Top 10 Reason Why Xbox Is Better Than Xbox 360

The Top Ten
1 Start up Screen

It's a Way Better Start up Screen Than 360 What The 360 Do Is Shows A Sphere & The X Lands On The Sphere & Say's Xbox 360 Xbox On the Other Hand It Show's A Green Blob Flying In The Air & Transform Into A Huge Green X How Awesome Is That

2 Logo
3 Design
4 Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

This Game Is A Classic Its Way Better Than Most Xbox 360 Games

5 Burnout 3 Take Down

It's So Awesome Exploding Cars That's Crazy

6 Amped 2
7 Spider-Man

To Bad This Is Not For 360

8 XBOX 360 Can't Play XBOX Games

If You Have A Xbox Game & you don't have a Xbox You Put The Xbox Game In The 360 It's Do Not Work On 360 Folks By An Original Xbox

Actually, a few games can be played on the 360.

9 Its Green

Why Is 360 White It Should Be Green To Match The Logo

10 NO RRoD
The Contenders
11 NBA Ballers: Phenom
12 It Has a Better Controller
13 It Does Not Ruin Games
14 It's More Fun
15 It Was Made First

The Originals are Always Better

16 The Controller Has A Better Design
17 It Has A Better Logo In The Middle Of The Controller
18 The Xbox Letters
19 The XBOX Letter Font
20 The Duke Xbox Controller
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