Top Ten Mobs that Should Be Added to Minecraft

Top ten list of the mobs and hostile mobs they should have in Minecraft.
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1 Birds

There should be robins, when killed they drop feathers and the rare robin's egg, which can be an ingredient in a flying potion. Also a vulture, who spawns in the savanna and pueblo (or whatever it's called) and likes to hang around animals. When you kill an animal in the presence of a vulture they become hostile because you are stealing their food (the meat and other stuff that animals drop when killed) and when killed they drop raw meat, and finally a roc, which is a giant bird that attacks horses and cows, when killed it drops a Giant Talon, something that the Villager Priest will trade for lots of emeralds.

Birds would make Minecraft realistic. The polar bear is the only ice biome animal adding birds would mean there would be two ice biome animals not one. This animal would be a penguin. A penguin does not use a nest for it's egg's. They use there legs to keep the egg warm in harsh conditions. I think this would be a very cool feature in the game. Then there can be nest's that could be crafted out of sticks for egg's. these egg's could be cardinal's egg's or blue jay's egg's. A hawk would circle a baby dog baby anything because it is the only thing that it could pick up in the game. Ducks could live in swamps or rivers. Seagal's would only be around the ocean any item that is drop in the water or on the beach will soon be stolen by a Seagal. Owls could be in almost all biomes in the I think they would be cool to add because they would make hoo hoo noise at night. Also in the snow biome they could just not be whit because then you won't see them. Adding gray to the would make the cooler ...more

Cranes will spawn in a special cherry blossom forest and drop flight dust used to make a potion of aerial ability.
Shrikes will spawn in trees and kill small animals by impaling them, they drop random thorns armor.
Falcons will spawn in tundra and kill other birds by diving at them while in flight, and drop falcon wings which are weapons that will allow you to dive enemies. These are just a few.

Macaw: tamable, warns you of nearby hostile mobs, comes in multiple colors, and gives a good atmosphere in the jungle. Sea Gull: flies over oceans and drops raw fish and feathers when killed. Eagle: lives in taiga and extreme hills and kills chickens. Drops raw fish, chicken, and feathers. Songbirds (Cardinals, Tanagers, etc. ): drops feathers and dye. Gives good atmosphere in forests.

2 Sharks

Deep and they are hostile, Easy: 2.5 hearts damage
Medium: Immune to fire or lava and 5 hearts damage
Hard: Comes in groups, immune to fire, lava, and drowning, and 7.5 hearts damage
12 hearts

Shark will make a challenge in ocean biome, because it guradians are a little bit hard but not super hard. Drowned are like zombies. so yeah

They could have them deep or further in the water.

I'm not sure about this idea...

3 Snow Leopards

I love snow leopards, they should live in the mountainy areas in minecraft. The attack sheep and chickens.

They would be awesome

4 Red Dragon

Dragons are already a terrible idea in the Overworld. The Nether Dragon is good but dragons in the overworld are horrible! They will cause too much pressure on SMP servers and make the game even more ridiculous! Other dimension dragons are great but overworld dragons are a bad idea.

I would like to see this critter in Minecraft soon and smash it to bits with my diamond supercharged attack damage sword. Jack age 7

There has to be another dragon in the game because they are so badass awesome!

Super cool also once you beat it you tame it you don't need anything to tame it.

5 Proper Fish

I agree, this would make fishing a lot more realistic and perhaps more feasible for survival.

Maybe small fish because big fish could be a hostile mob, and small ones are so cute.

They will be added in the 1.13 Update Aquatic!

Take this off. They are here in 1.13!

6 Ninjas
7 Arctic Fox The Arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox, is a small fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and common throughout the Arctic tundra biome.

This would be adorable.

They exist now in 1.14!

8 Normal Character

Sorry. That already deleted. But I want them back! Oh my Notch

9 Nether Cats

This could turn out well they go be piglin cats or blaze and maybe strider. If this does happen I think lava fish should be added and you can't tame them with cod or salmon.

10 Vampire

There already is one! The vampire overlord. 180 health and wrecked the enderlord in a fight.

We already hae them but as evil villagers that summon enemies and their fangs to attack

The Contenders
11 Nether Cows

These cows can produce lava milk witch can give fire restince and can be found in the warped forest or on small lava islands.

Seriously?!?!?!?! I want to meet who came up with this idea and tell them that they are a genius! But it should be like when a cow or mooshroom touches lava and then they'll be maybe to fire as well as lava!

Of course nether cows would be epic and if you milk em you get lava!

12 Fusion Creature

Isn't fusion in yu gi oh so I voted for this because yu gi oh and I would love these

13 Reptiles

Minecraft would be so much better if there were more reptiles. They can add desert reptiles so there's more life in the desert. Right now, there's pretty much no life there.

There could be hostile reptiles, neutral reptiles, and passive reptiles.

Gila monster
monitor lizards (savannah, nile, komodo, etc..)
Coral snakes
Crocodiles and alligators (attack only when you're in the water. Kind of like drowned in daytime)

Different types of snakes (attack when provoked)
Frilled lizards
Tokay gecko

Bearded dragons
Chinese water dragons
Armadillo gilded lizard (armadillo lizard)
Tortoises (we already have turtles, but no tortoises)
Geckos (leopard, day, etc..)
Skinks (crocodile, blue tongue, etc..)

Now obviously, they wouldn't have to add all of this, but these are all suggestions.

Just imagine standing in a river when a crocodile comes and attacks you. You are thrown backwards into a snake, who poisons you and leaves you to die. Then a blocky Komodo Dragon finishes you off. Oh yes, we definitely need reptiles in Minecraft.

They should be in Minecraft there totally awesome! Crocodiles would be a awesome boss!

What about turtles! They make god pets and farms! And may when you kill one you Mitedrop A item shell

14 Reindeer The reindeer, also known as the caribou in North America, is a species of deer with circumpolar distribution, native to Arctic, sub-Arctic, tundra, boreal and mountainous regions of northern Europe, Siberia and North America. This includes both sedentary and migratory populations.
15 Cannibals

Just imagine this "You are walking along a beach when suddenly! From out of the jungle!
A tribe of cannabis leaps at you with weapons drawn! " It would be such a great addition to the game!

You have got to have cannibals in minecraft. It will be great for survival

They could do what they do in the film cannibal holocaust

Yeah cannibal villiagers and military villiagers that must fight them of and iorn golems and you must help also.

That's stupid. Enough has been said.

16 Crocodiles

They could be a neutral mob (like a wolf, but you wouldn't be able to tame it obviously) and could appear in swamps or in any body of water, I don't care.

17 Shield Man

Cool idea, but how will it look like?

More like knights

18 Lions

Best idea ever! ( not better than nether cats but still good ) It should be wether it has a family near by! OoooooOOoo there should be GAZELLES!

I like lions. There should also be tigers.

19 The Plague

I think that will be a great idea for minecraft survival. Villagers or you could get infected by something that is spreading all around the map and your friend could collect some stuff to try and recover you from the disease.

Or it could be another type of virus like 28 days later were to turn into a zombie and you could go round eating everything such as zombies, other players, villagers and other animals and mobs.
You could craft a needle to jab you so you don't get infected as much, well the Black Death back in 1665 was caused by rats I think, just try and avoid the rats if this was in minecraft.

If you think that this is a good choice for something to add in minecraft
Please put comments about what you like. Please please please put a comment and give it a thumbs up.

Thank you

That's a good idea ignore the person who wrote the comment "I did this cause I wanted to say horrible idea you copied this from another site I saw it before wow you just want people to like you" he is acting hard when he isn't.

They will never have this uselessness implemented into this epic game!

Along with rats, fleas, and some other middle age mobs.

20 Arachnids

Just some sort of spider boss maybe and some spiders that drop heaps of loot as well!

21 Frog Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura.

Should definitely be in minecraft. If you breed two frogs you get a tadpole

22 Giraffes

They could spawn in Savannah biomes! You should be able to tame and ride them, and their food can be acica leaves!

23 Jellyfish

Just imagine you swimming without a care in the ocean, when suddenly you get stung by a jellyfish. Then you swim away, when a moray eel comes and bites you. After that, you do not know what to do, when suddenly a Leviathan comes and kills you. Then you sink to the bottom, where lobsters and sharks eat you for Thanksgiving. They must have more mods like this.

Because there is nothing in the ocean apart from squid and guardians we need more life in the oceans!

Jellyfish are beautiful, come on do you agree with me that they should have jellyfish in minecraft.

I love JellyFish. JellyFish vs squid like enderman vs slenderman

24 Camels

Yes! And they carry things like chests and Ender chests. They could drop nothing but XP's or maybe whatever people eat in real life

Actually good idea! They carry your items and you can ride them to villages.

25 Lava Zombie

I think it will be cool if you had a lava zombie in the nether

Or if a zombie went into a pit of lava.

It will be. So cool to see one

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