Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases

There are a lot of video game fanbases but a lot of them are got annoying or just stupid fanboys. Rate up which one you think is dumbest of them all. These are my top ten worst/annoying video game fanbases in the world.

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1 Call of Duty Fanboys

This fanbase is hated for a good reason.

First of all, the people that make it up are either:

a)high school drop outs

b)unemployed that either stole it or bum it from a friend

c)ghetto idiots who think they're "hard"

d) little kids who think "guns are cool! "

Second, the people who play this game are blind to all other, BETTER, games. They have deluded themselves into thinking it's the pinnacle of gaming, when in fact it's gaming that panders to the LOWEST common denominator.

Third, these idiots claim that each game is unique and better than the last. This again is attributed to the second point. These morons don't know what "progress" is. Really, all each game is is re-release of what was made six months before(and yes, these people will $60 for the same every time), with a few added bells and whistles that add little depth to an already depth-less game

Fourth, these animals(that is what they are) ...more

I'm sick and tired of people who keep yelling that Call of Duty is "THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME! 111! 1" When it's basically the same game released every year. Sure, the game isn't BAD, but it's very idea lacking. The entire reason Call of Duty lacks innovation is because fan boys STILL buy it, so they see no reason to make any changes besides story whatsoever.

All the say is Call of Duty is the best game ever when Ocarina of Time is the best game ever (I'm not a fanboy but it's the truth) and Mario sucks because it's the same thing every time and Call of Duty gets more original when in reality Mario games keep on getting new features while Call of Duty is just the same thing every november, and the also say that Pokemon is for babies when you are never too old for Pokemon, besides I'm 13 years old and like Pokemon (Don't judge) Call of Duty may be good but Halo is better.

True about Mario getting new things such as new power ups, spin jumping, wall jumping, New characters with special abilities to play as, and some more. Also true about Halo being better than Call of Duty, especially Halo Reach. - Trenchpit777

Le Me: Splatoon is better, not because I'm A SQUID I'm A KID, but because of the strategy that becomes harder: you don't shoot/splat people, you fill the arena with ink.


yeah, exaggerated.

* please don't ever use the word Autistic as an insult. I'm just using it because kids use it as an insult. What they don't know is that being autistic is not something to make fun of, it's serious. - SoaPuffball

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2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

Only really the fans that hate Mario, Call of Duty, Pokemon or any other gaming franchise for releasing too many games that don't do much changes and stick to a formula. Yet, they don't mind having two games and the third announced in less than half a year since the first game's release.

Where do I start on this one? Lets just say that most people who are "fans," of the franchise haven't even played the game. I've payed the game before and its good, but its not the best series ever. and then there's the foxy fans. ill admit foxy use to be my favorite but the majority of his fans are stupid. they keep saying he's a good guy even though he's clearly not. and this game got so poppular that warner bros is making a movie about it. you have to be kidding me? It's a good series but I don't think it deseres a movie. and the worst part is I don't think its not even coming out until 2017. but I can already tell, when when the movie comes out they will all be bought by fans that haven't even played the game. but the fanart, is where the worst fans are how can anamatronic robots have sex? Y-you know what, I dot even wanna know. - nintendofan126

I'm just wondering why I'd pay five dollars for a "Horror" game made by only one person and has graphics that are worse than Minecraft(I'm still a fan of Minecraft but the fanbase is stupid). - IAmNotARobot

It was a fun and jumpy game, in till it clogged up my recommended videos on YouTube, channels reaching 1 million subs because they do a top 10 every day! Lets get onto the Fan base, it is full of fan boys and girls that find the game really fun because a big YouTuber played it, half of the fans haven't even played the game! They get all into the theories even though the game probably has no back story but the developer probably goes off what the fans say... The fan base is full of fan boys, 12 year old girls and people that have a kink over metal

You cannot go 2 minutes in a comment section of YouTube without seeing one of these weirdos. The games are okay, I'm fine with playing them, but the fans are the most disgraceful things on the Internet. Undertale too.

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3 Sonic Fanboys

I'm one of them, but there's just this loud section of idiots that have riddled Deviantart with their stupid recolors.

They despise every other game consoles and characters like sonic maniacs

So bad they're on here twice

Sega makes Sonic Forces trailer
" this will be 06 again"

Sega makes sonic adventure 3
"How dare you sega for making another one"

"We want an actually good sonic game"
Sega makes sonic lost world
"Sega is nothing but a disgrace."

"We want a sonic game"
Sega makes one
"We hate this"


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4 PC Master Race Fanboys

All they do is call console players "peasants" just because they're not playing a PC. No port/platform is superior. Just shut up, already.

Just shut up already. No one cares how much of a beast your rig is.

As a mobile gamer (which isn't my fault, in a way) it gets annoying being called out for it, for having such a weaker, regulated version of a PC, with, I'll admit, crap games. However, it's like comparing a senior in high school to a freshman; While being a senior has all the cool stuff, like the chances of getting out of high school quicker and the popularity, that doesn't mean you can't absolutely enjoy being a freshman.

PC gaming is horrible for some major developers and publishers. Now PC master race fanboys are stupid, they scumbags pirate game instead of buying games? This is hilarious! Piracy does matter for these, not only matter for developers, but it does matter for everyone, DMCA policy and many countries government due copyright claim. Developers should not making their game for PC platform! And also, PC fanboys are saying these: you can use any controller on PC? Wrong! Not all controller will work on PC! It need software drivers to make it work which is hassle! Can u plug PC into T.V.? No! If you plug PC into T.V., your T.V. will get serious damage color burn in! Happens on plasma T.V. I saw. Is keyboard mouse is good for play games? No! Keyboard and mouse is only for most tasks, but on games, you probably need a controller! PC on living room? Bad! Its too mess and hassle! Convenience is better than hassle for gaming? Yes! Does have Killzone on PC? No! D oes have horizon zero dawn on PC? ...more - oshawott98

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5 Minecraft Fans

I like Minecraft. it is still one of my favorite games today, but the fanbase is TERRIBLE. There is a server I used to play on called It is a very popular server. But all I see on that server is a bunch of little kids fighting over who won a mini-game and who is more "MLG." it saddens me to see this happen. The 1% of the Minecraft fanbase is overshadowed by the 99% who will KILL you if you have anything bad to say about an item in Minecraft, a mob, a server, and of diamonds. I play a lot of modded Minecraft. It is fun. The thing is most mods add in stronger weapons and tools. Now diamonds are SUPPOSED to be the strongest set of tools and weapons in Minecraft. But these mods make stronger weapons. Now if I say that diamonds are weak compared to these new tools to the average Minecraft fan... they will freak out and defend their precious favorite ore. I mean, the Queen Armor from the OreSpawn mod and Big Bertha are So much stronger than diamonds. And the Ultimate ...more

I love Minecraft
But I hate the fanbase because they disrespect peoples opinions and they make every songs into Minecraft parodies which ruins the songs. Worst thing about Minecraft parody songs is the NONE OF THE GAMERS OR ANIMATORS CAN SING!
The worst Minecraft parody song is Minecraft hunger games which is the parody of Radioactive. The reason that one was bad is because it is completely off-tune and the gamers were badly autotuned

It's not just the parodies that are bad, The fans are always winging, Thinks penises are cool so they could just write the penis anywhere in the comments. Most of them are 8 years who always hacks and rages or even hate Roblox and Terraria fans.

When it comes to me, If people say "Minecraft sucks", I wouldn't mind, but when it comes to other Minecraft fans, they will just say "what Minecraft IS awesome SO GET OUT OF THE INTERNET 2 YEAR OLD" or even "DON'T YOU DARE QUIT Minecraft OR HATE ON Minecraft! IT THE BEST! ". They apparently ...more

I like Minecraft, but when you get people not shutting up about it, it gets annoying. All over YouTube is annoying videos of people playing Minecraft, they always show up no matter what, and the sad part is how many people watch these half hour videos and then talk about Minecraft nonstop. - RoBot214

I am a Minecraft builder and I can 100% assure the fanbase is the most annoying in the whole milky way. It was filled with 8 year olds without a brain which will backstab anyone who opposes Minecraft and of course, its bits and the players! These fanboys are just trying to look cool & MLG without actually playing the game. And therefore the decline in discipline and peace on multiplayer server which brings down Minecraft!

Then the YouTube videos. There are nooby trolling videos which has almost nothing inside it, and cringey parodies of good popular songs as well. All of them are about diamonds/mobs/ (whenever about Minecraft) and has little creativity.

Finally I found Minecraft community sensitive to certain kinds of people. Including my type. There is already enough proof to say there are so many radioactive kids which hearts are uranium attacking anyone different from them. So dreadful.

Maybe I should quit Minecraft... - MChkflaguard_Yt

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6 Console Fanboys

For me, I just go for the best sounding consoles with the best exclusives and stuff like that, console fanboys on the other hand just blindingly give their money away the company they are loyal to even if it sounds bad. It's stupid but I guess if they're happy, I'm happy. - PinataonSugar

Rude kids who are 6 and care about what console they actually use. Because they prefer a different console, this makes them have competition with the others. Morons. - DCfnaf

Not as rude and snobby as PC fanboys but they often say the dumbest things ever in gaming debates without backing their claims up with actual evidence. - AlexApathy

I'm a Nintendo fan. I like sharing my opinions, but please just don't hate me for that. - SoaPuffball

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7 Nintendo Haters

An example of a Nintendo hater:

"LIKE, Nintendo sucks, PLAY A REAL GAME SUCH AS Call of Duty! DHDHHDDHHZHZGSYDHFUFU (mouth starts foaming).

Wow. I've seen bad fanbases but... This is astonishing! NEWSFLASH! A hatebase was caught being worse than a fanbase! Well, I can explain the Nintendo Haters in one word: Jock. Believe me, Call of Duty fans have no longer become the issue. In fact, a lot of my friends are actually Call of Duty fans and they're awesome people. But when talking about the Jocks who just go out bashing people for not being allowed to go out and play Pokemon Go or go anywhere basically by themselves they think "Oh look a retard who has straight A's/ A's and B's and actually cares about his college life let's go see if I can be an ass to him" And of course Nintendo is apparently a problem and they're like "Nintendo IS FOR 4 YEAR OLDS PLAY FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL/OTHER YOUR FAT EVEN THOUGH YOUR UNDERWEIGHT" and of course these jackass girls need to come up and think I'm a gullible saying "Hey random guy I don't know but I'll make fun of because another guy did she likes you" And of ...more

A part of me dies every time I hear someone dissing Nintendo just because it's "for kids." Just because Nintendo games aren't as "mature" as other games doesn't mean you have to belittle the company and its fans for being "childish." Nintendo is an awesome company in my opinion, but every time someone disses something just because it's "for kids," and that especially applies to Nintendo, I just want to kick that person and say, "Shut up! It's not just for kids! "

Nintendo has games for children only? Nope, because Nintendo made Fire Emblem, Bayonetta, and some other games can be simple for a child, but complicated enough for an adult. Case in point: Smash Bros and Pokémon. - SoaPuffball

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8 Super Smash Bros Fans

The worst part of the fanbase is the Melee fans. They just complain that the new fighting system sucks (Even though the new fighting system is much better than Melee's). They also complain about some Melee character not being in the game. They also complain their's too many clones in Smash 4. Um, most of the clones were from Melee morons!

This should be higher. The worst part about the fans is the stupidest delusion that if you don't like third parties or don't play smash competitively, you're not considered a *real* gamer. I love smash 4, but it just feels like Sakurai is just pandering to the Melee crowd that still jerk of to their GameCube controllers, especially the DLC.

Also, they're incredibly whiny as hell and have this superiority complex that they're willing to insult others if they don't stroke their ego. Their opinions can often be seen as condescending and elitist to the point where it's insufferably annoying for someone to just ruin my page with comments like "they're A CLONE! MELEE WAS BETTER! THEY HAD LESS CLONES! " Additionally, smash fanboys are more than willing to jump in any hate wagon and point fingers at this character or that character for simply breathing. And don't even get me started on the witch hunts on clone characters.

Not to mention they constantly act like the game is for their enjoyment only, not anyone else's, often whining to Sakurai on Twitter or miiverse about characters, stages, which game was better, the whole nine yards. At least Genwunners have the decency to not spam Game Freak with problems over the new Pokemon, Smash fanboys will go on harassing Sakurai without even thinking about their actions. ...more


Enough said. - yunafreya648

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9 Undertale Fans

Don't get me wrong, the game itself is great, and the creator clearly put his heart and soul into it. Now let's go play some Mario Kart and forget ab--Hey... why is the online lobby filled with Sans miis everywhere? Eh, I'll just go play some Smash Bros. What the... everyone on Miiverse is just drawing Sans fanart? What's that gotta do with Smash? You know what, screw my Nintendo games, I'm gonna go take a break on YouTube. Guess what's clogging up all my video searches? UNDERTALE. You probably get where I'm going with this by now. Undertale fans are the most rabid, obsessed fans I have ever seen. They will stop at NOTHING to make sure they associate any and all games and T.V. shows with Undertale. I swear there is a Sans remix of anything imaginable out there. Heck, some kids in the comments of the ORIGINAL songs on YouTube even claim that the creators "ripped off the Sans version! " Because of this, the creators of the Sans remixes are beginning to receive credit for ...more

One of my favourite games of all time, I just don't understand why people go so crazy.

Yes, it has great music, a nice story and awesome characters. But it does not need to be put with everything and anything.

also, I hate people that think 'you're gonna have a bad time' came from Sans...NO, IT CAME FROM SOUTH PARK.

Honestly, Undertale is one of my favorite games that I have ever played. It's a shame that the fanbase became what it is today.

I love the game but hate the fandom if a game is good a fandom is bad

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10 Game Theory

I hate it when people dislike Game Theory because of the FANBOYS. GT was never hated until the FNAF fanboys started presenting his opinions as fact. There's a reason why he ends every episode with, "It's JUST a theory, a GAME theory! " (Notice the emphasis on the word 'just').

The entire reason why GT was created was to entertain users with popular video games. Think of GT as one of those Big Food or UFO documentaries. They use factual evidence, real sightings (in our case, the game developers' words), and use real experts in the more scientific way of things (Biologists, Astronomers, etc. Again, in our case, it's reliable internet articles/videos). At the end of the day, however, it's YOUR choice if Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the mythical subject at hand exists, just like Game Theory.

I mean, it's really cool to see that Toad COULD be a parasitic creature, but then there's that disclaimer at the end: "It's just a theory, a GAME theory! " ...more - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I hate game theory fans. They take everything he says as a fact. If he said that Peach was a platypus in disguise, they'd probably believe him. Once, I was on a Mario maker level called "They call him Jumpman" and there was a STUPID Game Theory fan who'd left a comment saying something like "Jumpman is Mario's father you idiot! " I cringed so much I got Arthritis (no offense to people with it)

"Game theory is the worst thing to happen to video games since the video game crash"

-King boo, September 29th 2015.

That is not something I said. But what I did do, Is I screencapped this comment because I never, Never have agreed so much with anything in my life.

It's like, He just perfectly summed it up. - Koopinator

These game theory bastards had made Mario unpopular. And 100% of Game Theory fanbrats hate Mario. That's UNBELIEVABLE! >:<

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11 GTA Fanboys (Grand Theft Auto)

Mostly 6-8 year olds. What kind of parents do they have?! I want to kill them, but they'll probably kill themselves soon after they get their own car and crash it into someone on purpose.

They constantly complain about the online component of the game and assume that since Rockstar made over a billion dollars within the games first week the company no longer needs money. This is illogical because there was a 5 year gap between the last two Grand Theft Auto games meaning their profits aren't as high as they seem.

Most of them are children with terrible parents. What do you expect from such a fan base? "Committing crimes and killing cops is awesome! "

Grand Theft Auto...

Now kids that played this game start thinking that they can be like that, etc, etc as if they're immortal (Sure, they're still not Mature, but it's just plain annoying.) - Frost182

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12 Nintendo Fanboys

Just because Call of Duty has good sales, DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU DESPISE EVERY OTHER CONSOLE IN THE GODDANG UNIVERSE! Most of the arguments are based on how many games have guns in it. First off, just because there is a gun in the game doesn't mean it's the same as Call of Duty (I really don't know why I'm explaining this). Next, just because all of you're console exclusives are "finished games", doesn't mean they are necessarily better games. Next, don't use the news as reasons why you think m and t rated games suck. The most annoying thing which Nintendo fanboys say are, the graphics don't matter it's the gameplay. Let me get this straight, Nintendo has LOTS of money to spend on hardware. Yet, they decide to come up with this excuse to not get better hardware for their consoles. Don't use Call of Duty or "finished games" as you're reasoning. Nintendo has a lot of bad games. - Nayan2003

I have to admit I am Nintendo Fanboy but, not a crazy one saying, "EVERY GAME WITH A GUN SUCKS CAUSE IT HAS TO DO SOMETHING WITH Call of Duty! " No some games with guns in them are awesome like Grand Theft Auto that's a good game and it has guns. - spodermanfan1000

The only reason Nintendo haters are aggressive is because Nintendo fanboys started being aggressive to people who like Xbox and PlayStation. - Nayan2003

Nintendo is awesome, but the fanbase, ewww!

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13 Daisy and Rosalina haters

These are the haters that I can not stand because in addition to the fact that most of them are sexist, they are always around and they always insult Daisy and Rosalina with some silly excuses (obviously false) like: Daisy and Rosalina are clones of Peach, Daisy and Rosalina have an annoying voice, Daisy and Rosalina doesn't have personality... Shut up! Just because you hate them does not mean that they sucks in every way! And also hate a character only for the voice is pretty stupid, because... guys, it's only the voice!

Let me tell you how stupid Rosalina haters are

1. They go on YouTube and make a hated video out of her

2. They are retarded.

3. They're Daisy/Peach worshippers

4. They won't stfu about her being "overrated"

5. They attack the fans thinking that they're obsessed with her (i'm not)

6. They go to any video about Rosalina and troll everyone

7. They're everywhere and they're the ones that are "overrated"

8. Who cares if she's everywhere. It's not the end of the world

9. They assume that she "replaced" Daisy (Micheallol, $WAGGOT those two). If she replaced Daisy then Daisy wouldn't be at Mario Tennis Ultra Smash or Mario Party 10. She'll be completely removed

10. No one cares if Daisy needs more love. She already does

11. They're unappreciative to Nintendo's work. Meaning they would complain and complain.

12. When someone replies to them in a mean way, they say "Lol you got ...more - ParkerFang

Honestly these guys are worse than the Rosalina Fans. Both are awful hatebases that make up lies to hate on the characters. - DCfnaf

Even though I never encountered a Daisy hater, it seems that she has the most annoying haters while Rosalina has the meanest ones.

Daisy haters: They complain and complain about her voice. It's just A VOICE IDIOTS. When there's a positive discussion about Peach, fans bring up on how Daisy is her yellow clone and doesn't give good evidence. Most of my classmates hate her because they thinks she's a ripoff of Peach KNOWING that they look nothing alike. When Rosalina got into 3D world and Smash, they would bully the triggered Daisy fans and I have witnessed that. There was this Rosalina and Peach that her so much that she wanted to kill or beat up Daisy fans for no reason. She even put up her phone number in the comment section on YouTube saying "This is my phone number, I'll be around to make you suffer" or something like that. Some slut shame her in Gamefaqs. Some Rosalina fans brag about how she's better than Daisy. Peach fans think that Daisy is just a irrelevant ...more - yunafreya648

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14 Waluigi Fanbase

They attack ALL the people, especially the Daisy and Rosalina fans.
Do you never hear that:

While Wario is an antihero, Waluigi...isn't really anything. He has no trademark characteristics, therefore he has no personality. He is only a filler character that somehow caught on. Waluigi is not more important than Daisy, but both are pretty irrelevant. - DCfnaf

People only like Waluigi these days because of those dumb memes about him and not for the real Waluigi. Can't go anywhere on the Internet that has to do with Waluigi without seeing "WAH" or "TOO BAD WALUIGI TIME" anywhere. It's really annoying and isn't funny in the slightest. Most Waluigi fans are also jerks to fans of other Mario characters and get real butthurt if you simply just say you don't like Waluigi.

Waluigi is nothing without his memes. His fanbase was more respectable before the memes came around and completely ruined him. They sometimes make it sound like he's the most important Mario character ever. And people say the Daisy and Rosalina fanbases are bad. Well then you haven't seen Waluigi's fanbase yet. His fanbase is at the very least on par with the Daisy and Rosalina fanbases.The Waluigi memes themselves are annoying, overused, not funny, and cringey.

Expecting Waluigi? Too bad, it's never Waluigi Time.

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15 Undertale Worshippers

Even the creator says he hates the fanbase.

This fanbase has been a perfect definition of how to take a respectable and even likable property, run it into the ground, execute it, then proceed to parade its corpse around until everyone is sick of both it and the people who are parading it. No one since the Bronies have managed to do that so well.

I swear. Undertale fans are just annoying. They say everything has to do with Undertale. If you even say ONE thing like "bad" people go nuts about the Your gonna have a bad time "reference" A guy with a red hoodie and black jeans with a normal face on Roblox was called "An undead Sans" and the fonts Comic Sans and Papyrus have nothing to do with the game - ItsCyclic

Sans the skeleton is not real you,will never be his wife.*ding*

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16 Roblox Fans

I am a proud supporter of roblox and have been for years. I don't see what sucks, but I do recognize flaws. Don't get me started on scam websites in comment sections...

There are Online Daters who when you confront them they either role-play their way out of it, or just saying "fxxck you." 80% of the ROBLOX players are full of kids who still reference MLG memes. In games like Auto Rap Battles or pretty much any game that you have to vote for whoever is the best at whatever they're supposed to be doing, the friends of one of the players who are competing automatically vote for them, even if they are complete garbage. Not to mention there are these cafes who are full of depressed 16 year olds who take their cafe too seriously, and one of them; Soro's-- had one of the head "workers" copyright striked a person's video for using their logo and supposedly not modifying it in any way, even though it was modified. In cafe groups some of the workers support the Online Daters, and they also instantly kick anyone that has a weird avatar. - AIan

Roblox sucks no offense

I had to clear out my friends list due to so many people saying I got free robux from this website I kppng the people I play with and removing everyone else

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17 Five Nights at Freddy's Haters

I've never found a video game where I've hated the Fans AND the haters of something. Here you go. I get dislikes just for saying "FNaF 4 still scares me and it's really fun". Why? Cause these guys have no life and want to crap on your opinion. - DCfnaf

I personally hate Five Nights at Freddy's but, At most I'll ask, "Whats the game worth to a human". Some people go as far hating people just because they played the damned game. I played it, I found it extremely boring, but I have to be on on half, no middle grounds.

I agree that it is not the best series, but just SHUT UP. Who cares about a video game. I honestly have no idea why they hate it, but its Minecraft all over again.

Basically the majority of the fans and haters of FNAF are dicks.
Fnaf Fans
Love Foxy too much.
Go cringy if you hate FNAF in the least.
Over-obsessed in Scott making new games.
FNAF haters
Considers this game to be the worst game of all time; bad at judging.
Over-hate minor FNAF fans, even if they already stopped.
Complain about the game, and not in a mature way.

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18 Sonic Haters

They, along with the fans, go on about how Sonic has been dead since Sonic 06 came out and bring up a Sonic Cycle over and over again. This isn't true: Sonic Unleashed was a decent combo of regular Sonic and hand to hand werewolf combat. Sonic Colors was really good, and the wisps/levels were great. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was pretty good also, and went back to the retro style of Sonic levels. Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that Sonic Generations was one of the best games in the franchise and was a massive throwback to awesome Sonic Games and changing it up. Sonic Lost World was also really good and I find it very underrated. It had a very interesting idea (NO it did NOT RIP OFF SUPER MARIO GALAXY) and I feel like SEGA should've stuck to that formula. Then we got Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric...yeah, they got to up their game. But all of the other titles I mentioned were pretty good! - DCfnaf

Very common. Sonic haters complain the games, characters, levels and bosses and that pretty much everything. 1. They complain about the games and how it's just the same 2. They complain about the new characters and some other characters because they serve no purpose and telling fibs about sonic characters "DUH! Shadow is an EMO" even though he's clearly not besides I'm a HUGE sonic fan... Well maybe not sonic the character but the games are good. I liked Shadow the hedgehog it wasn't bad

I love Sonic. But the fans just downright tick me off.

I actually ENJOY most of the games, including the so-called "crappy" ones, like 06, Labyrinth, 3D Blast, etc.

But most Sonic fans are just whiny emo teens who have nothing better to do in their lives.

Now what can I say about this shall we? First off, sonic is not a perfect franchises. All franchises has their own faults and have their own haters. Same applies to the sonic franchise. But however in this case, its some what rather unbearable.

Yes while the franchise has some bad games, there no need to say that all the games are bad. That's just like saying all comics from DC or Marvel are bad just because of a one comic. And of course, the Sonic fanbase is bad in general, it doesn't automatically mean all sonic fans are bad. Now anyone that reads this gets the idea of what I'm talking about. If one thing is bad and the rest is considered bad, then basically DC, Marvel, Mario and something like that would getting more hate than it is now and that doesn't make any logical sense.

People have opinions. But however that doesn't mean anyone can shame on them and bully them and hate them just because of what they like. Now lets get back to the point of this. A lot of people ...more

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19 Pokemon Fanboys

Pokemon has a more mature fan base most of the time.

I can't hate them. They enjoy their game and don't seem to bother anyone else. Are they buying the same exact game for the 20th time? Yeah. But let them enjoy their rehash. - marmalade_skies

OH MY GOD! Take this off! We're awesome! The only reason this is here is because Gardevoir though she is hot... - Goatworlds

Do you know that all Fanboys suck? - ChuckECheese

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20 Undertale Haters

I myself don't like Undertale (I have played the game. Didn't really like it), but I can see why other people love the game so much. However, it's fanbase, like many has gotten out of hand. Here are the reasons:

1. They get mad at anyone who even so much as points out one flaw in the game or think that they can psychoanalyze you just based on how you play the game.

2. They also think that the game is literally best thing since sliced bread, and think that getting the lead in a contest that doesn't even matter justifies their theory.

3. They will absolutely DESTROY anyone who doesn't play the game the way they think it should be played(Hint: It's Pacifist).

4. They seem to get a bit TOO attached to the characters in the game.

5. They have absolutely ruined the word determination for me, always trying to turn it into a joke about Undertale.

6. They seem to think that Chara is invincible, and that no one can beat it. Even though you can just ...more

Just so you know, I am an undertale fan, and I am none of these. (mainly because I'm not an idiot.) - lolololololol

The fan-base isn't very good either, but the haters are the absolute worst. They are constantly whining over how tired they are of hearing about it and are a lot more vocal about their opinions than the fans are at this point. - Yoshilord

Simply dad anyone? Because this guy has called me a retard on my face reveal on deviantart just because I liked undertale. If you see this guy, report him. He doesn't deserve to be on the internet. - SanicHeghog123

The game itself is good, and I can see why people would hate it when you go on genocide mode. But the fan base made it so that I never want to get the game and play it myself. Because people are stereotyped, and I'm not saying that EVERYONE in the fan base is bad.

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