Top 10 Original Xbox Games You Would Most Like to Rate

Not going back too far, coming in exact same year as the Gamecube. The new competitor than hit the block in the gaming market, Microsoft to be more precise. In it we got a memorable console look, and memorable games played on this system. Some of these are still very well renowned they returned in backwards compatibility both times later gens. Let's take a look back when the gaming community were not as divided as they are now.
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1 Halo: Combat Evolved Halo: Combat Evolved Product Image

Halo Combat Evolved was not only the importance for Xbox to offer, from the very beginning but it turned to be one of the best first person shooters of all time. You play as spartan 117, you are an alien slaying demon that will do anything to survive the halo ring. The games story was so good we wanted more to it. Oh, and the soundtrack is music to my ears. Marty did a fantastic job composing this beautiful music score in gaming history. 9.8/10

This game is a masterpiece, is one of my top 10 Video Games and best Halo game in my opinion.

7/10. First half of game was great but later missions were either very boring or copy + paste from previous missions.

2 Halo 2 Halo 2 Product Image

Obviously the top spots were gonna be reserved for the Halo games. Halo 2 had a great soundtrack, the first time ever for online. Now you could play as somebody of the covenant in Arbiter. The finale battle with taratus is very epic as many of your comrades fall to his hammer. You defeat the head brute. Master Chief end the game on a bizarre to this day cliffhanger, but is justified in the next game where he ends up crashing landing. 9.6/10

3 Dead or Alive 3 Dead or Alive 3 Product Image

I have great memories of going to this old computer store that played the try out of Dead or Alive 3. Since then this game graphically has aged pretty well for a launch title. Fast and furious gameplay combined with some new fighters included not in the first two games. This is a good beginner game for casual gamers to try out. This definitely showcased what the Xbox had to offer gamers of exclusive titles they are familiar with seeing they acquired some Sega games to have. Yeah the series is known for good looks, but I look at this series as fun to play in terms of the fighting genre more than silly screwing around like the extreme titles. 8.5/10

Great launch title for the x-box and great fighting game with amazing graphics, 8/10.

4 Fable Fable Product Image

Xbox didn't have that many RPG's they offered, but the best one by far of the early years was Fable. A very hyped up game that either disappointed some, while others praised the direction it went in. I'll admit the sequel is a lot better, but for what it had going set up for a better game in its sequel. 8/10

5 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Product Image

Boring an repetitive as the main game has you playing as one of the DOA who are duped by Zack into coming to his island thinking he was hosting the next Dead or Alive tournament only to have them compete in beach volleyball its as dull as it sounds, as for the actual volleyball mechanics you can only play as teams and when playing through the vacation mode you need to have a partner in order to actually play against other teams if you choose not have Lisa as you partner at the beginning of the mode one major problem is the Ai partner isn't always responsive when the ball is thrown in their direction more often then not they simply just let the ball pass through them the only positive thing I can say is at least the graphics are great 4/10.

For me Dead or Alive I liked for a visually cool quick button and go fighters out there, but then make a game where we focus the ''psychics'' on the girls itself I don't care too much about that. The Volleyball in these games seem the same. Only the other games actually offer more than this one. As I see from various YouTubers that's the general gist. Not my thing 4/10

6 Jet Set Radio Future Jet Set Radio Future Product Image

JSRF was the sequel continuation of Jet Grind Radio which was a very popular game on the Dreamcast. This game has cel shaded looks, while also including such a weird complex story that all adds up to a tripply finale. One of the best gaming soundtracks out there. A lot of the characters you played with in the previous game comeback. 9.5/10

7 Crimson Skies Crimson Skies Product Image

Crimsons Skies the first game was actually on the PC. Now owning the series three years later they got a sequel, and that made major improvement, and gained such a cult following as a great exclusive title to own. This is how you make a flying game incredibly fun. 8.1/10

8 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Product Image

This was a launch title that had started with Sony, but ended u switching over to Microsoft. Well it was a very intriguing explorer I'll give it that. For being one of the more solid titles it was good for its time, but gameplay wise looks ancient like some of the others games that came out at that time. 6/10

9 Mad Dash Racing

Mad Dash Racing is a long and forgotten racing title for the Xbox that was very unique in which it's the actual characters who move incredibly fast to the finish line with these tracks all put in, and oh Billy West is included so that name well sound familiar. 6.5/10

10 Brute Force Brute Force Product Image

Brute Force may have a terrible cover art. Don't let that deceive you for how underrated it was at that time. A game where in the campaign you play up to 4 people if you can get a team that's unique. Cutscene look crisp, but the gameplay itself is the opposite of the last game they have not aged well for 2003. You eventually get all 4 of these totally different squad members of Brute Force (none of them are really that memorable). I mean the main leader looks like the DOOM 3 protagonist and that's a major con. The controls are smooth, there are some aspect I like when I replayed this game. Now if this game had Xbox Live at the time maybe it would of gotten a lot more apprication I bet. 7/10

The Contenders
11 Forza Motorsport Forza Motorsport Product Image

This was the very first Forza exclusive title for the Microsoft team. Coming out towards the tail end of its run. Eventually making a ton more the next gen. Motorsport defined that Microsoft had more to offer in the racing genre. 7.5/10

12 Star Wars Obi-Wan Star Wars Obi-Wan Product Image

Overtime this Star Wars game has become forgotten until recently in comparison to the other star Wars games this one had aged terribly, and ranks among the lower tier to own. Sure swing with the lightsaber may seem realistic with the duke at the time, but playing it now almost 2 decades later is just hard to watch with better Star Wars games out there. If You're looking for a good Episode I based game this one isn't recommended. 4.5/10

13 Fuzion Frenzy Fuzion Frenzy Product Image

Yeah it's their clone version of Mario Party, but a pretty good attempt at least in my opinion. Fuzion Frenzy was one of the better go-to launch title games I played on a demo of Halo Combat Evolved. Replay wise it's dated, only fun with more people you know who would play this. There are fun minigames that can be found. You playthrough six sections, after playing 3 mini games from that area you go into a beat em up like style to win ultimately for that one section you have so on and so forth. You have enough of these you win the game. The characters are very generic at best. For being a game from 2001, and Xbox Live didn't arrive until a year later it was a passable game it was better than some other games they offered at the time. 6/10

14 Shrek Shrek Product Image

Shrek was a launch title for Xbox, and later included in a port for the Gamecube. Rightaway from the farting, and how fast Shrek moved. It was another one of those terribly rushed licensed games made simply by the success the movie had done on its own at the time. Meanwhile this game has almost nothing related aside from the mirror talking the whole time. ''Get to the jumping grounds.'' 3.7/10

15 Grabbed by the Ghoulies Grabbed by the Ghoulies Product Image

Microsoft wanted Rare to add off to the very interesting start of quality Sega games they got in the early lineup. Instead Rare trotted out mostl average to mediocre titles on the Xbox. A lot of those types of games in this time were nothing as epic as the N64 titles they had worked on the previous gen. I feel the same with this game. It's just average for me. 6/10

16 Drake of the 99 Dragons Drake of the 99 Dragons Product Image

Like I have done before let's throw in a joke just because I can have specific games to have first before anybody. Drake of the 99 Dragons is so bad its good. Cheesy bad dialogue voice acting, you an undying dragons who dies about 99 times which is kinda accurate depiction of such an awful title exclusive. Unless you wanna watch how bad the cutscenes, and game play are I'd avoid this one completely. 1/10

17 Jade Empire Jade Empire Product Image

The Xbox had had some very great RPG's in it's collection, and Jade Empire is certainly up there. Aside from awkward cutscenes. I found this game very fun for the time. If you're looking for a somewhat obscure, but somewhat popular selection. Jade Empire is one to try out. 9/10

18 Voodoo Vince Voodoo Vince Product Image

Voodoo Vince is a cool platformer. You can make a lot of cool attacks as Vince himself even. He even makes pun 4th wall jokes. So in a way he was before Deadpool without the vulgarness. 7.8/10

19 WWF Raw WWF Raw Product Image

I use to think this game was okay, but overtime seeing how sluggish the gameplay I even realize you know what... this game does suck. Raw 1 for the Xbox has limited match types, no real story just a gauntlet to get to the titles. The worst unlockable rewards in any game. It's another game that overtime I don't get why IGN gave ths a 9.1 is pretty laughable at the time.

Sure it has some feel of the attitude era of 2001. Yet the game was out in 2002 where it had two different looks, but hardly notices playing of each copy. (well I had the f version myself). You know the game is historically bad looking at faces of Benoit, and Triple H turning out so bad to this day we know it to be. 1.6/10

20 Wrestlemania 21 Wrestlemania 21 Product Image

The follow up to Tao Feng was this infamous bomb of a wrestling game. Wrestlemania 21 is so glitchy bad it is needs more attention to how awful it is to this day. Graphics are very good still, but when you gameplay is the closest thing to what WWE2K20 would become that's saying the illuminated confirmed it would happen again in nearly 15 years another game would have the same type of disaster two generations later. 2.3/10

21 Ninja Gaiden Black Ninja Gaiden Black Product Image

While Ninja Gaiden on NES is the more memorable title. Black goes back to that old way of playing a bit, but not nearly as hard though. A great title where you end up finding out its Ryu from Dead or Alive is even more epic how connected they are. 8.7/10

22 Blinx: The Time Sweeper Blinx: The Time Sweeper Product Image

Blinx is a forgotten mascot who ended up having two games. This one mixed crowd. I thought it was alright myself. It was like other the other platform games I had seen to that point.

23 Nightcaster Nightcaster Product Image

Nightcaster might just be the worst RPG game on the original Xbox I have ever encountered. Some say its sequel is even worse graphically, but seeing I seen clips of this one. My goodness it's so generic nothing about Nightcaster stands out. Yet it must have got enough copies to get a 2nd game is even more tragic. 3.3/10

24 Psychonauts Psychonauts Product Image
25 Unreal Championship 2 the Liandri Conflict Unreal Championship 2 the Liandri Conflict Product Image

It might just be the most underrated game not just on the system itself, but in the Unreal series. Panned for being the most different out of all of them. For me the idea concept of having both 3rd and 1st person done in this format done with the new of Midway I really liked this. Anubis is a cool character that fights his way winning the tournament. You also having Raiden as the secret guest unlockable I always was weird, but cool for its time.

Not a great soundtrack, but the satisfaction of just having fun with a game like this to replay it still looks impressive for a game that came out towards the end of its run. Last time I checked prices for this game they were super cheap on Amazon I don't know if they are now, but if there still that price it's not as bad as a diehard would claim. 9/10

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