Top Ten Worst Types of Internet Trolls

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1 Haters

One example is autism haters. Those types of hater trolls are no-life bullies who crap on people with autism and can't leave 'em alone. They should try havin' that condition an' get bullied it. Maybe then, they'll see what it's like to be crapped on for who they are.

They say fnaf is cancer and that's not true at all they say this is cancer that's cancer people who say the word cancer are the cancer fnaf fans are good fnaf haters suck.

Almost every FNaF hater that I've seen has used autism as a insult, call everything FNaF related cancer and in need of bleach, and just act like edgelords.

They are worse than Murderers and that's a fact because cancer kills people.

2 Youtube Trolls
3 Screamers

I do find it kind of annoying.

4 Griefers

On Minecraft PE, I fenced off a small area for me to build on. I made a small hut and some other stuff, saving the other space for later. Came on, and some punk had Griefed my stuff, and helped his fat butt to my land and made a huge 1 story Quartz mansion thing. Made it into a sauna spa.

Believe it or not, there's a lot out there. I'm a victim of this.

5 Liars
6 Spammers

Stop wasting everyone's time!

7 Cheaters / Hackers

These trolls are very dangerous; they would hack your computer, leak your personal information, and even sabotage your gameplay or delete all of your progress or worse!

Very annoying, when you are PvPing in an arena fairly and almost winning, a hacker flies to you and kills you in one shot.

What the heck? He is hacking!

8 Troublemakers

This should be at the top of this list because trolls really are troublemakers.

9 Trickery Trolls
10 Spoilers

I remember I was watching the Top 60 Non Gaming Creepypastas (a video I was very much looking forward to watching) and I took one look at the comment and it's a spoiler to the number one spot. .

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11 Online Daters

This happens tons in roblox to be honest it is so annoying.

This causes serious stuff. Go watch Roblox Oder movie, not the horror one.

12 Self-Feeding Trolls
13 RIP Trolls

These mean-spirited punks like to violate Facebook memorial pages of dead bullying victims. They need to see a psychiatrist! Put these guys way high on the list, because they have no respect for the dead!

Dude, like the one guy said above, this should be labeled #1. Didn't your parents teach you anything about having respect for the dead!

Hey, I didn't know that kind of troll existed, okay? I thought those are cyberbullies, gimme a break.

Rip trolls rot in hell

14 Stalkers

These kinds of troll have no lives because they make it their lives' mission to crap on others who mind their own business.I mean, what the hell? Don't those losers know how to shut up and get on with their damn lives instead of pissin' others off? Well, they should be stalked and see how they like it.

Stalking someone is never okay.

15 Fanboys/girls

So many adventure time fanboys/girls are incredibly annoying!

I don't know who's worse. The sports or the anime ones...

The K-pop and Minecraft fans are the worst.

Fanf,undertale, Justin Bieber it does not matter wut the fan like they should be removed of the Internet!

16 Never-Give-Up Trolls
17 Teamers
18 Bullies

This is why that no one should bully others at all.

19 Trash Talkers
20 Experts
21 Rick Rollers
22 Google+ Trolls
23 Pay to Win Trolls

The people who spend hundreds of dollars to be the "best" they can be, then call everyone's else noobs, the worst part however is whenever they are killed by someone who has skill they turn into spam trolls

24 Anti-Anime Trolls
25 Doxxers
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