Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements

The Top Ten
1 Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - World Champion (Multiplayer)

I am extremely jealous of the guy who one the very 1st game.

Hardness Rating:

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - 10000000000/100
Lost Planet Extreme Condition - 96/100
Project Gotham Racing 3 - 91/100
Call of Duty 3 - 95/100
Guitar Hero 3 - 97/100

2 Guitar Hero 3 - The Inhuman Achievement
3 Project Gotham Racing 3 - Platinum Champion
4 Call of Duty 4 - Mile High Club

I was surprised to see it only took me an hour and a half to get it. Still an amazing achievement I've gained.

I actually got this. It took for damn ever, but I got this. It gets me so many poonz

5 Lost Planet Extreme Condition - Extreme Soldier
6 Dead Rising - 7-Day Survivor

Wait if its real life days I'm done with life - SkyRimLegend21

Can't save your game. Bosses randomly spawn. Food is low and your health permanently drops! You have to pretty much have your Xbox on ALL DAY!

I bet no one has gotten thid yet because your Xbox will overheat within24 hours.. Especislly of ots not elite - Bronceye

7 Call of Duty 3 - Grizzled Veteran
8 Halo 3 - Campaign Complete: Legendary
9 Guitar Hero 2 - Kick the Bucket Award
10 Gears of War 3 - Seriously 3.0

In a nutshell all you need to do is waste your life on a enraging mad man of a game - SkyRimLegend21

To do this you just need:

2500 Never Had a Chance ribbons
3000 Wingman Matches
6000 Heavy Weapons Kills
3000 Last Man Out Ribbons
6000 Pistol Kills
500 Wins as CTL leader
3000 Curb Stomps
100 10x Multiplier in Arcade
3000 Team Deathmatch Matches
3000 First Blood Ribbons
500 Leader Captures
300 Founder Ribbons
5 Million Dollars in Horde
6000 Sawed Off Kills
2000 Horde Waves
1000 Grenade Saps
75 Ready for the Heavies Ribbons
1200 Leader Rescues
600 Buttoned Up Ribbons
300 Untouchable Ribbons
3000 Pyro Kills
6000 Hammerburst Kills
100 Nemesis Executions
3000 Beast Fortifications Destroyed
6000 Retro Kills
1 Million Dollars in Beast
600 Waves of Beast
6000 Lancer Kills
12000 Enemies Spotted
6000 Explosives Kills
1500 Beast Kantus Heals
30 Gears Events Played
1000 Kills with a Captive
6000 Executions
500 Point Man Ribbons
3000 KOTH Matches
3000 CTL Matches
2000 Campaign ...more

You need to spend the rest of your life playing Gears 3 to get this achievement. It's fun when achievements are hard but this is just stupid.

To do this you would have to bring your console to the hospital,put yourself on health support,and have food fed to your self through a straw.

The Contenders
11 Perfect Dark Zero - Single Dark Agent
12 Grand Theft Auto V - Showoff
13 Tony Hawk's Project 8: Sick Chalk Challenges
14 Guitar Hero 3 - Enlightened Guitarist
15 Modern Warfare 2 - Star 69

This achievement literally requires the skill of a Call of Duty God.

16 Goat Simulator - The Flapmaster
17 Insanity - Mass Effect 3
18 Meeting People is Easy - Puzzle Fighter

Meeting people is anything but easy in this game.

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