Top 10 Worst Young Adult Literature Cliches

I think (most of) authors should using less these cliches

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1 Love triangles

I can't stand those. That's why I try to pick books that aren't based on romance - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Love triangles are so gross. I mean it leads to heartbreaking jealously etc. Seriously it is so stupid

Hunger Games, Twilight, Mortal Instruments, Fallen, Matched, Throne of Glass... - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Hunger games, mortal instruments,vampire diaries,maze runner,

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2 Love at first sight

Love should never be based on first sight. If you really derive an entire "true love" from just seeing someone, IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK. Love takes time, and this is just lazy authors skipping this element of life, and I don't care what excuse you make up for it; it's still a stupid cliche. - pandagirl

The only time I can tolerate this is in Disney Movies.

"Oh, hello, it's nice to meet you! POINTLESS ROMANCE MONTAGE! " - Garythesnail

Twilight is THIS. - DynastiSugarPop

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3 Bland and boring main characters

YES. I absolutely loathe Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's. They're just so flat and lifeless and ruin the book.

Cliché au lait with a lot of lukewarm water:
We have the main female charakter, which is so special, that you became a headache. She always thinks of herself as an ugly person, but she is beautiful and forget I to mention, how incredible special she is?
At the same time, she is a whiny, bratty, selfabsorbed bitch, with no personality or other likeable characteristics.
Then the loveinterest. He is extremly handsome but a total jerk and treats the poor Mary Sue quite awfull.
She falls in love with him because, he is so extraodinary handsome and we all know, that every girl loves it, when guys manhandle them, it is the sign of true love.
You can pick every YA/NA book you want, its always the same und it freaks me out!

4 The story is always in first person (narrator)

This isn't a cliche. There are four ways you can tell a story: first person (I walked down the street), first person with changing perspectives (Chapter 1 told from Bob's mind, Chapter 2 from Charlie's), second person (You walk down the street), and third (Bob walked down the street). Authors pick whichever one works best for their story. - pandagirl

I don't mind it, but it kind of gets boring and also repetitive in some stories.

5 The ''boring characters that falls in love with the hot and perfect character'' type of story
6 Crazy adults that put teenagers in danger

Examples: In ''The Maze Runner'', adults erase teenager's memory and drop them in a dangerous maze only to be observe them. In ''The Hunger Games'', adults take pleasure of seeing teens killing each others. In ''Matched'', people that aren't citizens (aberration or anomaly) are working in the Disposal Department where there are poisons and the life expectancy is low and strangely, most of them are TEENAGERS. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 The love interest being a jerk

And people asks themselves why young women still end in toxic relationships, with these guys as models of "boyfriend to want".

This should be #1 in my opinion. - Lunala

I hate this. I'm a shy 5'0 girl and I am introverted and unpopular. People take these traits and add them to a Mary sue who falls in love with the "hot" guy who bullies her. LAME. I would NEVER date a guy who bullies me. And I am NOT and NEVER will be attracted to "bad boys". I also hate the stereotypical "hot" guy images. More like ugly nacho chin losers!

Had to get this off my chest. - Lunala

8 Most of heroes being teenagers

Uh hello? It says "YOUNG ADULT" Not 30 years old protagonist?

Well, it IS supposed to be relatable. - Garythesnail

9 Youths are always in danger while adults are rarely in danger

Yeah, example The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection e.t.c

10 The main character having a bad childhood or a bad family

Harry Potter in a nutshell

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11 New student and hottest person in school fall in love

I have seen this same story line so many times. New girl in school falls in love with the hottest, most popular, football quarterback (its always the quarterback) who has a girlfriend he doesn't know is a mean bully. New girl manages to overthrow girlfriend and snag guy for herself by the end.

12 Girl falls in love with bad boy

Bad boy bullies new girl after they meet in the hallway after they "accidentally" collide into each other, Girl falls in love with the bad boy who tells her everything about his "tragic" past during the first few days they get to know each other.

My personality fits the "shy girl" trope. But I LOATHE! bad boys and I certainly loathe anyone who bullies me. I would prefer someone who has stuff in common with me, not just some ugly "bad" guy who is my exact opposite. And the "bad boy jock" is ALWAYS an ugly dorito chinned loser with ugly chicken drumstick arms. - Lunala

MAKE THIS #1 - Lunala

13 Dystopia/paranormal romance
14 New school

Or moving to another place

Ugh. Just ugh

15 Dead parents

Why can't parents be alive for once? Oh, because they will get in the way of the hero/heroine's adventures. More people should work their way around this cliche.

Harry Potter has dead parents. - DynastiSugarPop

16 "I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding in."

Can we just let this line die? It's really stupid.

Stupid, it sounds like you're doing a burp you were holding in! - Lunala

17 Strong female character trope

You know, there are more ways to be a strong female without actually having to be a warrior or a kickass. Also, these women are usually defined by the trope, which means that they have no other personality traits besides. This is just a lazy excuse for a main character.

Strong females are good as long as they have other traits and aren't flat and annoying. - Lunala

I prefer strong female characters over have weak damsel characters, though.

18 “I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding.”

Yes, we get it, your unrealistically perfect boyfriend is utterly breathtaking. You totally haven't made that so obvious. But please stop with this line. Makes me cringe and wonder why I even thought this book "wouldn't be like other books".

So bad it's on the list twice. It sounds like you are burping loudly after unknowigly holding it in for ages. - Lunala

19 Main character is 15-17 years old

I understand this cliche for YA books. Since they're aimed for teenagers, they'll have the protagonist be a teen so they can relate to the target audience more.

Well these books ARE for TEENS.

No problem in that. What's the big deal?

I saw this so many times!

20 Mutually handsome boys instantly fall in love with the supposedly plain female protagonist and constantly fight over her even though she does not show any affection towards either of them. Sometimes two, sometimes six.
21 Learns everything about a skill in a small, days or weeks, amount of time, or has special magic skill, because -special-

Oh my god, this trope.

Part of the reason TMI and clary made me want to set myself on fire

22 The character learns they are part of an old prophecy.

Harry Potter

23 Protagonist (usually female) spends entire book pining over a love interest and surprise surprise, they end up together in the end
24 The quirky, can't-say-no-to best friend

I can confirm that none of my friends pester me about crushes. And they're probably more interested in memes than fashion. - ResonatingScreamS

25 Teenagers doing drugs
26 They go to a school to learn magic

Honestly, I've seen very few books with schools for magic, however, there are many about schools to learn...well...anything! A have heard of Monster High and Ever-After High books (which I only read one each of and were horrible, and Monster High was so forgettable I forgot what they were learning), where the characters learn to be princess and fictional characters, which were a bit much. It was acceptable for Harry Potter, but that's because it was written good.

The only books I have seen with this cliche is Harry Potter, Hex Hall, and Carry On. And Carry On was basically supposed to be like Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson started this - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

HP has a lot of cliches but is still a decent well written series. - Lunala

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27 Best friend with no personality

They are only there so the main character isn't a loner and remain stupidly loyal to the main character.

28 Boy goes on quest with, elfs, dwarfs, etc to defeat a dark lord

Yer a wizard harry - Lunala

This is by far the most lazy story anyone can come up with, I've seen it in EVERYHTING and I am so sick of it!

29 Damsels in distress

If done right they aren't too bad. If done wrong, they are AWFUL - Lunala

30 Main character describes their appearance while looking in a mirror
31 Mentor dies
32 The main character is the chosen one
33 The main character is perfect
34 All the main characters speak the same way.
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1. Love triangles
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3. Love at first sight

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