets very tiring, immature, and weak after all the episodes, seasons, and fan art consists of that same romance-adventure type plot. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I feel so sorry for poor Shadow and Sonic. They must be scared of these monsters.

I'm more of a fan. I used to say I loved Sonic and I'd marry him when I was six years old, but I normally just play the games and write fan fictions

Shadow would have time with romance if with the right character (i.e. Rouge), because I do not want him to be a cold, emotionless killer to be honest. But I agree... Sonic has one of the worst fandoms on the Internet and it has ruined the series' reputation. I just play the games and nothing more.

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7 Harry Potter Fan Girls

Hooray! More creepy fan fiction!

HARRY AND RON ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I love harry potter but come on, that's stretching,i've even seen Draco and harry, this just annoys me

Ok...I don't like Harry Potter, well, the books. I like the movies, it's my opinion. But these girls in my grade are WAAY too Harry Potter fan girly. They BEAT ME AND MY BEST FRIEND UP LIKE I ALMOST HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL I WAS SERIOUSLY BLEEDING I'm SHOOK *deep breath* because we said we didn't like Harry Potter and thought the movies were better than the books. I read the whole series and threw it at the wall. In conclusion they only like their own opinions and Harry Potter. - Izplosion

Lol I am guilty of fangirling over this, dan and Phil, bands and anime

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8 Creepy Fan Girl shippers on Deviant art

... MY EYES! IT BURNS! All I needed to say. It's like pairing ketchup with Marmite and add a full bottle of salt on it.

Shipping is fine at some extent but when real life shipping takes place it's not okay. Some kids shipped me with a person I barely know and they make weird art of us. It's literally becoming concerning.

All I typed in was sonic, so why was I on the floor crying from shock and a broken childhood. dang you deviantart! although some of your art is pretty cool.

I agree but I will list some of the craziest Deviant Fangirls, 1.LEGO NINJAGO I loved that Cartoon but seeing that just ruined it all :( 2.Harry Potter I loved to read those books in my spare time but now it's just sad seeing all those fangirls perving on Harry and Ron 3.My Little Pony I don't watch that show but I found it after looking up why fangirls are so messed up and they shipped,ruined,and broke that kid friendly Cartoon and they made un kid friendly 4.Ben 10 that was one of my favorite cartoons but they had to ruin that too along with LEGO NINJAGO if you have not heard of it look it up I ain't no fangirl but I do watch my cartoons in my spare time and all my favorite cartoons were ruined even Little Einsteins and I don't even watch that,used to but still not the piont the piont is FanFiction has RUINED EVERY THING they ruined Batman,Spiderman well youtube ruined Spiderman,Black Widow,even Wolverine and more this may be long but it's important to all Theorist I'm one my self I ...more

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9 Frozen Fangirls

Daily routine of a frozen fan girl
Sing let it go
Play with Olaf doll
Sing let it go again
Watch frozen
Sing let it go
Dress up as one of the girls
Sing let it go
Go to sleep
Dream of the song let it go

Yup, when someone says "I don't like frozen" they say "WHAT? HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE FROZEN! " They think their fandom is best!

I'm actually a big fan of Frozen, but I hate how people think Elsa and Jack Frost would actually be a thing. It's not. Rise of the Guardians fan girls are idiots actually.

fangirls: LET IT GOOO

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10 Sans Fangirls

They're everywhere... They're so annoying to the point that you just want to obliterate sans or erase sans' existence in the first place... But really, a skeleton?! A skeleton. If you have sex with the skeleton, you'd be considered a necrophiliac... Second, sans doesn't have a magic tounge or genitals (if I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned light saber penises... oh jeez...).

Needs to be higher because some want to have sex with him - yunafreya648

One. Pure. Cringe.

Yup. "Sans is mine! " They say. Then "if you take sans away from me, I will kill you" they say. "It should be illegal for other people to have sans instead of me" -_- the amount of bull they post on YouTube, tumblr, wattpad, and Deviantart about of them having "action" and kissing sans AND being a literal necrofilliac (don't really know how to spell it) should be illegal. Nobody cares if they love sans.

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11 Taylor Swift Fangirls
12 Beyonce Fangirls
13 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

I feel like this is becoming the next Frozen. - Wolftail

I've seen some stupid mary-sues. Just check out Bloom Luna. This stupid girl is the definition of Mary-Sue. She's neon and "boyfriend is foxy and is half Rainbow Fox" or whatever. She's also "perfect".

This fandom is slowly degenerating into R34 of Foxy, Mary Sues, and massive wars over ships that aren't even canon.

Seriously they ship killer animatronics... I mean who really does that? Well I like the game but.THAT'S JUST WRONG!

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14 Sailor Moon Fan Girls

I like Sailor Moon but I am not really obsessed.

Sailor Moon Fanboys are the worst

Ugggh don't even get me started

15 Angelina Jolie Fan Girls
16 Jeff The Killer Fangirls

Jeff the Killer fan girls are the most strangest and idiotic people on the internet. All they do is glorify a creepypasta that is already bad to immeasurable levels which makes it even worse. Heck, the glorification of Jeff the Killer actually made someone at the Creepypasta Wiki move it to the Trollpasta Wiki due to it not meeting quality standards.

I like it they like creepypasta, but the thing is, they go crazy. If Jeff the Killer woke them up in the middle of the night they would grab Jeff and make out with him. Their annoying

Yes, they totally ruin the whole CreepyPasta fandom for 100% sure. They made me wanna rip the hair out of my head! The mary-sues make me wanna vomit every time when I read their stories. Who in the world would want to date Jeff the Emo?

Jeff the Killer isn't even a good creepypasta.
Yet these Girls treat it like a Masterpiece and like to think that they would be able to seduce him and even go out of their way to write fanfictions of them doing just that and then posting it

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17 Dan and Phil Fan Girls

They are pretty good YouTubers, and I like them. But their fanbase is an utter mess. It consists of tween and teen girls that will attack in highly organized packs if you say anything bad/neutral towards Dan or Phil. Also, EVERY VIDEO, no matter the topic, some lonely girl posts about some Dan and Phil reference and they get thousands of likes and hundreds of replies about girls orgasming over two YouTubers who live in another damn country. If you don't believe me go see for yourself.

A bunch of straight girls join this fandom so they can feel comfortable to break their semi-clingy boyfriends heart, betray their original fandoms, and come out of the closet to indirectly show they're closet lesbians. (No offense intended to lesbians) believe me, I've seen this happen to WAY to many people.

I agree, I honestly love them because they're hilarious, but there are so many creepy fanfics and other stuff. 50% of the people are cool but the other half is overly obsessive. In 2013 dans brother was on tumblr and people kept saying things such as "you're only famous because of your brother " "you're useless" and other stuff. He was only 15 and it all got to his head. Makes me sick

I really like dan and phil, but if people really do everything to find out where exactly their apartment is or just upload phots of their crotches and comment ooo so big (KILL ME) it is really disgusting. some make really nice fanart, but there is some stuff that just really creeps me out. the drawphilnaked thing was funny, still considerable as sfw, but some stuff is going way too far.
let them have privacy and a nice community.

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18 Team Crafted Fan Girls

Fanboys are annoying. They will hurl a lame insult at you if you dislike Team Crafted. Fanboys are usually petty and usually not a big problem when you compare them to FANGIRLS. Fangirls, however, are very terrifying. The over sexualisation, creepy fanfiction and that sort of stuff is just WRONG. It's about real people in some cases, which I personally find very disgusting and weird. I'm also a female.

Quotev... it has stories about that stuff.. and quizzes... it should be called Fan Girl Central, because that's where I find "SkyXReader" and "Jeffykins" and... sleepovers? what? Who invites a random person you see on the streets to yer' ' house?

I like Minecraft and I am a female. The fangirls are Satan's descendants of hell. The fanboys are rabid. I don't know what's worse: Rabid fanboys, or perverted fangirls? Honestly, the fangirl sounds worse.

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19 Maze Runner Fan Girls

Nothing but "Who's your boyfriend" quizzes. And it was such a good book...

It used to be my favorite book series until they showed up. Again: USED TO!

So basically my half of my friends?

20 R5 "Family"

It's so stupid. The only reason their band is popular too is because of the "cute boys" in it. You wouldn't believe that their fan base is mainly like 12 year olds and they say really dirty stuff about those boys too... It's disgusting. Those girls should be ashamed. The she thing makes me cringe.

R5 Family more like the Manson Family!

Doesn't make sense to me. I know a girl who calls herself a rocker but she likes this crappy boyband. She's rude to everyone and doesn't respect other people's taste in music.

Ross is NOT like he is on T.V. they pretend they are a BIG rock band but they are DWTS and Disney Channel people!

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