Worst the Weeknd Songs


The Top Ten

1 Earned It

Why is this even a list?

2 The Zone
3 Professional
4 The Town
5 Adaptation
6 Attention

Worst song from Starboy, I guess. - PhenomentalOne

7 Prisoner

I like it, just saying. - PhenomentalOne

8 Lost in the Fire
9 Price on My Head
10 Dark Times

The Contenders

11 Pretty
12 Rockin'

Worst song by far - TrippieRedd999

13 Might Not
14 The Hills
15 Or Nah
16 In the Night
17 Tell Your Friends
18 Acquainted
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Top Remixes

1. Lost in the Fire
2. Price on My Head
3. Attention
1. Earned It
2. The Zone
3. Professional


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